Fidelity Federal Savings Association

Fidelity Federal Savings Association

Also may be known by the following names:
Norwood Home Savings Association, Fidelity Federal Mutual Holding Company
Fidelity Federal Bank and Fidelity Federal Savings and Loan Association


  • 1913 (January 1) � established as Norwood Home Savings Association
  • 1913-1916 � Association met at 4557 Montgomery Road �between Lawrence & Sherman� every Saturday evening
  • 1917-1931 � listed as operating at 4605 Montgomery Road, the second building north of Sherman Avenue, meeting here every Saturday evening in the early years and then every Tuesday evening.
  • 1930 (September) � $50,000 building permit was issued to the Norwood Home Savings Association for an office building at 2087-89 Sherman Avenue. The architect was Robert C. Isphording, a Norwood resident with an office across the street from the planned building.
  • 1931 (June 6) � formal opening of offices at 2087-89 Sherman avenue in their new 7-story office building (advertisement at right)
  • 1938 (or 1939) � name changed to Fidelity Federal Savings & Loan Association
  • 1940 (March) � bought house at 4609 Station Avenue, after acquiring and demolishing a house on north side of Sherman just a few months previously. This gave them a 125 feet frontage on north side of Sherman and ~156 feet on west side of Station. There were no plans for the property at that time, but various rumors abounded, including a post office, a hospital and a health center. Later, it was made a city parking lot.
  • 1956 (August) � the 631 Walnut Street office, Cincinnati, was reopened after "modernization" of the building
  • 1956 � a 3-story office building for Fidelity Federal Savings & Loan was constructed at 4555 Montgomery Road (at Sherman, next to the 7-story building - see photos below)
  • 1992 (May 11) - absorbed by Fidelity Federal Savings Bank
      Some of the savings & loans acquired by Fidelity Federal were:
    • Spring Garden Savings & Loan
    • Heritage Savings Bank
    • Sharonville Building & Loan
    • West Norwood Building & Loan
    • Hartwell Improved Building & Loan
    • Burnett Woods Building & Loan
    • Ernst Court Building & Loan
    • Norwest Savings
  • 1999 (March 19) � Fidelity Federal merged with Centennial Bank
  • 2000 (February 5) � Fidelity/Centennial merged into Provident Bank
  • 2005 (March 4) � Provident merged with National City Bank
  • 2009 (November 6) � National City acquired by PNC Bank

The buildings are currently owned by Ashley Development.
June 4, 1931, newspaper advertisement
announcing the opening of Norwood's first skyscraper
and new home of Norwood Home Savings Association
on the first floor and sixteen office suites on the other six floors.

Construction of the 3-story Fidelity Federal
at the corner of Montgomery & Sherman Building

early July 1956

late October 1956