Companies in Norwood, Ohio - "Z"
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  • Zahn's Cafeteria (a.k.a. Zahn's Restaurant) - [restaurant] 3755 Montgomery Ave.
  • Zantigo's Mexican Restaurant - [Mexican restaurant] Surrey Square acquired by Taco Bell
  • Zentmeyer's Market - [grocery[ 5370 Carthage Avenue
  • Dr. John Zettel, Jr. - [optometrist] 4240 Forest Avenue
  • Zeilman's Cafe - [cafe/restaurant] 2703 Robertson Avenue
  • Peter Zeisler - [soft drinks] s.w.c. Madison Road and Edwards Road
  • John F. Zenni - [delicatessen] 4040 Grove Avenue
  • Zenni's Tasty Food - [restaurant] 5425 Carthage Avenue
  • Norman D. Zerkle - [locksmith] 2600 block of Garland Avenue
  • William Ziegler - [ice dealer] 2509 Melrose Avenue
  • Zimmerman Packing Company - [manufacturers of gasker cutters and precision mechanical packings] new plant at 2769 (2768?) Highland Avenue, Norwood, built in 1946; previously, the company was in Cincinnati - first, in 1920, at Odd Fellow building, Elm St., Cinti., and then, in 1942, to Fourth St., Charles H. Zimmerman was the founder The company was incorporated January 19, 1948. On March 31, 1993, Brown & Browse, Inc., merged into Zimmerman Packing Company.
  • J. P. Zimmerman & Sons - [upholsterers] downtown Cincinnati with Norwood owners (est. pre-1900)
  • Zino's Pizza Carry-Out - [bakers/restaurant] 4222 Montgomery Road
  • Zumbiel Packaging Company (a.k.a. C. W. Zumbiel Box Company ) - [box manufacturer] offices and factory at Harris Avenue (factory at Cleneay Avenue moved to Northern Kentucky in 2007)
  • Zumbiel Realty Company - [realty] real estate division of Zumbiel Packaging Co.? Incorporated December 21, 1929 (same date and incorporators as C. W. Zumbiel Company — C. W. Zumbiel, R. G. Zumbiel and E. F. Peters.

["Y" COMPANIES]   ["Number-named" COMPANIES]