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OHMORROW is the mailing list for anyone with a genealogical or historical interest in Morrow County, Ohio. This can be a helpful, additional source of sharing information with others who have an interest in the County. Being on the list means that you will receive e-mail from others interested in Morrow County, AS WELL AS e-mails of new posts to the Message Board.

Remember, though, that to keep a specific question "out there", to be found by new folks searching the Web (many more than are on our mailing list), posting a Query on the Rootsweb Message Board for Morrow County is the way to go! See the MESSAGE BOARD section, below, for information on how to do that.

(You must subscribe to the list before posting messages on it.)
To subscribe to OHMORROW, Click here to bring up a new, pre-addressed e-mail message. Just let the new message form open, then click Send. Don't add anything to the subject or put anything in the body. (If your e-mail program requires something in the body, just put in a blank space with the space bar, then send.) If you prefer to receive several messages together as the Digest version, as opposed to each message individually, just change the L to D in the address.

The Mailing address to post messages is [email protected]

To unsubscribe from OHMORROW, send the word "unsubscribe" (without the quotes) as the only text in the body of a message (and nothing in the subject line) to: [email protected] (if you get individual messages) or to [email protected] (if you get digest mode).

There are two ways to see information that was sent to members on the mailing list before you subscribed.
  • At the "threaded mailing list archives" you will enter OHMORROW (or any other list name), click "submit";  then choose a month/year. You will get a subject list of each message posted that month.
  • The second way is to use the "interactive search". Enter OHMORROW as the list name. The next page allows a search by surname or other search criteria. You must also choose a year to be searched.

    In either case, only the Morrow County List will be searched.

    Click here to see a list of ALL Rootsweb mailing lists.


    Use the Rootsweb Message Board for Morrow County.
    Click here to bring up the page with the "Post Message" dialog box. Note the "Classification" portion of the message form and click on the appropriate one. There are fifteen classifications of information: Query, Bible, Biography, Birth, Cemetery, Census, Death, Deed, Immigration, Lookup, Marriage, Military, Obituary, Pension, and Will. Be sure to use the right one! (While you are there, notice that that page affords the opportunity to Search ALL the message boards!)

    If the information you want to post does not fit into any of the 15 classification choices, please send an E-mail to the
    Morrow County Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society to make arrangements to have it posted on the "Researcher-Provided Information" portion of this website. Go here to see the type of information that has been posted on that page so far.

    NOTE: All postings to the Rootsweb Message Boards are automatically sent to the OHMORROW Mailing List - no need to post in both places. (In fact, please DON'T!)

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