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Volunteers are Needed!

If you own any Montgomery County, OH books and would be willing to do lookups, please let me know! If it is your intention to charge for your research, this isn't the page that you belong, there is a page for paid researchers, which I have included as a service to the researchers. Montgomery County, OH @ Trails to the Past, nor I make any guarentee's as to the quality or proficency of those researchers, it is simply there for your enlightment.

Please feel free to request a look-up form the following books following these guidelines:

    1. PLEASE limit your request to ONE name/couple per request and no more than
       two requests a day.

We want to provide a service, not find full-time employment. [grin]

    2.  Please put MONTGOMERY COUNTY LOOKUP in the subject line of your
        request to insure that the message is not overlooked.
    3.  Send your lookup request to the email address of the volunteer.
    4.  In the first line of the messagge, please put the name of the book you are
        requesting the lookup in.
    5.  In the second line of the message, please put your name and e-mail address
        for reply.
    6.  Describe exactly what you want looked up.
    7.  Don't forget to thank the volunteer.

If you receive a response from a lookup volunteer, please remember that the
research was done by the volunteer on thier own time. If you feel the
research wa helpful and can afford a small donation to cover the volunteers
time, gas, and postage, please don't be afraid to ask the volunteer if you
may. Our volunteers are special and we're sure it would be appreciated.


Montgomery County Birth and Death Records


Reference Book



Death microfilms to the late 1800s need volunteer  


Montgomery County Marriage Records


Marriage records from 1800 to about 1875 need volunteer  


Montgomery County Cemetery Inscriptions


Montgomery County Cemetery Inscriptions, Miami Township
Ungerer (Benner), Butt (Munger), Evergreen, Gebhart (St. John's), Highland Memorial, Schoolhouse (Canal), Miamisburg (Library), Cedar Grove (Kerchner), Our Lady of Good Hope, Maimisburg Moyer, Root (Zeller), Stettler, Troxell, & Zion Cemeteries
Marita Easterday
German Township Montgomery County Ohio Cemeteries 
by A. Wayne  Webb and Lois J. Davidson
Need volunteer  
Jackson Township Montgomery County Ohio Cemeteries 
by A. Wayne  Webb and Lois J. Davidson
Need volunteer  


Montgomery County Census Records


1830 Federal Census - there is no index
and I'll have to wade through 150 pages of images. If you have a specific township identified, that will help speed things up.
Keith Buck
1850 German and Jackson township census Neeed Volumteer  


Montgomery County Probate Records


Montgomery County, Ohio Administration and Wills 
1805 - 1850 & Gaurdians 1805-1860 
by Rose Shilt and Audrey Gilbert
Need Volunteer  


Church Records


Montgomery County Histories, Biographies, Atlases, and Newpaper Items

Reference Book



"Our National Calamity of Fire, Flood and Tornadoes" from 1913 that has quite a bit on the flood & fires in Dayton in March of 1913.  There are quite a few little stories, mentions, etc. about some
residents.  I'd be glad to look up names for people but would appreciate it if they would limit it to people they know for sure were in Dayton at
the time.

Carin Rhoden


Military Records

I live 40 miles from Andersonville Civil War Prison in Macon County Georgia and have had a very sucessful several months doing Volunteer lookups on the onsite database as well as on a CD that I purchased so I can do this at home. 
My lookups are at no charge for anyone who ask. To speed things up their records are also online at..... 
Just enter the name you are looking for and search. If you have records showing your ancester was there, and hes not listed, I can check  further as some mispellings happened during record keeping and I can check by alphabet on my CD. 
I also will take pics of graves found for a small fee. I go about twice a month and altho I have a great deal of sucess...Im keeping up with the large 
amount of request. The records are very extensive as there were 13000 who died there and only 460 buried there as unknown.

Kevin Frye


Other County Records

Wright State University Libraries Special Collections

Miami Valley Genealogy Index


Misc. Montgomery County Information


1928 Dayton City Directory Beth Dinwoody


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