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Early Businesses and Places of Dayton Submitted by: Michael O RECK January 8, 2000     Saloons | Bowling Alley | Grocery Stores | Restaurants | Confectionary | Ice Cream | Drug Stores | Doctors Offices | Dentist | Optician | Clothing Stores | Shoe Stores | Taverns | Horticulturist | Law | Residences | Meeting House | Post Offices | Trustees | Courthouses | Dry Goods | furnitures | Pianos | Music Stores | Sewing Carpenter shops | Hardware stores | Cutlery | Plumber | Coppersmith | Stables & Ect. | Veterinarian Feed Stores | Coal Yard | Lumber Yard | Auctioner | Clairvoyant Physican | Factories & Etc Insurance | Farming Equipment | Clocks & Jewelry | Photographs & Daguerreotype | Book Binders & Printing | Private Schools | Banks | Newspapers | Railroad | Bowling Alley | Saw Mill | Grist Mill Boarding Houses & Hotels   SALOONS:    
1853 Saloon, Bowling, Billard, A.A. Aull, Proprietor North St. Clair Street, opposite the Park
1855 Saloon, Jacob Bush, Proprietor East Second, southside, three doors west of Jefferson
1855 Liquor Store, E. O'Brien, Proprietor East Second Street
1859 Wine Store, Capt. L. Markgraf, Proprietor 276 West Third Street
1860 Saloon, John Kopps, Proprietor 43 Jefferson Street, between Second and Third Streets
1862 Saloon, Augustus Long, Proprietor Xenia and High Streets, northeast corner
1862 Saloon, Jacob Linxweiler, Proprietor 12 Market Street
1862 Saloon 162 Jefferson Street, below Third Street
1862 Ohio Brewery Hickory and Brown Streets, southeast corner



1856 Bowling, Mr. Hammond, Proprietor, H.G. Phillps owner South St. Clair Street, westside, between 3rd. and 4th.
1860 Ten Pin alley, John Truebell, Proprietor Covington Pike, Mc Phersontown, across the bridge



1849 Grocery Store Third and Main Streets, southwest corner
1855 Grocery Store, Wolf and Snyder, Proprietors South Jefferson Street, near Market Street
1855 Grocery Store and Provisions, George 
Harris, Proprietor
Third Street, opposite the Mayor's office
1857 Oysters-Baltimore, Berry and Sheply, Proprietor Main and Fourth Streets
1857 Grocery Store, A. Stork, Proprietor Third Street, opposite the Post office
1858 Groceries and Liquors, B.M. Ayres. Proprietor Jefferson and Second Streets
1858 Groceries & Etc. & Ice, Bimm Bros., Proprietors First and Canal Streets
18588 Grocery & Liquor Store, J.B. Gilbert, Proprietor Jefferson Street, opposite Market Street
1858 Meat and Provisions Store, Fouts Bros., Proprietors Third and St. Clair Streets
1858 Grocery, Provisions and Produce 193 East Third Street
1858 Grocery Store, John Hanitech, Proprietor Main Street, Spohon's building, a few doors north of 2nd
1858 Grocery Store, Charles Fisher, Proprietor 193 East Third Street
1859 Grocery Store & Liquors, E. O'Brien, Proprietor 301 East Second, between Main and Jefferson Street
1859 Grocery and Produce, Mc Intire and Baird, Proprietors 118 South Main Street, three doors below Market Street
1860 Grocery Store, E. & T.B. Fisher, 
Third Street, Ohio Block, near the canal
1860 Grocery Store, I.N. & W.M. Green, Proprietors Main Street
1860 Fresh Fruit, Frank Anderton, Proprietor 108 South Main Street
1860 Fruit Depot, C.A. Heckler, Proprietor  Third Street, near the Post Office
1860 General Depot, R.M. Dalbey, Proprietor 270 East Fifth Street, at Brown Street
1862 Market Exchange, John Zehnder, Proprietor 75 South Jefferson Street
1862 Meat and Provisions Store, Henry 
Strickle & Jb. Jacobs
212 East Fifth Street, at the corner of Clay Street


  ICE CREAM:    

1855 Ice Cream Store, James Sage, Proprietor Third and Madison Streets
1855 Ice Cream Saloon, John McCain, Proprietor Jefferson and Market Streets
1858 Ice Cream Saloon, T. Swartzell, Proprietor Main and Fourth Streets
1860 Ice Cream Saloon, Mr. Felix, Proprietor Main and Second Streets



1849 Confectionary Store, Mr. Marot, Proprietor 11 South Main Street, Phillips Building
1855 1855  Ohio Bakery, Mr. Bosler, Proprietor South-Main Street at Sixth Street
1859 Candies and Confectionaries, D. Heinz 
and Bros. Proprietors
West Third Street, Simms Block, opposite Post Office
1862 Marshall Confectionaries, R.M. Marshell, Proprietor 75 Main Street



1855 “The Hamdsome" Restaurant, T.C. Mathews, Proprietor On Market Street
1859  "American" Restaurant, Mr. Nichols, Proprietor South Main, opposite Market Street.



1857 Drug Store and China, Mr. Huntington, Proprietor 119 North Main Street
1859 Drug Store, Jacob W. Dietrich, Proprietor Third and Main Streets, Phillips House
1859 Drug Store, H.B. Rose, Proprietor 72 North Main Street
1862 Drug Store, Abia Zeller, Proprietor 72 North Main Street



1851 Doctors Office, Drs. Smith and Clements Main Street, westside, two doors above Court House alley
1855 Doctors Office, DR. D.E. Tayor,  M.D. Fourth and Main Streets, Telecope Building
1855 Doctors Office & Residence, Dr. J.J. McIlhenny Fifth Street, between Main and Jefferson Streets
1860 Drug Store, Dr. Robinson 120 North Main Street



1857 Dentist, Dr. Wm. A. Pease Main Street, between Court House and Franklin 
House on Second
1857 Dentist, Dr. George Switzer Third Street, east of Main, opposite Town Clock
1857 Dentist, Dr. Jas. E. Jones Third Street, east of Presbyterian Church



1857 Optician, Morris I. Franklin East Third Street, Gorman Building
1857 Optician, Edward S. Franks Main Street, between Fourth and Fifth Streets
1859 Optician, Dr. Solomon Third Street, first floor above Post Office
1859 Optician, Mr. Bornsten 238 East Third Street, opposite the Park


Clothing Store:    

1851 Millinery Store, Miss McCheesney, Proprietor North Main, North of the Court House alley.
1855 Clothing Store, Henty Kissenger, Proprietor East Second, southside, four doors west of Jefferson.
1856 Furnishing Goods For Men, T.M. Lewis, Proprietor Third and Jefferson Streets, southwest corner.
1855 Peoples Clothing Store, F.S. Wells, Proprietor Main Street, opposite City Hall.
1856 Boston Clothing Store, Foole Brighan, Proprietor Third Street, opposite Phoenix House.
1856 Millinery and Dyering Store, Mr. Howard, Proprietor Eastside of North Main, between First and Second sts.
1856 Millinery Store, John Van Doren, Proprietor Third and Main Streets, Phillips House.
1857 Oregon Clothing Store, John Walker, Proprietor Fifth street, near Jackson street.
1858 Dress Making, Mrs. J.E. Ayres, Proprietor Third street, west of Perry street.
1859 Men's Clothing Store, W.G. Breene, Proprietor #1 main street, Phillips House.
1859 Clothing Store, Mr. Chamberlin and Mr. Parker, Prop'r. 314 East Third street, Clegg's Building.
1859 Clothing Store, T.M Lewis, Proprietor Third and Jefferson streets, southwest corner.
1860 Millinery Store, Mr. Lussiers, Proprietor Third and Main streets, Phillips House.
1860 Millinery Store, Mrs. Corps, Proprietor Second street, Main street.
1860 Millinery Store, Miss Goodman, Proprietor 337 West second street.
1860 Hat Store, A. Leabold, Proprietor South Main, three doors above Fourth street.
1855 Baraby's Mercantile College, S.B. Barnaby, Instructor  


  Shoe Stores:    

1857 Ladies Shoe Store, Mr. Wilson and Mr. Estabrook, Propr' Main and Market streets.
1857 Buckeye Boot and Shoe Store, Mr. E. Fair, Proprietor. 80 North Main street.
1858 Shoe Store, Mr. William L. Mercer, Proprietor. 85 South Jefferson, between Market and Fourth streets.
1859 Shoe Store, Mr. Wilson Proprietor. South Main street, below Market street.
1859 Boot and Shoemaker, Mr. B.N. Davis, Proprietor. 79 North Jefferson street.
1859 Boots and Shoes, Mr. J.W. & Mr. C.B. Dodge, Proprietors South Main and Fourth streets.
1859 Ladies Shoe Store, Mr. Davis, Proprietor. 79 North Jefferson street.
1859 Boots and Shoe Store, Mr. Peter Johanigen, Proprietor. South Jefferson, two doors above Fourth street.
1860 Shoe Store, Mr. N.W. Wilson, Proprietor. 116 North Main street.
1861 Boots and Shoe Store 75 Main street, Phillips House.


  Dry Goods:    

1806 Dry Goods, Messrs. D.C. Cooper & John Compton, Propr Main and First Streets, northeast corner, lot # 38
1806 Dry Goods, Messrs. James Steele and Joseph Pierce Main and First Streets, southeast corner, lot # 59
1850 Dry Goods, Mr. Kempers Main and Second Streets, lot # 109
1855 Dry Goods, Mr. Scholl, Proprietor Main and First Streets, southeast corner, lot # 59


1855 Dry Goods merchants of Dayton: James Perrine  T.S. Babbit  H.V. Perrine  J. Brunstine & Co.  J.N. Wike  Prugh, Jorce & Rike  Thos. Schneffer  Shoup and Co.  B.F. Wait  Andrew Gump  John Van Dorn & Co.  Mudgett & Butler  L,M, Buell & Co.  Van Ausdal, Dixon & Co.  Klefer and Conover  J. Shuey  D.M. Curtis  S. Schaeffer
1849 Dry Goods Store, Mr. Lee Kerfoot, Proprietor 13 South Main Street, Phillips House
1853 Dry Goods Store, V. Winters, Proprietor No.2 Main Street.
1853 Dry Goods Store, D.M. Curtis, Proprietor East Fifth Street, Dayton Block.
1853 Dry Goods Store, Shuey and Ayues, Proprietors Main and Second Streets, Bakers Corner
1853 Dry Goods Store, Messrs, Prugh, Jorce and Rike, Propr' East Third Street, opposite, Methodist Church.
1855 Dry Goods Store, Messrs, Wike and Schaeffer, Proprietors 97 North Main Street.
1855 Dry Goods Store, V.& D.W. Schaeffer, Proprietors North Main and Second Streets.
1855 Dry Goods Store, L.M. Buell & Co., Proprietors North Jefferson Street, Beckel House.
1855 Dry Goods Store, Jno. Van Aghey, Proprietor Third Street, opposite Huston Hall
1855 Dry Goods Store, Messrs, Coffman and Beaver, Proprietors 100 East Third Street.
1856 Fancy Variety Store, Mr. Storch, Proprietor Eastside of Main Street, between 1st. and 2nd. Streets.
1858 Dry Goods store, Charles Post, Proprietor. East Second Street, four doors from Main Street.
1858 Dry Goods Store, Mr. N.P. Douglas, Proprietor North Main Street.
1859 Dry Goods Store, Messrs, Finke and Legler, Proprietor. 283 East Second Street.
1859 Dry Goods Store, Captain Minick, Proprietor South Jefferson at Market Street.
1859 Dry Goods Store,A.W. Rice & Co., Proprietors Third and Jefferson Streets, Huston Building.
1859 Dry Goods Store, Jacob Coffman, Proprietor 321 East Third Street.
1861 Dry Goods Store, D.W. Winters, Proprietor North Main Street.



1856 Furniture Store, Mr. Barlow, Proprietor Main Street, between 1st. and 2nd,  just north of 2nd
1857 Furniture Store, M. Ohmer, Proprietor Main and Second Streets.
1862 Masot Chair Manufacturer, John R. Marat, Proprietor Wayne and State Streets.
1862 Cabinet Furniture & Chair, M. Ohmer, Proprietor Main and Second Street, northeast corner.



1858 Pianos, E.H. Osborn, Proprietor 312 East Third Street, Clegg Building


Music Store:    

1858 Music Store, Messrs; Crosby and Doll, Proprietors 107 North Main Street.


Sewing Machines:    

1859 Sewing Machines, Mr. H.C. Hurtman, Proprietor 98 West Fourth Street.


Carpenter Shop:    

1851 Carpenter Shop, Mr. H. Thomas, Proprietor. In the alley, north side of the Court House on Main Street


Hardware Store:    

1849 Hardware and Paint Store, Mr. Clark, Proprietor. 7 South Main Street, Phillip House
1848 Tool Store, Mr. D.M. Garrson, Proprietor. Third Street.
1855 Gun Store, Mr. M. Scheneider, Proprietor Third Street, Ohio Block.
1855 Hardware Store, Mr. J. Langdon, Proprietor 91 Main Street. Sign of the Pad Lock.
1857 China, Glass & Queensware, Heckler, Rimley & Maxton 4 East Second Street.
1858 Hardware Store, Messrs, Loomis and Harwell, Proprietors West Third Street.
1860 Hardware Store, Mr. Langdon, Proprietor 78 North Main Street.
1862 Hardware, Tools & Guns, Mr. Albert Marshall, Proprietor 230 East Fifth Street.
1862 Hardware, Cutlery-& Tools, James Loomis & Wm. Barnett 315 East Third Street.



1858 Cutlery and Books, Messrs, Willard & Wheaton, Propr' Third Street, near Main, one door west of Town Clock
1860 Stove Store, Messrs, Gebhart and Marshall, Proprietors South Main Street



1858 Plumber, James Wood, Plumber 2nd. Street, west of Main Street.
1862 Plumber & Steam & Gas Fitter, Robert Ogden, Plumber 73 Jefferson Street.



1858 Coppersmith Shop, Mr. Ach 2nd Street, west of Main.


Stables & Etc    

1853 Buggy Builders, Messrs; Gpeling and Hammond, Proprietors Third Street.
1855 Express Wagon, H.H. Halgefort, Proprietor Third Street, next to the Montgomery House.
18555 Union Livery Stable, Mr. John, Proprietor Jefferson Street.
1855 Carriages, Nathan Barlow, Proprietor. Second Street.
1855 Livery Stable, John Shellaberger, Proprietor Jefferson Street, above Third Street.
1845 Carriages Made, Mr.Moore Third and St.Clair Streets
1857 Saddle Shop, R.A. Kerfoot, Proprietor Third Street, four doors east of Main.
1857 Saddle & Harness, Messrs; Crew and Warford, Proprietors Jefferson Street, between 2nd & 3rd, Bechel Block.
1857 One Horse Shoeing Shop, Nathan Sifferman, Proprietor Third Street, east of the Post Office.
1858 Horse Shoe & Wrought Iron Manufactory, George Hauk Ludlow Street, between 4th and 5th Streets
1858 Carriages and Buggies, Warren Phillips, Proprietor Fourth Street, between Jefferson and StClair.
1859 Stable, John Shellabarger, Proprietor Jefferson Street, below Third Street.
1859 Stables, Mr. McGowan, Proprietor Fourth Street, just east of Main Street.
1859 Livery Stable, Brien Dille, Proprietor Jefferson and Market Streets.
1860 Carriages and Buggies, Warren Phillips Fourth Street, between Jefferson and St.Clair sts.



1859 Veterinarian, DR. Fuller Jefferson Street, south of Third at Shellabarger's

  Feed Stores    

1855 Feed Store, Messrs, Turner and Engles, Proprietor Third and Jefferson Streets
1856 Feed Store, Mr. Clark, Proprietor Main Street, between Fifth and Sixth Streets
1856 1856 Little Giant Feed Store, Clark and Rick, Proprietors Main Street, between 5th and 6th Streets.


Coal Yard  

1859 Coal Yard C.A. Starr, Proprietor  East Third Street, near the Xenia Depot.


  Lumber Yard  

1855 Lumber Yard, Mr. Leonard Kimball, Proprietor. Second Street, east of the Canal.
1858 Lumber Yard, Mr. L. Woodbull, Proprietor 3rd. Street, near St.Clair
1858 Lumber Yard, Messrs, J.H. Balsly & J.W. Hepford, Propr' Third Street, opposite Montgomery House (Canal)



1854 Auctioner, Bennett & Third Street
1860 Auctioner, Mr. A. Haas 335 West second Street


    Clairvoyant Physican  

1860 Clairvoyant Physican, Mrs. Steel 213 Water Street


  Factories & Etc  

1846 Greers' Stove Foundry, Mr. Grees, Proprietor First and Foundry Streets
1855 Planning Mill, WM. Bomberger, Proprietor Corner of Wayne and the Canal
1855 Paving and Flagging, John & A. Bundenthal 5th Street & Bainbridge
1855 Roofing and Spouting, James Kelly, Proprietor Third Street, opposite the Post Office
1857 Miami Foundry and Machine Shop, John F. Edger, Propr' First Street, opposite Swayie House
1857 Tin & Japan Ware (common tin), J.C. Cross, Proprietor Third and Jefferson Streets.
1857 Buckeye Foundry, Messrs; Pease & J. Clegg, Proprietors Third and Wyandott Streets
1857 Miami Lard Oil Factory, Messrs; Peirce & Mead, Propr'. East of the Lower Hydraulic (Sixth Street)
1858 Spice Factory, Mr. John S. Beatty, Proprietor East Third Street, near St.Clair, northside.
1858 Tabacco Leaf Buying Mr. A.H. Nixon, Proprietor Jefferson and Second Streets, Shoup's Building
1858 Roofing & Felt Factory, Sweetman Brothers, Proprietors West Third Street, at the Miami River levee.
1858 Used Hogsheeds, Boxes &C. Charles Post, Proprietor Second Street, four doors from Main Street
1858 Grain Drill Factory, Mr. Pritz & Kuhns, Proprietors old Estesbook oil mill location.
1859 Land Locomotive and Machine Co. Wyandott and Shawnee Streets
1859 Machine Shop, Mr. Will Birch, Machinist & Proprietor 219 East First Street
1859 Wire Works, Wm Howard & Brothers, Proprietors 118 & 120 North Main Street.
1859 Machine Shop, Mr. Edgar, Proprietor East First Street
1860 Tannery, Messrs; Haas, Mitchell, Proprietors Spratt Street
1862 Ferneding Mill & Co., Mr. Andrew Mause, Propr 16 Wyandott Street
1862 Ohio Flour Mill On the Canal, between 3rd. and 4th. Streets
1862 Ludlow Foundry, Mr. Wm. N. Love, Foreman Lower end of Ludlow Street, close to the canal
1862 Shop Factory, Third and Engle Streets, south west corner.



1855 Insurance Agent Crain & Davis Third and Main Streets, No.2 Phillips House


  Farming Equipment  

1859 Farming Equipment, Mr. L. Woodhull, Proprietor 15 Third Street


  Clock and Jewelry  

1858 Clock and Watch Makers, E. Reeves and Son, Proprietor. Third and Main Streets, Phillips House
1858 Jewelry, Watches & Clocks, Messrs., H.& N, Best, Proprietor 57 North Main Street.
1859 Jewelry Store, Mr. J. Sherwood, Jeweler. 312 East Third Street, Clegg Building.
1859  Jewelry Store, Mr. C. Ruff, Proprietor. 109 South Main Street, opposite Market House
1859 Jewelry and Books, Mr.-W. A. McDonald, Proprietor 63 Jefferson Street, corner of Third, Beckel Building


  Photograph & Daguerreotype  

1855 Photograph & Daguerrean Gallery, Mr. Barnaby, Proprietor Third Street, near Jefferson Street.
1855 Ohio State Fair Daguerreotype, T. J. Robinson, Proprietor Third and Main, Conover Building (Southeast corner)



1850 Farmers Bank East Third Street, Ohio Block
1855 Dayton Bank Third and Jefferson Streets.
1855 Exchange Bank, Mr. Harshman and V. Winters, Bankers Main and Second Streets, (Northeast corner)
1857 Exchange Bank, V. Winters & Son, Bankers Third Street, east of Main Street.
1857 Central Bank, Mr Harshman and Mr. Gorman, Bankers Main Street.
1858 Dayton and Miami Bank, Mr. D. Beckel, Banker East Third Street


  Book Bindery and Printing  

1822 Book Bindery, Mr. John Anderson, Proprietor. East First Street, between Main and Jefferson
1851 Printing Office, Messrs. Stout and Deckers, Proprietor North Main Street, two doors above C.H. alley, upstairs
1851 Book Bindery, Mr. Odell, Proprietor N. Main Street, two doors above C.H. alley, upstairs
1857 Book & Stationary Store, Messrs: Payne and Whraton, Proprietor Third and Main Street, Phillip House
1858 Books, Paper and Stationary, Messrs; E.A. & T.T. More 310 East Third Street, opposite Phoenix House.
1860 Book Store, Mr. Payne, Proprietor 60 South Main Street.
1862 Book Bindery & Book Manufactour, T.W. Odell, Proprietor Third and Main Streets, northeast corner, upstairs.



1859 Empire News Paper Third Street, south side, between Main & Jefferson
1859 Daily Journal News Paper Main Street, two doors below the Phillips House.,
1860 Daily Empire News Paper, J.R. Kelly & Co., Proprietors. 110 North Main Street.
1862 Dayton Daily and Weekly Journal, Lewis Marot & Wm. H. Rouze 85 South Main Street
1806 Newspaper, Mr. Crane, Editor Less than six months published
1808-9 Dayton Repertory, William McClure & George Smith, editors  
1814-16 Ohio Republican (Centinel), Isaac G. Burnet and James Lodge, editors.  
1820-22 Ohio Watchman, George Houston, Robert J. Skinner, Third Street, between Jefferson and St.Clair Streets
1822 Dayton Watchman, William Campbell.  
1816-20 Ohio Watchman, Robert J. Skinner, editor  



1862 Union Railway Depot, Samuel W. King, Agent West 6th Street, west of Ludlow.
1862 S.D. Railway Freight Depot, J.B. Massey, Agent First Street and the Canal
1862 Little Miami , Col., & Xenia R.R. Freight Depot, L. Cassel East Third and the Canal.
1862 C.H. & D. Railroad, Charles King, Agent. West of Ludlow, between 6th and Eaker Streets
1862 1. C. & D. Railroad  West 5th Street. west of Ludlow Street. 


  Saw Mill  

1804 Saw Mill, D.C.Cooper, Proprietor First and Mill Streets. (Patterson)


  Grist Mill  

1809 Grist Mill, D.C. Cooper, Proprietor Mill Street at Mad River.


  Private School  

1808 Dayton Academy St.Clair Street, just north of Third Street, lot # 140
1831 Dayton Academy Fourth and Wilkinson Streets, southwest corner, lot #213


  Bowling Alley  

1831 Bowling Alley,.Jesse Booher, Proprietor St.Clair Street, just north of Third Street, lot # 140


  Early Boarding Houses and Hotels of Dayton  

1849 Voorbees House East Third Street at the Miami Canal
1849 Montgomery House East Third Street at the Miami Canal.
1851 Franklin House East Second Street at the Miami Canal, northwest corner
1853 Centre House  
1853 Swayie House East Third and Race Streets.
1853 Columbus House  
1853 Farmers and Mechanics Hotel West First Street
1855 Empire House - Mr. Phelan and Mr. Davis, Proprietors Third Street, near the Post Office.
1855 Minser House (Anthony House), Anthony Gerinen, Propr' Sixth and Main Streets, northeast corner.
1856 LaFayette House Third Street, near St.Clair
1856 Phoenix House, W.H. Squires, Proprietor. Third Street, between Main and Jefferson Streets
1856 Phillips House, J. and P. Voorhees, Proprietors Third and Main Streets, southwest corner.
1857 St.Charles Hotel Market Street, southside, near Jefferson Street.
1857  Lehman Hotel First and St.Clair Streets
1857 Planters House, Mr. Widnen, owner Market Street
1857 Walter House, Ike Long, Proprietor. First Street, at the canal.
1858 Temperance House, Nakey Slaget, Proprietor Main Street, below Fourth Street
1859 Dayton Hotel, Mr. Beckel, Proprietor. East Third Street, at Madison Street
1860 Canal Hotel Second Street, near the canal
1862 City Hotel Sixth Street, between Ludlow and Main Streets.
1862 Kneckt House  
1862 European Hotel, Louis Markgral, Proprietor 276 East Third Street.
1828-50 Franklin House (Compton House) Adam Houk, Propr' Main and Second Streets, southwest corner, lot # 109



1855 Magistrate, Mr. Q. Butterfield Third Street, Gorman's Building, near Methodist Church
1862 Marshal's Office, Stacey B. Cain, Marshal 197 North Main Street.
1851 Law Offices, Messrs. Crane and Davie Main Street, north of Court House alley.
1855 Attorney at Law, W.H. Piper Main Street, two doors north of Court House
1857 Attorney at Law, L.B. Bruen Main Street, opposite Court House.



1851 Residence of Judge Brown North of the Court House on Main Street.
1860 Residence of Judge Brown Second and Ludlow Streets
1851 Residence of Mr. Clark North Ludlow Street, next to German Reformed Church.
1855 Residence of Mr. Chambers East Second Street, east of the canal, next to lumber yard.
1859 Residence of T.J.S. Smith Wilinson and First Streets
1860 Residence of Mr. Trump Ludlow Street, near Second Street.
1809 Dayton Lot 202, owned by Henry Curtner East Second Street, between Jefferson and St.Clair Street
1817 Dayton Lot 233, owned by James Thompson Jefferson at Fifth Street, northeast corner
1848 Building, owned by Mr. Harman First and Main, northwest corner
1855 Real Estate, John H. Thomas, Agent Third and St.Clair Streets.
1859 Real Estate, Charles E. Clarke Third Street, Clegg's Building
1859  Residence, Henry Kimes Water and St.Clair Streets



1862 Horticulturist 438 East Third Street



1796 Tavern Col. Newcom, Proprietor  main and Water Streets, southwest corner, lot #13 
1807 Tavern Hugh McCollum, Prorietor  Main and Second Streets, southwest corner lot #109
1816 Tavern Col. John Grimes, Proprietor  Main Street ( Mr. Henry Human's business house in 1869
1816 Tavern Col David Reid, Proprietor  Main Street, westside, south of First, at the alley # 62


  Meeting House  

1800 Meeting House Third Street, just east of Main, on the north side.


  Court House  

1796 Court House Main and Water Streets, southwest corner, lot # 13
1806 Court House Third and Main Streets, northwest corner, lot # 32


  Post Offices and Postmasters  

1796 Col. Newcom Main and Waters Streets, southwest corner, lot # 13
1804 B. Van Cleve First and St.Clair, southeast corner, lot # 4
1821 George S. Houston Third Street, between Jefferson and St.Clair Streets
1831 David Caleart Main Street, next to the Court House
1843 James Brooks  
1843 Thomas Blair  
1845 J. W. McCorkle  
1849 Adam Spiece  
1852 Edward A. King (Col. King)  
1865 Jacob R. Hubbell  
1866 William M. Green  


  Early Names and Dates of People in Dayton April 1822 From the Dayton Watchman Newspaper Trustees of the Dayton Academy Joseph H. Crane H. Bacon H.G. Phillips D. Lindsley Jacob Haines    

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