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The "Leader" Directory Bridgeport Ohio
Aetnaville - 1879

Submitted By Mary E. Staley

Aetnaville is a small section of Bridgeport, boarding Martins Ferry.

Aetna Iron & Nail Company. W. W. Holliday, President
Lewis Jones, Manager, Wilbur Tallman, Secretary.
Aubrey, Benjamin, works Aetna Mill, residence Third St
Aubrey David, works Aetna Mill, Residence third St
Bivens Abraham, works Aetna Mill
Blince William, residence Second St
Bowers Ephriam, works Aetna Mill
Campbell John, works Aetna Mill
Charles Edwards, works Aetna Mill
Chealer Philip, laborer, residence First St
Cole John, Miner, residence Chase Ave
Cook, Charles, works Aetna Mill
Coss, James, Coalminer
Coss, Martin, Coalminer
Delbrough Henry, works Top Mill
Diggens Wm, works Aetna Mill
Donnellt Jerry, Coalminer
Donnelly Masser, Miner
Eberts Edwards, works Aetna Mill
Eberhn August, works Aetna Mill
Ehui Wm, Laborer, Railroad St
Frederick Charles, Waginer
Gantzer Nicholas, Saloon, Third St
Gill John, works Aetna Mill
Gunn John, works Aetna Mill
Hartstein Miss Anne, Teacher, residence Second St
Hartstein Mrs. Christina, widow, residence Second St
Helderbrand August, Works Aetna Mill
Hernert Edward, works Aetna Mill
Hess, George, works Aetna Mill
Hess, John, works Aetna Mill
Hess, Michael M., shoemaker, Fourth St
Hess, Wm, works Aetna Mill
Hood, George, laborer
Howard, Joseph, works Aetna Mill
Howells, Wm. Jr, works Aetna Mill
Huff, Mrs Caroline, widow
Hunter, John W., works Aetna Mill
Jenkins, Thomas, Grocery, Third St
Jones, Daniel P., coalminer
Jones, Matthew, boss, Aetna Mill, residence Third St
Jones, Thomas, works Aetna Mill
Keiser, Mrs. M,. widow, residence Second St
Lemons, George W. works Aetna Mill
Lenan, Julian, Laborer, residence First St
Lewis, Thomas A., Watchman, Aetna Mill
Llewellyn, Thomas, coalminer, residence Third St
Llewellyn, Llewellyn, coalminer, residence Third St
Lloyd, Mrs. Hannah, widow, residence Second St
Lloyd, James, works Aetna Mill, residence Second St
Lloyd, Wm, works Aetna Mill
Moffet, Thomas J.. works Aetna Mill, residence Fourth St
Morgan, John, works Aetna Mill
Morgan, Thomas, works Aetna Mill
Newlin, Libbie, teacher Aetnaville School, residence Martins Ferry
O`Neil, William, works Aetna Mill
Phillips, Thomas, works Aetna Mill
Porter, John works Aetna Mill
Porter, Ross, works Aetna Mill
Prevy, Charles, works Aetna Mill
Reid, John, works Aetna Mill
Scarlott, John, works labelle Mill
Seals, Thomas, laborer
Smith, Battelle, laborer
Smith, Roberts, works Aetna Mill, residence Third St
Thomas, David, works Aetna Mill, residence Fourth St
Thomas, Henry, works Aetna mill, residence Third St
Ulrich, John Grocery, Third St
Watkins, Reese, works Aetna Mill
Welsh, Michael, works Aetna Mill
Williams, Daniel, works Aetna, residence Railroad St
Williams, Evans R., works Aetna Mill
Williams, Jacob, works Aetna Mill
Woods, John, cooper
Worls, Milton, works Aetna Mill, residence Third St
Young, Robert, coalminer
Zimmerman, Henry, winegrower, residence First St.