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May 1885 - Martins Ferry, Ohio

Balls & Chains

Submitted By Mary E. Staley

Yesterday the City received six balls and chains, which will be place on those who are unable to pay their fines, and will be put to work on the Streets. This is a new rule for this City, and ordinance was passed in the hope the it would break up these drunks that raise trouble and make a nuisance of themselves, and when arrested have no money and are an expense to the city.

The new rule will most probably go into effect to day, as there are prisoners now in jail. The new plan will be given a fair trial, and if it proves a success will be continued, and if a failure, of course will be abandoned.

It is thought by the City officials that this new law will prove a success and will have a great tendency to prevent bums from coming to the City.