Meigs County Prisoners in the Ohio State Penitentiary

Meigs County Prisoners

in the Ohio State Penitentiary

The following Ohio State Penitentiary records were extracted from microfilm copies of the original records by Carrol Swanson, and were graciously contributed by him for display here.


LDS FILM ROLL #0928445


Prisoners from and/or arrested in Meigs County

VOL I - 1833 to 1849

Prisoner # 256
   Butcher, William J.- Age not given. Nativity: VA. Occupation: farmer.
Crime: burglary. Term: 3 yrs.  Imprisoned: Oct 21, 1836. Height: 5'9 1/2",
hazel eyes. Hair, rather light brown. Narrow forehead. Scar on left shin
near ankle. Manner: temperate, no disruption. Discharged: pardoned by
governor Feb. 8,1838. 

   Loyd, David - Age 19(?)  Nativity: England. Occupation: farmer. Crime:
grand larceny. Term: 3 yrs. Imprisoned: Oct 11, 1838. Height: 5'5", very
dark hazel eyes, dark brown hair, common complexion. Two scars on
forehead over each eye.  Scars on left wrist. High forehead. Manner:
temperate - intoxicated when he committed the crime for the first time.
Discharged by expiration of sentence Oct 11, 1840.

# ?
   German, John - Age 22. Nativity: Ohio. Occupation: port (illegible)
engineer. Crime: burglary & larceny. Term: 5 years. Height: 5'7 1/2". Blue
eyes. Very light sandy hair. Light complexion. Tolerably high forehead.
Scars from burn on left side of leg. Somewhat freckled. Manner:
temperate. Notes: parents living in Olive Twp., Meigs Co. Imprisoned:
May 11, 1839. Discharged by expiration of sentence May 11, 1844.

   Carmichail, John - Age 30. Nativity: VA. Occupation: merchant in a
small way. Crime: bigamy. Term: 4 yrs. Height: 5'7 3/4".  Hazel eyes.
Dark brown hair. Common complexion. Has no scars. Manner: temperate,
tolerably well. Notes: has wife and five children in Washington Co. 
Illiterate. Says he has 250 acres of land in Warren Co. Imprisoned
April 29, 1843. Pardoned by governor April 26, 1843.

   Gilmor, William - Age 34. Nativity: PA. Occupation: pilot on the river.
Crime: burglary. Term: 4 yrs. Height 5' 10". Hazel eyes. Hair - black,
partly gray. Common complexion. Has three letters on his right arm with
India ink. Moderate drinker.  Notes: has wife and children in Gallia
Co. Mother living in Victoria on the Mississippi. Tried on May 9,
1844.  Pardoned by governor Feb 5, 1848.

   Caton, Robert - Age 61. Nativity: New York. Occupation: farmer. Crime:
larceny. Term: 4 yrs. Height 5' 7". Gray eyes. Hair. black with a little
gray. Common complexion. Has two scars on each side of face. Scar on
left leg. Small eyes and low forehead. Manner: Temperate. Notes: has
wife and children in Jackson County. Owns no property. Can read and
write. Sentenced November 3, 1840. Discharged December 26, 1844.

   Eaton, (or Caton?) Robert - Imprisoned: May 23, 1845. The information
for this person exactly matches information given for Robert Caton
except that this listing shows prisoner #1408 died in prison of disease
of the heart on October 21, 1845.

   McFarlund, (Jas?)- Age 18. Nativity: Ohio. Occupation: farmer. Crime:
manslaughter. Term: 2 years. Height 5' 8". Light blue eyes. Brown hair.
Fair complexion. Has a small face, narrow forehead, rather low. Thick
lips, mouth pouched out. Scar under chin. Drawn look. Small scar over
left eye on forehead. Imprisoned: October 28, 1846. Discharged upon
expiration of sentence October 21, 1848.


VOL II May 1849 - July 1855

   Cahoon, James - Age 40. Nativity: Virginia. Occupation: laborer. Crime:
burglary and larceny - two indictments. Term 20(?) years. Height: 5'
10". Hazel eyes. Black hair. Common complexion. High forehead. Small
scar on inside left thumb. Large scar (illegible). Right foot scalded by
hot coffee. Large scar on left thigh and (illegible). Imprisoned: May
1832. Pardoned by governor November 20, 1862.

   McCammon, John alias John Kimball - Age 17. Nativity: Tennessee.
Occupation: farmer. Crime: passing counterfeit money. Term: 3 years.
Height 5' 7 1/2". Blue eyes. Light brown hair. Common complexion. Has
rather low and narrow forehead. Hair of head growing within one inch of
corners of eyes. Four small scars on knuckles of left forefinger and on
thumb. Temperate manner. Father lives in South Wales. Owns no property.
Can't read or write. Imprisoned March 29, 1854. Discharged upon
expiration of sentence February 17, 1857.