Be an interactive part of Miami County history. We are collecting real stories of real people that make up Miami County's history. Whether you have lived here your whole life or are a recent transplant, your experience here is a valuable piece of our larger story.

We would love to have you send us your stories about personal experiences, family (Yes, even the odd characters - you know we all have them) and wonderful pieces of your life. We will post them so that others can learn from your experience, find comfort in knowing that others face the same challenges, or laugh as you share your amusing adventures.

We hold the right to edit your submissions to ensure they fit the flavor as well as the editorial guidelines of our Storetime Listing. We cannot return your submissions. However, if we would like to use your submission for something other than this listing, we will contact you directly to discuss how your submission will be used and to get your permission.

Please mail your stories to:
Sharon Watson
116 West High St
Piqua, OH 45356


Email your story to: [email protected]


Thank you very much. We look forward to building the Miami Valley Story by reading your stories.