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George Washington Bates Paul E. Phillips
Harriet H. "Flo" Phillips Bates Paul E. Phillips
Ira Bruff Bates & Maude Alvern (Pittenger) Paul E. Phillips
Ira Bruff Bates Paul E. Phillips
Page 2
Giles Bates Harber Jim Jewhurst
Eward I with Catherine Eward Brown Jim Jewhurst
Luna Clark and Delia Jewhurst Jim Jewhurst
J W Jewhurst Jim Jewhurst
Page 3
the 100th Anniversary of Canfield Fair 1946 Linda Zuccaro
the 100th Anniversary of Canfield Fair 1946 Linda Zuccaro
Hazel McFadden, Ruby Smith 1946 Linda Zuccaro
Cora Smith, Helen Reiger 1946 Linda Zuccaro
Page 4
Esther "Essie" Bates Rose Paul Phillips
Discharge of George W. Bates Paul Phillips
First Slovak Musical Group Joseph Rakocy
School house
Page 5
Elias & Lovina Beckman Joy Fulgham
Icia Maskrey Joy Fulgham
Ray Porter Beckman 1902 Joy Fulgham
Ray Porter Beckman 1917 Joy Fulgham
Page 6
Clara Kenedy-Cal Judy Warth
Laura E Harding Judy Warth
Jennie Strock Judy Warth
Elizabeth Crumrine Harding Judy Warth
Page 7
Lucy Stow Freeman Clark Jim Jewhurst
Charlie Bishop Jewhurst Jim Jewhurst
Isaiah Hoffman Brigitte Frost
George & Mattie EMERY Clark Mary Ann Hetrick
Page 8
Giering Coca Cola botling comp. Melissa Archibald
Anthony Siembieda and Stella Iwanicki Adrienne Dreier
St. Columba's Church taken in 1947 Kathy
Judah & Nancy CUSTER Norma Rice
Page 9
Johannes Jacob Danat Bob Moyer
Leah Simon Moyer Bob Moyer
Samuel Moyer Bob Moyer
Charles Moyer Bob Moyer
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