1921 - 1st Grade at an Oberlin School

Submitted by Denise Higgins
August, 2013

This photo is from about 1921. It is a one room school house in Oberlin, Lorain Co., Ohio. The teacher was Mrs. Holmes. Here is a list of the people known in the photo; (written on the back of the photo)

Bottom row:Eleanor Peile, Bessie Thompson, Marguerite Clark, Sheila Oldfield, Ruth Barnes, Wanda Waller, Pauline Long
2nd Row:?, George Roberts, ?, ? Bauman, Catherine Clark, Louise Bauman. ?, ?
3rd Row:B. Kreuger, ?, Helen Kerns, Albert Farr, Kenneth Kern, Fred McRoberts, Harold Barnard
Top Row:?, Frank Kreuger, Nora Edmunds, ?, Josie Edmunds, ? Bauman, ?


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