LAKE ROAD  (Brown Cemetery)
Brownhelm Twp., Lorain Co., OH

This abandoned cemetery on Lake Road is about 1/4 mile west of Baumhart Rd.
In 1994 no stones were left upright. Most had become buried under several inches of soil.  With diligent prodding in the earth, the following stones were located. This cemetery had Henry Brown's name on the deed.  Adjoining burial ground known as SHEPARD-JAMES Cemetery was combined with the Brown burial plot by Henry Brown into the current cemetery.
For further information you may contact Ted Reising.
Submitted by Ted Reising, Florence, Ohio 1995 and updated 2010.

BELDEN  p.109
   Bildad,  b. 1742 Wethersfield,Conn.  d. 4 Aug 1824 ae. 82  Rev.War Soldier
CLAUS  p.109
   Philip,  d.10 Dec 1857 ae. 50y 25d
CLAUS  p.109
   George...see KLAUS
   Johannes,  d. 12 Mch 1855  ae. 51y 6m 17d
   William,  d. 23 Jan 1859 ae. 6m(?)  son of J.& A.
HAHN  p.109
   Dorodea ( HEUER ), b. 14 Apr 1799  d. 21 Jan 1853  "2 tilh. 4,7.8." wife of Peter
HART  p.109
   Judah,  b. 1777  d. 26 Jly 1824  ae. 48y
HART  p.109
   Abigail ( BELDEN ), b. 1777, d. 29 Jly 1824 ( 3 days after Judah, is bur. beside him. Most of headstone missing. )
HEUSNER  p.109
   Jacob,  b. 12 Apr 1847  d. 20 Mch 1850  son of J. & E.
JAMES  p.109
   Stephen Jr.,  d. Nov 22 ( no year )  ae. 15y
KLAUS (a.k.a. CLAUS)  p.109
   George,  b. 6 Jan 1845 d. 24 Mch 1849 son of A. & K.E.
KUCHMAN  p.109
   Augusta Magdalena,  b. 24 Sep 1854  d. 1 Aug 1858 dau. of Adam
KUHL  p.109
   Anna M.,  b. 28 Nov 1854  d. 14 Jne 1857 dau. of Henry
KUHL  p.109
   Georg,  d. 14 Mch 1862  ae. 5y 2m 11d  son of Henry & Anna C.
   Elisha, d. 2 Mch 1840 ae. 58y 27d.
LOTZ (a.k.a.  LUTZ)  p.109
   Gertrude,  d. 19 Jne 1859 ae. 53y 6m 16d  wife of Henry
LOTZ (a.k.a.  LUTZ)  p.109
   Henry,  d. 28 Sep 1860 ae. 58y 1m 18d
LUTZ  p.109
   Anna K.,  d. 23 Aug 1854  ae. 8y 6m 7d, dau of H&A.K.
   Georg,  b. 11 Apr 1851  d. 20 Jan 1858, son of George
   Jacob,  b. 12 Mch 1841 d. 3 Jly 1850, son of George
   Henry,  d. 24 Aug 1841  ae. 39y
   Thomas, d. 28 Aug. 1843 ae. 63 [ his wife Zilpah is buried at Sanders Hill Cem. Henrietta Twp.]
   _?_ d. 13 Nov 1824  ae.17  -- dau. of _?_ &Zilpah [ stone broken, names missing ]

Most of the following inscriptions were recorded by a D.A.R. survey about 1936, but these stones could not be located (1993; 1994; 2003; 2008); it is likely that these headstones have been removed,
prob. before 1950, and may be unrecoverable: Broken Stone,
   Footstone with only the initials J. E. H. (or possibly J. E. K.?; name unknown, remaining portion of stone not yet found.
   Charles George,  d. Dec 1861
   Dorothea,  b. Feb 1845  d. 30 Sep 1847
   Leman,  d. 11 Aug 1827  ae.35y  b. Sheffield,Mass.,d. Brownhelm
   Minor,  b. 14 Nov 1808  d. 7 Jne 1830
   Charlotte,  b. 23 Jne 1801  d. 24 Oct 1822  consort of Ezekiel L.
   Anna B., d. 24 Feb 1849  ae. 49y  wife of Jacob, Stone is inscribed MEENSTER
   Charles,  d. 2 Oct 1840  ae. 43y
   Burkhardt,  d.1862  b.Germany
   Jason,  b. 17 Apr 1807  d. 2 Oct 1828  b. Hartford,Conn.
   _?_  d. 12 Oct 1834  ae. 17y 5m 15d  -- dau. of Elijah & Eunice

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