Members of Hamblin Post # 219
Grand Army of the Republic
Wellington, OH

Below is a list of GAR Post 219 members and links to their photos
which have been digitized by Al Leiby in 2011.

They are property of the Spirit of 76 Museum in Wellington, OH.
and are being posted at the Lorain COunty OHGenWeb site with permission from them.

Post 219 would have included men from a 15 to 20 mile radius of Wellington
as it was the only GAR Post in that radius. The GAR actually contributed
to the building of the Wellington Town hall in exchange for a meeting hall
used exclusively by the GAR.

Avery, Lewis B.

Barnes, Horace

Beal, Simon

Bearrup, John W

Bennett, Frank W., Corporal

Betz, George W.

Biggs, Henry O.

Binehower, Joseph

Boon, John

Bonney, Harvey

Bowers, Charles H.

Bowman, Vachel

Brice, Edwin

Brumby, John H.

Bush, George C.

Campbell, O.S., Sgt.

Case, Franklin S.

Cassidy, William

Chadwick, George A.

Christie, Cyrus N.

Church, Clarence

Codding, Robert

Condon, James

Cooper, Elias L., Cpl.

Crandall Walter M.

Crapo, Spooner C.

Dagnan, John

Daughtetry, James H.

Davis, William M.

Dell, George S.

Dirlam, Theodore

Drake, Sumner L., Sgt.

Dunkle, B.F.

Ensign, Calvin

Field Joel    2nd photo

Finch, Frank A.

Fisher, Miles

Gammell, Sereno D., Sgt.

Gardner, Jerod, Corporal

Hall, Daniel M.

Hall, Howard H. Sgt.

Hall, Seldon S., Corporal

Hart, Stuart L.

Haskell, Joseph T.

Hayes, P.C.

Hendee, Nelson S.

Horr, Charles W.

Horton, Charles H., Sgt.

Houghten, Albert C., Major of Volunteers

Howk, John E.

Hunter, Thomas M.

Husted, Elmer E.

Inman, Cyrus C.

Jackson, Irish

Jefferies, Edgar C.

Jones, Ezekeal, Sgt.

Julian, Paul C.

June, E.M.

Knapp, Hiram H.

Knapp Reubin E.

Kunz, Michael

Lang, Milton W.

Laundon, John P., Sgt.

Lindsey, William K.

Manchester, Charles E.

Manchester, D. Wilbert

Marshall, Benjamin

Mason, Charles E.

Mason, Peter L., Sgt.

Mathews, A.B., 1st Lt.

Mead, Horace

Metzgar, Timothy, Sgt.

Moore, George S.

Morehouse, C. S., Lt.

Myers, Emanuel C.

Oakley, Seth D.

Ogden, John T., Lt.

Pember, Matelon

Perkins, Alonzo S.

Phelon, Tasso D.

Pond, Askley A.

Recard, George W.

Rice, William A.

Richmond, Lester J.

Robertson, William

Robins, Nicholas

Robinson, Henry

Robinson, James A.

Rogers, Richard

Rupp, Moses

Saddler, Calvin Sage

Sawtell, William F.

Schroeder, Henry Wm.

Seely, George D.

Seely, Morell

Sheldon, A.E.

Sherman, John R.

Smith, David

Smith, James W., Surgeon

Sprague, Perry

Stanard, Edward R.

Stannard, Arlington

Starks, Julius P.

Thayer, Roswell E.

Thomas, John J., Capt.

Webster Charles H Corporal

Welsher, Alanson

Wheeler, T.B.

Wilbur, John W.

Willard, Charles

Wilcox, Stanley E.

Williams, Salonas A.    2nd photo

Williams, Salonas A. with Field, Joel

Wood, Jerome

Unknown, Co F 103rd Oh Vol Infantry

General Custer Order to S.C. Crapo

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