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  1. The Licking Lantern "A Light into the Past" (4 times a year)
  2. Monthly Informative meetings: Newark Library meeting room
  3. Two queries to be published in the Licking Lantern (Needs to be ready to print with your membership number. Email is the best way to submit for Lantern)
  4. One free look-up (when submitted with your membership application) for one surname to the Ancestor, Pioneer, Marriages and Obituary files.
  5. Submit an Ancestor Chart for our files for others to look at.

           For more help, LCGS volunteers can research the following:
                                $$ per surname in advance

    Quick look-ups: A fee of $5.00 will be charged for up to 5 pages with $1.00 per page after 5 on the Births,                      Marriages, Death records, and Ancestor files.
    Obituaries: $2.00 an obituary from around 1972 to current.
                         Any before that date are hit and miss.
                         Need name and date, if possible, as not indexed by years.

    All Records: In our library: Effective August 1, 2015 - A fee of $25.00 with .25 cents per page after 12 pages.
    Note: In 1867, Ohio passed a law that birth and deaths were to be recorded, but not all were. As the Licking County Courthouse burned in 1875 there are no birth or death records prior to 1875. A few marriages were re-recorded but again not all were. Ohio did not issue birth or death certificates until 20 December 1908.

    The best way to send information and names to be researched is by email, or postal mail.
    If sent by email, research will not begin until we receive your money order or check.

    Please indicate the extent of your own research so LCGS work will not be duplicated.

    LCGS is staffed by volunteers so it can take up to two weeks to hear from us.
    If you send a letter, please include your email address or telephone number so we may contact you if needed.
    Note: Long distance calls can not be returned.

                                              You can contact us at 740-349-5510, or
                                    [email protected] for more information

Below you will find information to assist those doing research in Licking County. Much of the information below has been compiled by LCGS Education Chairman, Ronna Eagle.

Use the menu below to go to the topic of your interest or scroll the page.

A Street By Any Other Name
City of Newark Health Department
First Time Licking County Researchers
Formation of Licking County
Licking County Auditor - Real Estate Search
Licking County Clerk of Courts/Common Pleas
Licking County Convention & Vistors Bureau
Licking County Engineer's Office
Licking County Genealogical Society Library
Licking County Health Department
Licking County Library
Licking County Miscellaneous Resource Material
Licking County Municipal Court
Licking County Probate Court
Licking County Recorder's Office
Licking County Sheriff's Office
Licking County Treasurer's Office
Ohio Historical Society - Licking County Resources
Ohio Department of Health - Vital Records

Genealogical Materials Available In Licking County, Ohio

Formation of Licking County, Ohio
















You may be told that there are

ALL records WERE NOT BURNED! Many Probate Court records were destroyed by the fires, but some were preserved. Ministers and families who still resided in the area re-recorded many marriages, wills, etc. Three early original marriage records were preserved and are NOW available for viewing at the courthouse. BUT, they will not make photocopies of these records. (With permission, you can, however take digital photos of them.)

Surviving Probate Court Wills, Estate records and Guardianship records have been abstracted by Licking County Genealogical Society volunteers and the abstracts have been published by LCGS in the book "Licking County Ohio Probate Records 1829-1904" which can be ordered from LCGS. See the Publications web page for a brief description, ordering information and price.

Licking County, Ohio land records are intact from the very beginning. Deeds that were recorded in the earlier parent counties have been transcribed and are available at the Licking County Recorders Office. You will find the earliest records in two sets of books, both marked, "Transcribed Deeds". The double set is handwritten with index in the back of the second volume; the single book is typewritten, also with index. All other Grantor/Grantee Indices will be found according to years. The Licking County Recorders Office is located on the third floor of the County Administration Building, located next to Wendy's, across from the Courthouse, on the east side of the square in Newark. See the Recorders Office website at: for information on current photocopy costs. Also located in the Licking County Recorders Office that is often overlooked are Military burial records which can be found on 3x5 index cards located on top of the shelving at the rear of the room. This is the same shelving where the earliest deeds and indices are located. These cards show where a veteran is buried, his military service, and other data. The date of birth/death and next of kin are sometimes shown.

Licking County Courthouse
Located on the main Square in downtown Newark, OH

Probate Court:
Courthouse Square, Newark, Ohio 43055
Phone: (740) 349-6137
Hours: 8:30 A.M. - 4:00 P.M. Monday-Friday
Data located both in book form as well as microfilm. The film reader is located directly behind the door in Probate Court. Microfilm drawers are labeled. Most Ohio birth and death records begin about 1867, however, because of the courthouse fire,
Licking County Birth and Death records begin in 1875
After 1899, marriage records required names of parents.

Birth Records 1875-1908

Record - Ministers' Licenses

Death Records 1875-1908

Civil Records

Marriages 1808-1875 (Transcribed)

Guardians Bonds-Letters 1875-

Marriages 1808-1828 Original Marriages

Inheritance Tax

Marriages 1875-Present

Complete Record

Clerk of Courts/Common Pleas:
Most of these records have been moved from the courthouse to
The Licking County Courthouse Annex
65 East Main Street, Newark, OH.

NOTE: You will be subject to a security check by going through a metal detector. After going through the security check, go directly down the hall to the left.
Early records must be requested and they will be brought up to you upon request.
Some of the records located in the basement of the Licking County Courthouse Annex are:

Appearance Docket 1819-1823

Chancery Indices

Civil Court Records

Execution Dockets

Index to Complete Record

Partition Index

Partition Records 1816-

Other records are now stored in the old jail

Web Site:
Court Case Search:

Licking County Administration Building

County Recorder Office
20 South Second Street, Newark, Ohio 43055
Phone: (740) 349-6060
Hours: 8:30 A.M - 4:30 P.M. Monday - Friday
Web site:
Located on the 3rd Floor. Early land records are housed on East side of room. Photocopies of deeds available (see web site for current fee).
Pre-noon copy requests preferred.

1803-1808 Deeds (Transcribed)

1808-1890 Grantor/Grantee indexed by volumes

Military Grave Cards

Some Military Discharge records are also located on the West side of the room.
More recent deeds are now on computer.

Recorded Documents:

Health Departments
Both the City of Newark Health Department and The Licking County Health Department are located at 675 Price Road, Newark, OH.
(The old TB Sanitarium)

City of Newark Health Department: Births and Deaths occuring within the City Limits from 1908 to present day, office located straight back from front entrance. Signs are posted. Phone: (740) 349-6680
Hours: 8 A.M.-4 P.M. Monday-Friday
(born/died within the city)
birth/death records 1909-present.

Licking County Health Department: Births and Deaths occuring within Licking County but outside the Newark City Limits from 1908 to present day. Located to the right as you go in the front door. Phone: (740) 349-6535
Hours: 8:30 A.M. - 4:30 P.M. Monday - Friday.
Births and Deaths occurring within the Licking County Combined General Health District from 1907 to present.
Web site:

Ohio Department of Health - Vital Records
For Birth, Death, Marriage, and Divorce Records.
Walk-in: Ohio Department of Health
Vital Statistics
225 Neilston Street
Columbus, Ohio 43215
Phone: (614) 466-2531

Mail Requests: Ohio Department of Health
Vital Statistics
246 N. High Street, 1st Floor, Revenue Room
P.O. Box 15098
Columbus, Ohio 43215-0098

See the Ohio Department of Health - Vital Records web site at:
more detailed information.

Licking County Municipal Court
40 West Main St.
Newark, Ohio 43055
Phone: 740-349-6627

Civil Cases, Criminal Cases and Traffic Cases
Copies currently are $0.05
Web site:

Licking County Auditor
Web Site:

Real Estate Search:

The Licking County Genealogical Society Library
2nd Floor of the Newark Public Library
101 West Main Street
Newark, OH 43055-5054
Beginning January 1, 2017 the LCGS Library will be open Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 12:00 Noon to 4:00 p.m.
On Wednesday the library will be open from 12:00 Noon to 7:30 p.m.

Current Hours for the remainder of 2016: Wednesday, Friday and Saturday 1-4 p.m.
Tuesday and Thursday, 12 p.m. to 4 p.m.
Free and open to the public, staffed by volunteers.

Also those who are coming from out of state and beyond Licking County in Ohio, please email
LCGS two weeks in advance if the regular hours do not fit in your schedule.
We will try to find a volunteer to open up the library for you and
then will email you back if we can accommodate you.

Click Here for information about contacting L.C.G.S. for research.

LCGS Library Holdings

Click on the picture to see a detailed information about what is available and where it is located in the LCGS Library as a pdf file.

If you do not wish to view the Map Of The Library as a PDF file, it is also available as 2 jpg graphic files.
Click here for Map Of The Library 1. jpg and click here for Map Of The Library 2.jpg


COMPUTER TERMINALS - located near the entrance are in the wooden partitioned area. LCGS has 4 PC's available to the public for genealogical research with free access to the Library Edition of; Heritage Quest, Newspaper Archives, Family Search and other genealogical research sites.
MICROFILM (MF) - Opposite the library entrance on the east and south walls. Films are located in the filing cabinets there.
MICROFILM READER/PRINTER - Use of the reader printer is restricted to staff only for copying purposes. Please find the item you want on a regular reader then request a staff member to make the copy
OBITUARY FILE (OF) - Card file unit of small drawers located on the north wall of the library next to the Family Histories. Note: Obituaries for the last few years are located in binders in the Licking County Books - see #9 above.
MISC. FILES - Located in the cabinets next to the Obit file and contain the Family Data Files, Ancestor Charts File, Vertical File, Pioneer File, and Family Bible File. Indexes to these files are located to the right of these cabinets, in the adj. "yellow card catalog". At the far end of the library, next to the double windows, is the birth records card file and the county home card file index.
Licking County, Ohio - We have County and Family Histories, Bible Records, Court Records, Cemetery Records, Surname cards, 1820 Pioneer, Birth Record files, plus an extensive Obituary file. Many microfilms including 1820 thru 1920 Federal Census, Newspapers, Churches, Deed Index and more. Also Naturalization petitions and Declarations of Intent.
State of Ohio - We have many Federal censuses, the index to Roster of Ohio Civil War Veterans on microfilm and County Histories.
The Migration Routes of Our Licking County Pioneers - We have some material from the New England States, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia and others including some Federal Census on Microfilm.
All Other Areas - We have access to the I.G.I. (International Genealogical Index File) through our Internet Computer System. We have Quarterly Exchanges from many areas of the United States and books on Genealogical Research, Immigration, Patriotic/Lineage Societies, Religion, and Wars to name a few.
To Search much of the L.C.G.S. holdings and also the catalog of the Newark Public Library go to:

800 East 17th Avenue, Columbus, OH 43211
Telephone: 614-297-2300
Avoid visiting during the time of the Ohio State Fair.
See web site for hours -
To find a listing of records at OHS, go the Reference Desk in the Main Reading Room and ask for local government records file. Previously these records were located in a card file, but they are now available on computer via their Online Catalog Collection. Go to

Clerk of Courts - Chancery 1819-1824; 1849-1850 on microfilm rolls GR 2698-2700; Index GR 2698 

Appearance Docket 1819-1822 GR 3505

General Index GR 3505

 Chancery Index GR 3504

Journal 1813-1815 GR 5147; 1819-1852 GR 3498-3503 (6 rolls) 

Law Record 1811-1834 GR 3374-3382

 Supreme Court - Common Pleas 1814-1825 GR 3383

Chancery 1842-1856 GR 3504

Tax Records 1809 GR 2341; 1810 GR 2343;
1811 GR 2345: 1812-1813 GR 2358-59; 1814 GR 2361; 1816-1838 GR 2535-2545

 Marriages 1875-1951 GR 8295-8304; 8323-8325

 DAR Marriages 1808-1816 GR 1388

DAR Tombstones GR 1327

Licking County Census 1820-1930 (Indexes for Ohio are located in the Main Reading Room, also Soundex & Miracode are on film for 1900, 1910.

Licking County Death Certificates 1908-1944
(Online Index search for years 1913-1937 is available at:
Copies may be made on site at OHS by patrons from microfilm for $0.25

 Early newspapers are also available on microfilm and hard copy. Indexes are now online - see:

Licking County Miscellaneous Resource Material

Family Histories and Genealogies in the Family History section of the L.C.G.S. Library.
A listing of 800+ Surnames just from the Family Histories section of the L.C.G.S. Library.
These are genealogies and family histories which have been purchased or
donated and include hard bound books, binders, and folders.
The List is also available as a PDF file that can be saved and/or printed out from you computer.
For the PDF file
click here.
Are some of the names you are researching in this list?

Knights of Pythias, Newark Lodge, #13 Roster Booklet, 1916

Licking County Infirmary History and Cemetery Burial Index

Licking Township Ghost Towns

Licking Township History

School Pictures of Licking County, Ohio

Veterans of the War with Mexico Residing in Licking County, January 23, 1878.
(List courtesy of L.C.G.S. Volunteer, Don Clary.)

Veterans of the War with Mexico Residing in Licking County, January 23, 1878.
(List published in an unknown Licking County Newspaper.)
(List courtesy of L.C.G.S. Volunteer, Don Clary.)

1. James H. Smith, Lieut., Co. H, 2nd Ohio Volunteer Infantry.
2. Edwin Williams, Sergeant, Co. H, 2nd Ohio Volunteer Infantry.
3. Jacob H. Scott, Corporal, Co. H, 2nd Ohio Volunteer Infantry.
4. William C. Scott, Private, Co. H, 2nd Ohio Volunteer Infantry.
5. George Downs, Private, Co. H, 2nd Ohio Volunteer Infantry.
6. Manley McMullen, Private, Co. H, 2nd Ohio Volunteer Infantry.
7. Byron H. Stanberry, Sergeant, Duncan's Mounted Riflemen.
8. Augustine M. Stewart, Private, Duncan's Mounted Riflemen.
9. Samuel G. Hamilton, Private, Duncan's Mounted Riflemen.
10. Hugh Ronan, Private, Duncan's Mounted Riflemen.
11. James Fairley, Private, Duncan's Mounted Riflemen.
12. Silas Austin, Private, Duncan's Mounted Riflemen.
13. John O. Jones, Private, Duncan's Mounted Riflemen.
14. Isaac Vanatta, Private, Duncan's Mounted Riflemen.
15. Ira E. Kelsey, Private, Duncan's Mounted Riflemen.
16. Jacob F. Conine, Private, Duncan's Mounted Riflemen.
17. Leonard Stelzer, Sergeant, Co. I, 3rd Ohio Volunteer Infantry.
18. George B. Pennell, Private, Co. B, 5th Ohio Volunteer Infantry.
19. John Stacel, Private, Co. B, 5th Ohio Volunteer Infantry.
20. Henry Fleming, Private, Co. B, 5th Ohio Volunteer Infantry.
21. James Smith, Sergeant, Co. E, 1st Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry.
22. Elias Dew, Sergeant, Capt. Ogden's Quartermaster Department.
23 Frederick Koehler, 5th Regiment United States Infantry.
24. Benjamin Myers, Private, Co. B., U. S. Mounted Riflemen.
25. John Vanasdel, Private, Co. K, U. S. Mounted Riflemen.
26. Patrick H. Rourke, U. S. Frigate Mississippi.
27. Elijah Ramey, Regular Army.


A Street By Any Other Name
A list of Newark streets that had name changes over the years.
This list may be incomplete and some streets may no longer exist.
Sources were 1933 Newark City Directory, 1866 Atlas - map of Newark and - online old issues of the Advocate newspapers.

New Name

Old Name

Alley from N. 3rd St. to N. 6th St. between W. Main St. & W. Church St.

School Court

Alley South of East Main, one East of 1st Street (exact location not known.)

Taafel Court

Brice Court

Seward Court

Clinton Street

Pughs Lane

East Main (beyond city limits)

Madison Heights

Elmwood Avenue

Elm Street

Everett Avenue

Indiana Street

Fleek Avenue

Valandingham Street

Garfield Avenue

Maiden Avenue

Henderson Avenue

Baltimore Avenue

Hudson Avenue

North 3rd Street (part of)

Jackson Street (From E. Locust St. to Sprague St.)

Vale Street (From E. Locust St. to Sprague St.)

Levingston Court

Myers Court

Magnolia Avenue

Tenney Avenue

Merchant Street

Webb Place

Mount Vernon Road

North 4th Street (part of)

National Drive

Pataskala Street

National Drive

Plank Road (from North of Orchard St. and further south.)

National Drive

Baker Street (between S. 2nd St. & S. 3rd St.)

North 11th Street (part of)

Gregory Lane

North 22nd Street

Fairview Avenue

North 23rd Street

North 18th Street

North 24th Street

North 19th Street

Poplar Avenue

Harrison Street (part of)

Racoon Drive

Riverside Street

Riverside Drive

Riverside Drive, Jackson Street & Beech Street

Scheffler Street

Mechanic Street

Shide Avenue

Neil Avenue
(not to be confused with Neal Avenue)

Shields Street (east from Hudson Avenue to Sycamore Street)

Leroy Street

Shields Street (west from Hudson Avenue to North 11th Street)

Ash Street

Sisal Avenue

Kibler Street

South Arch Street

Smith Street

South 6th Street

Farmer's Alley

South 22nd Street

17th Street

Stare Court

Mayflower Court

Steel Avenue

Cherry Avenue

Thomas Avenue

Veatch Avenue

21st Street (part of - believed to be part of South 21st)

Ohio Avenue

21st Street

16th Street

Walker Street

Raccoon Street

West Stevens Street

Smith Avenue

Wilson Street

Haughey Street

Wilwood Avenue

German Street


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