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East Kirtland Cemetery
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East Kirtland is more commonly known as Sperry Farm Cemetery, or Brown's Corners Cemetery, for the location near the intersection of Chardon Road and Sperry Road. The cemetery is 1.85 miles west of Sperry Road at the crest of the first hill. It is behind the Jones family home at 9152 Chardon Road. Grace Parks recalls in her book 20th Century Memoirs of Kirtland, Ohio in 1997 that the cemetery was on the old Everett farm. There is a public easement via the driveway to this Kirtland City Cemetery.

In the Lake County Kirtland Plat map, page 31-A we find this 0.478 acre in Tract 3, lot 99. The property to the north and east of the cemetery are owned by Bradley R. and Cathy M. Jones, Deed Vol. 113 pg 491. Alva Brown owned the farm in 1840 and 1857 where the cemetery is now. By 1874, L.R. Sperry had purchased the farm along with the adjacent small piece of Russell property on the south side of the Chardon Road.

The oldest burial date on a stone seems to be 1832., Sally Bissell, child of Isaac and Polly Bissell died June 22. (It was read as Russell in 1926, which makes sense since S. Russell owned the property adjacent to the Brown farm on which the cemetery is located.) If this is not an accurate reading, the next death seems to be John Brown, March 13, 1843.

The most recent stone death date is for Byron W. Heath in 1960.

The cemetery appears as an old burying ground with predominately marble tombstones, but there is a mix of each type of stone. Some of the monuments are granite. The cemetery is about 132' X 157'.

The entire ground was read as one section, reading the rows from east to west and the stones from north to south.

This cemetery was proofread and amended as needed as of July 2000.


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