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Many gravestones in St. Mary's and Evergreen Cemeteries are in Hungarian. Often they are of limestone and in the shape of a cross with a wide base for the inscription. Some have crucifixes, some have flowers and/or photographs. The following words were found on stones in the two cemeteries and translated. This will not cover every word found on every stone, but should be enough to give the general idea of the meaning. The more extensive stones give dates and ages as well as relationships to parents, spouse, and children. Some give nativity location, and little attempt at displaying those places was made here.

Names are usually reversed, putting the surname before the given name. A wife's name is written as Smith Johnné. The -né as a suffix on a man's given name means Mrs., making this example Mrs. John Smith. Her birth name is often given after this.

Many men have the first name of Szent (Saint) but rarely use it. However, it does appear on occasion on grave markers.

Most stones begin with "Itt nyugszik"-"here rests" or "here lies" and ends with something meaning "rest in peace."

The Hungarian vowels are a, e, i, o, u, é, ü, á, ö, ó, and í.

Thanks go to Mary Sallay, Gus Enyedi, and Istvan (Steve) Herczeg for assistance with this information and the following glossary. It is still a work in progress.

alatt under, before, during
äldas blessing
äldas poräiraBlessed dust
anya mother
apa father
április April
asszony woman
atya father
augusztus, au August
Béké lengjen nyugvó poraik felet Let there be peace and comfort for the remains above
békében in peace
békességben peace forever
-ben his; in
boldogult happy
bon in the town of
Borbala Barbara
csecsemö baby, one still nursing
december December
dusi saldi
elhalálozás the passing away
elhalálozás passing away
elhalálozott the deceased
elhalt passed away
elhunyt has deceased
eliás burial
eltemetésgoing to be buried
eltemetettalready buried
elföldelésburied under
élt lived
emlekülreminder, keepsake
emlekül e család In memory of; the family remembrance
én I
Erös va'r a mi Istenünk ________ with__ in the Lord?
Erzsi Elizabeth, nickname for Erzsibet
és and
észtendö complete 12 month year
et not
év what calendar year
évet number of years
február February
felesége wife
ferj husband
Gyászoljal Szüllei parents are mourning
Gujászoya férje - fia szülei és Mourning husband son and parents
gyász mourn/mourns
gyaszoljak mourning by more than one
gyereke children
gyermek, gyerek child/ children
Gyermeki children
halál death
halottak death/s
halt die
halva state of death
hamvair ashes
Hamvaira peace be to his ashes or remains
hava month
hitvesé spouse
hó, hónap month
hol where or whereabouts
hol where or whereabouts
holt dead
holt dead
huatna shedding, dropping
hüférjé devoted husband
hullatjuk we are dropping/shedding
in from here
Istenben now found in God or the Lord
Istvan Steven/Stephan
itt here
Janos John
január January
Jézús Jesus
Jezus szive Légy VelemThe heart of Jesus be with me
julius July
június, ju June; June abbreviated
készület (keszilette?)preparation
konnyeket tears
Lajos Louis
leanyunk our daughter(s)
Légy hiv minohalálig ie neked adom az élet koronajat. Believe unto death, I will give you the eternal crown of life.
magyar [German word for] Hungary
május May
március March
Mariska Mary
meg- past tense such as did
megboldogult happiness in the Lord
meghalt, megholdt death/s, did die
Megyébé county
meny daughter-in-law
menhyhegty menyhegtheavenly - hill, mountain
MH (meghalt), died
wife, or as suffix on male name=Mrs.
neha sometime
néhai deceased, the late
neje his wife, wife of
nevébe Lord's holy name
november November
Nyugodj békében kedves edesanyam Rest in peace sweet dear mother
nyugodjon let him rest
nyugogyon may he rest
nyugszik rests
octóber October
ók they
örok forever
özveg widow
poräira dust
rokon relative
rokoniav relatives
Sandor Alex
Szent saint
szeptember September
szeretett with love
szül, sz. nee, born as, maiden name
szül, szülök parent
születés birth
született, sz. born
születtek were born
temet bury
temetés burial
Testitere Nyugodjon Békében Siblings rest in peace
testverunk family, including siblings
tóth's Slovak (Toth is also a surname)
unguàri Hungary
zülött, child/ children

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