Warnings Out in Chagrin/Willoughby Township, 1815-1846

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Warnings Out in Chagrin/Willoughby Township, 1815-1846

              Overseers of the Poor were assigned to determine which families were not able to support themselves in a manner preventing them from needing assistance from the township. Each township was responsible for the welfare of its residents. When people were likely to need welfare, it was costly. Therefore, the overseers reported these families to the trustees and the constable was requested to "Warn them out" or deliver the warrant to leave the township. This was most often for new residents who did not find work, and those who were causing problems. The names below are taken from the "First Records of Chagrin Township" Copied by William Phillips T. Clerk 1819 from "The First Records of the Township of Chagrin April 3rrd 1815," now located at Western Reserve Historical Society. The handwriting is not always the best, and the ink is mostly brown on now brown paper. There are no page numbers. The items in [square brackets] are this editor's comments. This work was done in haste and was not proofread. It is possible that there are a few entries missing. Should anyone wish to proofread it with the original, please contact the webmaster. An early typical entry would read thus: "April 7th 1817 Solomon Leach & John Leach were personally warned according to law to Depart this town." Later records sound more formal with more boiler-plate legal text. Later ones also have the constable return following, that he served the warrant or could not find the family.

Abstracted by Cynthia Turk. This is intended to direct you to the original record, as mistakes and omissions are possible.  

Date Name Remarks
Apr. 7, 1817 Leach, Solomon
Apr. 7, 1817 Leach, John
Mar. 3, 1817 Landon, Edward
Feb. 27, 1818 Martin, Duty
May 19, 1818 Ciurance, Hezekiah [last name illegible]
Feb. 28, 1820 Quackenbush, William
Oct. 16, 1820 Britt, John
Dec. 12, 1821 Hancock, Thomas
July 1, 1818 Ellsworth, William
Mar. 8, 1819 Hall, Levi
Mar. 9, 1819 Morriss, Joseph S. [not warned out. Assistance rendered]
Apr. 25, 1823 Wert, Nathan
Jul 26, 1823 Smith, George W.
Jul. 14, 1824 Campbell, John & his family
Feb. 26, 1825 Fowler & his family
Johnson, Stephen
Johnson, Stephen
Johnson, Iva Benjamin
Dilano, Nathan G.
[Dilano could be Tilano or ?]
Aug. 25, 1827 Beer, Anna & family
Chapman, Daniel , his wife & family
Dec. 25, 1828 Stanicliffe, Ansel & family
Jun. 25, 1828 Carwell, Henry
Dec. 28, 1837 Cooley, Adanyah
Bromley, Jas.
Thornton, Ira
Norton, S. H.
Lacy, David
Duffy, Aaron
Hill, Elias
Gilbert, Elias
Gilbert, Sherman
Fish, Otis
Parish, Daniel Y.
Fuller, Moris
Andrews, Seth
Bonts, Abram
Norris, Moses R.
Brewster, Z. H.
Parrish, Abner
Higby, Jas.
Hill, Jas.
[all repeated later in book]
Apr. 29, 1838 Washburn, George
Washburn, Abel
May 4, 1838 Tibbotts, Henry
Miller, John
[repeated later in book]
Sep. 12, 1838 Weckham, James
Burns, ______
Burns, John
Mills, Cornelius
Mentor, Hiram
Warren, William
[repeated later in book]
Oct. 15, 1838 Hitt, John
Stow, Dennis
Carman, Henry
Aldridge, Isaac
Wallis, Daniel
[repeated later in book]
Nov. 2, 1838 Mead, Henry
Harkness, Nancy D.
Harkness, Abigail M.
Harkness, Nathaniel K.
Mitchel, Thos & Sarah Mitchel & their family
Featherly, John and family
[repeated later in book]
May 7, 1839 Mead, David
Morgan, Enos
Sweet, Isaac
Harris, Ro____
Stevens, Jeremiah
Sweet, Oliver
Knap, John
Leslie, Catharine
Golden, John
[repeated later in book]
Dec. 12, 1839 Oakly, Joseph
Eaton, ______
Grey, Alva
Fowler, Morris
[all repeated later in book] [Grey could be Gey, Greig, etc.]
May 22, 1840 Harcourt, Leonard
Nov. 23, 1840 Lacy, David
Parish, Daniel I.
May 10, 1840 Fowler, Solomon
Roggers, Wm.
Warington, Mr.
Roggers not to be found
Aug. 16, 1841 Willson, William
Roper, Adolphus
Fowler, Elisha
Buel, Salmon
[looks like Kosses]
Aug. 24, 1841 Buel, Salmon
Weckham, James
[or Bewel] Weckham served to his wife
Dec. 25, 1841 Ely, Henry
Mar. 7, 1842 Eaton, Mark Hiram
Oakley, Joseph
Remington, William
Ken, Russel
Harris, R.
Stevens, J.
Knap, John
Stedman, Lilynda
Loreman, Lorenz
Nov. 22, 1842 Card, Rosanna
Pain, Henry
Park, James
Johnson, Jacob
[looks like Rosarrores or Reishanna]
Dec. 9, 1842 Stedman, Wm. [not warned out, $4.68 for his support]
May 13, 1843 Mead, David
Washburn, Abel
Galoway, Daniel
Apr. 1, 1844 Garrow, Francis
Garrow, Joseph
Perry, James
Mar. 17, 1845 Corlet, Ester
Hildreth, Rachael
Mar. 26, 1845 Crandal, Wm
May 24, 1845 Larnard, Henry
Elliott, Peter
Dean, Ira
Elliott, Mrs. John
Cheesebro, Jabez
Haskins, Joel
Haskins, Joel Jr.
Place, Sulathiel
Tillotson, Isaac
Lathrop, Ephraim
Munn, Warner A.
Jul. 15, 1845 Worrallo, Amasa
Bratt, Wm. B.
Stewart, Seymour
Phillips, Posiah
Andrews, William
Bush, Daniel
Miller, John
Richardson, Uriah
Bratt, Amos C.
Jul. 15, 1845 Robison, James Paid $30.00 to Edward Goslen for taking James Robison, a child of town Pauper. [not warned out.]
Jul. 15, 1845 Johnson, Margaret Paid $40,00 to Simeon Fuller for taking Margaret Johnson [not warned out.]
Oct. 27, 1845 Robinson, Elijah
Mar. 3, 1846 Washburn, Nathaniel $40.00 to Daniel [?] Mosier [?] to take care of Nathaniel Washburn. [not warned out.]

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