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Lake County Youth Enumeration
Leroy (and parts of Concord and Hambden)

Transcribed and submitted by Becky Falin, 1997.

Dist. Parent/Guardian Children, ages 4 to 20
4 ?ades, J John ?ades, Daniel ?ades, Juliana ?ades, Junett ?ades
2 Abbey, W Henry Abbey, Sarah Abbey, Jane Abbey
6 Babcock, P Elias Babcock, Benj Babcock, David Babcock, Horace Babcock, James Babcock, Ruth Babcock, Electa Babcock
2 Baker, F Elijah Baker, Sheldonia Frary
4 Baker, F George Baker, Burr Baker, Levinth Baker, Freelove Baker, Sarah Baker
3 Balch, J Lewis Balch, Alzina Balch
3 Balch, N O'Zeal Balch, Lois Ann Balch
6 Barden, L Eliza Barden, Mary Barden, Adelia Barden
1 Bates, B David Pomeroy
5 Bates, E Ira Bates, Addison Bates
1 Bates, G Ansell Bates, Carolines Bates, Elvira Bates, Esther Summers
4 Bates, J Storm Bates, Josiah Bates, Candice Bates, Olive Bates
3 Beam, A John Beam, Amanda Beam, Kitura Beam, Mary Ann Beam, Elvira Beam, Polly Beam
1 Beebe, J Henry J ?
6 Bennett, C Lyman Bennett
4 Billington, G HIram Billington, Lorenzo Billington, Benj Billington, Catharine Billington, Clarissa Billington
3 Blair, L Henry Blair, Chilominda Blair
3 Bliss, L Reuben Bliss, Daniel Bliss, Ann Bliss
1 Brakeman, H Peter Brakeman, Henry Brakeman, Gerry Brakeman, John C Brakeman, Polly Brakeman, Catharine Brakeman
6 Brown, J Hiram Brown, Jane Brown, Lucinda Brown, Clarissa Brown
3 Caldwell, A Addison Caldwell, Elvira Caldwell, Sylvester Caldwell, Ann Eliva Caldwell
2 Caldwell, J Cynthia Caldwell, Mary Caldwell
4 Carter, N Dan Carter, Samantha Carter
4 Chapin, D Stephen Chapin, Emily Chapin, Almira Chapin
3 Clague, E Letelia Clague
3 Collier, A Thomas Collier, Jane Collier
4 Cone, J Sylvanus Cone, Huldah Cone
4 Crofoot, D John Crofoot, Joel Crofoot, Albert Crofoot, Isaac Crofoot, Amelia Crofoot, Edith Crofoot, Antenette Bates
2 Davis, A Wm B Davis, Spaulding Davis, Almira Davis
2 Downing, Wm Maria Downing
3 Ellis, R Lemuel Ellis, Angeline Ellis, Pamelia Ellis, Rebecca Ellis
1 Few, E Enos Few, Armina Few
6 Finch, J Kirk Tinch, Elihu Finch
5 French, A Jared French, Eliza French, Amelia Morris
5 French, C Delos French, Acton French
5 French, N, Jr. Joel Barney, Nelson French, Jane French, Melinda Moon
3 Garnett, J John Garnett, Ellen Garnett
6 Gooenough, E David Goodenough, Laura Goodenough
6 Gore, H Lucas Gore, Sophia Gore, Mary Gore
3 Graham, S Zachariah Graham, Benj Graham, Polly Graham, Betsey Graham, Ursula Graham, Almira Graham
6 Green, J William Green, Rachel Green
3 Hickson, J George Hickson
1 Hills, D Oscar Hills, Oliver Hills, Jacob Hills, John Hills, Siman Hills, Elizabeth Hills Ruth Hills
1 Hills, J Nathan Hills
1 Hiverly, J John Hiverly, Sam A Hiverly, Moses Hiverly, Eli Hiverly, Emeline Hiverly
2 Holcomb, M Marcus D Holcomb, Nancy Roy
1 House, A Wm Wilder, Samuel House, Martha Doud, Angiline House
1 Hovey, M Marietta Hovey, Emeline Hovey, Alonzo Edgecomb, George Davis, Louisa Davis
2 Hovey, P Ellen Hovey, Eliza Hovey
4 Hulbert, T Charles Hulbert, Samuel Hulbert
1 Hungerford, A Hungerford, Thomas
1 Hungerford, D Eleanor Hungerford, Esther Hungerford
4 Huston, P Clark Huston, Elbridge Huston, Cyrus Huston, Samuel Huston, Hartson Huston, Susan Coon
4 Hutchinson, P Laura Hutchinson, Adena Hutchinson
1 Jinks, I Wm Jinks, Charles Jinks, Lucy Ann Jinks
1 Kairnes, A Joseph Kairnes, William Kairnes, Anna Kairnes, Susan Kairnes, Ellisa Kairnes
4 Keyes, A William Keyes, Charles Keyes, George Keyes, Parmelia Keyes, Elvira Keyes
6 Knights, J Benj Knights, Tabitha Knights
6 Loomis, W William Loomis, Seth Loomis, Abigail __, Ruth Loomis, Rachel Loomis
3 Manly, J Electa Manley, Diana Manly
6 Marles, CW Stephen Marles
2 McFarlin, R John McFarlin, Andrew McFarlin, Sally McFarlin, ? McFarlin, ? McFarlin
1 McMiller, Wm John Bartholomew, Abigail French
2 Melinda, W Alpheus Melinda, Alford Melinda
4 Midkiff, A Lorenzo Warner, Robert Midkiff, Clarissa Midkiff, Marg Midkiff
3 Mitchell, Wm Obadiah Mitchell, Parthan Mitchell, Abner Mitchell, Milton Mitchell, Joseph Mitchell, Oliver Mitchell, Zipporah Mitchell, Lucretia Mitchell
3 Morse, C Almond C Morse, Celistia Morse, Lucy Ann Morse, Valentia Morse
3 Mosher, W Norman Mosher, Sally Mosher, Sally Ann McGhee
3 Newton, J Richard Newton, Marge Newton
6 Norwood, F Robertson Norwood, Barney Norwood, Olive Norwood, Lydia Norwood
6 Oscutt, J Saml Oscutt, Alonzo Oscutt, Ezra Oscutt, Olive Oscutt, Clarissa Oscutt
2 Paine, H E B F Paine, Ellsworth Paine, Mark Proctor, Hannah Proctor
6 Parish, A Henrietta Parish
4 Patch, E Elisha Patch, Aaron Patch, Porter Patch, Fanny Patch, Electa Patch
2 Patchin, C James Patchin, Lydia Patchin, Miami Patchin
3 Pratt, J Harris Graves
4 Prentiss, J William Prentiss, Ethan Prentiss, Sylvia Prentiss, Ursula Prentiss, Sarah Prentiss, Cyrina Prestiss
1 Quinn, T James Quinn, Henry Quinn, John Quinn, Mary Quinn
6 Radcliff, T James Radcliff, Thomas Radcliff, Charles Radcliff, Mary Radcliff
6 Radcliff, Wm Mary Harrison
4 Ray, G G C Wm Ray, Benj Ray, George Ray, Carlton Ray, Saml Ray, Catharine Ray, Julianna Ray
1 Rice, Widow Emery Rice
2 Richardson, G Sophia Richardson, Deantha Richardson
1 Ring, J Robert Dorhorney, Maria Ring
6 Russell, P Joseph Russell, Clement Russell, Abigail Russell, Elizabeth Russell, Caroline Russell
3 Scribner, S Harrison Scribner, Daniel Scribner
6 Smith, D Wesley Smith, Laura Smith
6 Smith, R George Smith
5 Sprague, J Parmelia Sprague, Candice Sprague
6 Starr, J Ira Starr, Harriet Starr
6 Stocker, J Peter Stocker, Rebecca Stocker, Maria Stocker
1 Summer, H Esther Summer
6 Summer, W Charloote Summer
4 Taylor, A Andrew Taylor, Edwin Taylor, Rhoda Taylor, Mary Taylor
2 Taylor, J John Taylor, Perry Taylor, William Taylor, Lucinda Taylor, Berthy Taylor, John Taylor
1 Tear, J Thomas Tear, James Tear, Daniel Tear, Margarett Tear, Catharine Peck, Clarissa Peck
6 Tear, S Lace Tear, James Tear, Elizabeth Tear, Mary Tear
4 Tenney, ? Alex Tenney, Warren Tenney, Oliver Tenney, Calvin Tenney, Hannah Tenney, Deborah Tenney
5 Tenney, C Leander Tenney, Rebecca Tenney, Amelia Tenney
3 Terry, E Webster Terry, Polly Terry, Eli Terry, Louisa Terry
6 Thompson, G Hezekiah Thompson, Nancy Thompson
4 Upson, W John Upson, Peter Upson, Hannah Upson
6 Valentine, A George Valentine, James Valentine, LeRoy Valentine, Davies Valentine, Gerry Valentine, Fidelia Valentine, Maria Valentine
1 Valentine, J Nathan Valentine, William Valentine, Leander Valentine, Roswell Valentine, George Valentine, Luana Valentine, Emma Valentine
2 Vrooman, T Philip Vrooman, James Vrooman
4 Walker, T Hiram Walker, William Walker, Mary Walker, Julian Walker
1 Warner, G Otis Warner, Esther Warner, Sally Warner, Elizabeth Dewey
2 WAshburn, A George Washburn, Horace Washburn, Elizabeth Washburn, Nancy Washburn, Fanny Washburn
4 Weed, J Sidney Weed, Delos Weed, Betsey Weed
4 Weed, S Edwin Weed, Fayette Weed, Dewitt Weed, Mary Weed, Antonette Weed
5 Wheeler, E Caroline Palmer
5 Wheeler, JH Amswith Cummins
4 Whipple, J Alfred Elias, Polly Whipple
1 Wilcox, M C Laura Wilcox, Lovina Wilcox, Lovina Wilcox
5 Wilder, W Nathan Wilder, Edward Wilder, Seth Wilder
4 Williams, S D Stoddard Williams, Sarah Williams, Caroline Williams, Frances Williams
2 Wright, B Charles Wright, Martin Wright, Gordan Wright
2 Wright, J J R Wright, Thaddeus Wright, Thompson Wright, Elizabeth Wright
4 Wright, W Mary Wright, Theresa Wright
4 Young, A Norman Young, Ebenezer Young, Almira Young, Betsey Young

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