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1860 Mortality Schedule Index
Lake County, Ohio

This nonpopulation census schedule was indexed and submitted by Cynthia Turk.

Along with the 1860 Federal Population Census, an additional schedule was completed for those people who died in the year prior to June 1, 1860. The original includes name, age, sex, month of death, birth place, cause of death, length of final illness, etc. This is available on Microfilm, Series T1159 Roll 14. Lake County's schedule consists of only six partial pages. There are multiple townships on a page. This film will be available at Morley Library in Painesville, Western Reserve Historical Society, the Family History Library, State Library of Ohio, Ohio Historical Society, etc.

Name Age State of Birth Residence
Abbot, Unnamed 1/12 O. Painesville Village
Adams, Benj. 76 Maine Painesville Village
Aiken, Mary 14 O. Painesville Twp.
Aliels, Daniel 20 Ohio Perry Twp.
Baker, Samantha 64 Ct. Mentor Twp.
Bebee, Ezra 79 Conn. Leroy Twp.
Blair,Emily 26 O. Kirtland Twp.
Brown, Mary 36 O. Mentor Twp.
Burns, Hannah 50   Painesville Twp.
Call, Enos 76 Canada Painesville Twp.
Call, Martha 15 O. Mentor Twp.
Campbell, Sarah 48 N.Y. Mentor Twp.
Carpenter, Amanda 58 Ct. Mentor Twp.
Carpenter, Thos. 84 Ct. Painesville Village
Carter, Alche C. 69 Conn. Leroy Twp.
Case, Henry 2 Ohio Concord Twp.
Chapple, Susan 25 O. Painesville Village
Chase, James B. 4 Ohio Leroy Twp.
Chase, Joseph 92 N.Y. Painesville Twp.
Colston, Sarah 40 O. Willoughby
Cook, Lyman 87 Conn. Painesville Village
Curtis, Lavina 30 O. Mentor Twp.
Delong, Delia S. 32 N.Y. Mentor Twp.
Delong, Melvin 4 O. Mentor Twp.
Dicks, Mary 7/12 O. Mentor Twp.
Dier, Patrick 14 Ireland Mentor Twp.
Diller, James M. 1/12 Ohio Concord Twp.
Doty, Eva H. 2 Ohio Madison Twp
Dulse, Adolphus 9 O. Painesville Twp.
Eddy, Mary F. 40 Vt. Painesville Village
Flavhan, James W. 4 Ohio Concord Twp.
Foster, Wm. 74 Vt. Kirtland Twp.
Francis, Lima 6/12 O. Painesville Village
French, Mary H. 31 Ohio Leroy Twp.
Frisbee, Jane A. 22 Ohio Madison Twp
Fuller, Maria 60 Ct. Willoughby
Genung, Almon 40 N. Y Painesville Village
Gibbs, Calvin 68 Conn. Perry Twp.
Goodwin, Asa 39 N.H. Painesville Village
Gotham, John 66 Ct. Kirtland Twp.
Guthrie, David E. 21 O. Mentor Twp.
Harris, Lydia 32 O. Mentor Twp.
Harris, Sally 68 Conn. Painesville Twp.
Harrison, Frank 2 O. Painesville Twp.
Herrington, Chas. 8 O. Mentor Twp.
Hill, Elizabeth 63 N. Y Willoughby
Holmes, Francis 34 O. Mentor Twp.
Humiston, Freelove 80 Conn Madison Twp
Huntington, Latina 32 O. Painesville Village
Huntoon, Martha 19 Ohio Concord Twp.
Jenkins, Viola 4 O. Mentor Twp.
Johnson, Jemima 86 Conn. Madison Twp
Jones, Thos. 59 N.Y. Mentor Twp.
Kennedy, Sarah E. 5 Ohio Leroy Twp.
Kerr, Ann 64 Pa. Mentor Twp.
Larned, Alvah 5 O. Mentor Twp.
Lorenzo, Nathaniel B. 40 N.Y. Perry Twp.
Lott, Emma 4 Ohio Madison Twp
Manley, Nettie L. 2 Ohio Concord Twp.
Martindale, Alice 5 O. Kirtland Twp.
Martindale, Ann 30 O. Mentor Twp.
Martindale, Theodore T. 64 Mass Kirtland Twp.
McAuley, Cornelia 23 O. Willoughby
McGary, Pat 62 Ireland Painesville Village
Moore, Chas. H. 17 O. Willoughby
Morse, Wells P. 4 Ohio Concord Twp.
Myan, Samuel H. 1 Ohio Painesville Village
Myers, Samuel 1 O. Painesville Village
Norten, Lewis 57 Conn. Madison Twp
Osborn, Peter J. 60 Conn Madison Twp
Osterhoudt, Martin 4 O. Mentor Twp.
Osterhoudt, Winnie 2 O. Mentor Twp.
Paine, Abagail 51 Vermont Painesville Village
Parker, Mary 23 O. Painesville Twp.
Peacock, Rial 46 N.Y. Painesville Twp.
Pelton, Mary L. 1 O. Painesville Village
Perkins, James 5/12 Ohio Painesville Village
Perkins, John 51 N.Y. Painesville Village
Roberts, Hasen P. 53 Vt. Madison Twp
Shelby, Mary 8/12 O. Painesville Twp.
Sheldon, Emily 52 Mass Madison Twp
Smeetout, Alice 6 O. Mentor Twp.
Sperry, Ira 58 Ct. Kirtland Twp.
Stickny, Emma 22 Ohio Concord Twp.
Stockwell, Ann S. 56 N. Y Willoughby
Tanswell, Sarah I. 2 O. Mentor Twp.
Thompson, Walter 7 O. Kirtland Twp.
Truran, Fred 1 O. Painesville Village
Van Love, Anna 1 O. Willoughby
Vanderlip, Orson H. 8 Ohio Madison Twp
Vesey, Henry C. 3 Ohio Perry Twp.
Vlarshing, Margaret 3   Painesville Twp.
Wesstrop, Catharine 38 Ireland Painesville Twp.
White, Maria 36 O. Willoughby
Whitney, Wm. 60 N.Y. Kirtland Twp.
Whittney, Evaline 50 N.Y. Kirtland Twp.
Wilson, Minerva 67 Vt. Painesville Village
Winchester, Nancy 7 Ohio Madison Twp
Winslow, Eliza A. 27 O. Painesville Village
Woodworth, James 93 Ct. Painesville Twp.
Woolever, Phebe 31 N.Y. Madison Twp

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