The Steamboat History of Jefferson Co. Ohio

List of steamboats built at Steubenville, Ohio, 1820 through 1913

Two books were consulted in compiling this list. The first is "Merchant Steam Vessels of the United States, 1790-1868", also known as "The Lytle-Holdcamper List", or simply "The Lytle List". The second sourcebook is: "Way's Packet Directory".

"Steamboats are listed in chronological order according to their year of build at Steubenville, whereas in the Lytle List, steamboats are listed in alphabetical order by the name of the vessel." If you find more Steubenville-built vessels, please inform me,Randal W. Cooper so they can be added to the compilation. It is conceivable that more such steamboats are in "Way's Packet Directory", which a meticulous search might reveal.

Abbreviations: p=sidewheeler. w=sternwheeler. A=abandoned, dismantled, exempt from documentation, or removed for an unknown cause or one not covered by other symbols. L=LOST. U=information unknown. D=no documentation, but existence of vessel certain. t=tons [weight of vessel.

Note: The city is the vessel's first home port. All fifteen steamboats were built at Steubenville, Ohio, with the possible exception of the "Panama", which may have been built at Stratton, Jefferson County, Ohio.

Note that two steamboats in this list bore the same name, "Steubenville". It was not allowed to have two vessels of the same name simultaneously. But when a steamboat went out of commission for any of various reasons [exploded, burnt, snagged, sunk, abandoned, etc.], the vessel's name was then free to be used on another steamboat.