State Representatives Of Jackson County, Ohio

State Representatives Of Jackson County, Ohio

This data is taken from "Historical Directory of the Ohio House of Representatives", published in 1966 by Columbus Blank Book Company, Columbus, Ohio 43207, bound by the State Of Ohio.

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Hon. Roy J. Gilliland, attorney, of Jackson, Ohio is serving his second term as Jackson County State Representative. Roy is chairman of the Special Section of the House Judiciary Committee. He also holds membership on three other committees: Industry and Labor; Mines and Natural Resources; Taxation. These committee assignments are considered "tops".

Jackson County was organized in 1816. Parts of Gallia, Pike, Ross and Vinton counties at different times were a part of Jackson until it assumed final form. It was named after Hon. Andrew Jackson, the seventh president of the United States. This county has a land area of some 410 square miles and a 1964 estimated population of 29,547. It has fourteen townships, two cities, Jackson, the county seat, (pop. 7,136), Wellston (pop. 5,725) and two villages. Jackson County is known far and near for its famous orchards and annual apple festival. At one time the county was known for its iron works as well as its prominent coal fields. There are still four covered wooden bridges in Jackson County. It is fast becoming a recreation area of note. The county is the birthplace of Ohio's present governor, Hon. James A. Rhodes.

Each legislative district may include more than one county and the district boundaries could be redrawn from time to time as population patterns changed. If this county's representative was from another county in the district, it is shown after his name.

Records indicate political affiliations of members began with the 77th Session in 1906-07. (D)= Democrat, (R)= Republican

SessionRepresentative's NameSession Started
15thJared StrongDecember 2, 1816
16thJared StrongDecember 1, 1817
17thWilliam GivensDecember 7, 1818
18thJared StrongDecember 6, 1819
19thGeorge HouseDecember 4, 1820
20thGeorge HouseDecember 3, 1821
21stJos. W. Ross
from Gallia County
December 2, 1822
22ndFuller Elliott
from Gallia County
December 1, 1823
23rdJos. W. Ross
from Gallia County
December 6, 1824
24thJos. W. Ross
from Gallia County
December 5, 1825
25thDaniel Hoffman
from Gallia County
December 4, 1826
26thAndrew Donnally
from Gallia County
December 3, 1827
27thAlexander Miller
from Pike County
December 1, 1828
28thJohn Barnes
from Pike County
December 7, 1829
29thJohn Barnes
from Pike County
December 6, 1830
30thRobert Lucas
from Pike County
December 5, 1831
31stGeorge BurrisDecember 3, 1832
32ndJohn BarnesDecember 2, 1833
33rdJohn BurnsideDecember 1, 1834
34thDavid MitchellDecember 7, 1835
35thDaniel OttDecember 5, 1836
36thDaniel OttDecember 4, 1837
37thAbraham HeglerDecember 3, 1838
38thSamuel Reed
Elihu Johnson
December 2, 1839
39thJohn StimsonDecember 7, 1840
40thLe Grand ByingtonDecember 6, 1841
41stLe Grand Byington
William Nelson
Elihu Johnson
December 5, 1842
42ndWesley Claypool
Joseph Kaler
Asa R. Cassidy
December 4, 1843
43rdJos. J. CoombsDecember 2, 1844
44thMartin Owens
from Gallia County
December 1, 1845
45thAlex. PoorDecember 7, 1846
46thAnselm T. HolcombDecember 6, 1847
47thAnselm T. Holcomb,
Hezekiah S. Bundy
December 4, 1848
48thAnselm T. Holcomb,
Joseph W. Ross
December 3, 1849
49thHezekiah S. BundyDecember 2, 1850
50thD. T. HardJanuary 5, 1852
51stWm. J. EvansJanuary 2, 1854
52ndEdward F. BinghamJanuary 7, 1856
53rdWilliam L. EdmistonJanuary 4, 1858
54thAlexander PearceJanuary 2, 1860
55thIsaac RobertsJanuary 6, 1862
56thJames TrippJanuary 4, 1864
57thJames TrippJanuary 1, 1866
58thLevi DunganJanuary 6, 1868
59thThomas L. HughesJanuary 3, 1870
60thBernard KahnJanuary 1, 1872
61stThomas J. HarrisonJanuary 5, 1874
62ndA. B. MonahanJanuary 3, 1876
63rdJames B. PaineJanuary 7, 1878
64thJames B. PaineJanuary 4, 1880
65thRobert H. JonesJanuary 2, 1882
66thRobert H. JonesJanuary 7, 1884
67thBenjamin F. KitchenJanuary 4, 1886
68thBenjamin F. KitchenJanuary 2, 1888
69thSamuel LlewellynJanuary 6, 1890
70thSamuel LlewellynJanuary 4, 1892
71stMartin T. VanpeltJanuary 3, 1894
72ndMartin T. VanpeltJanuary 6, 1896
73rdLot DaviesJanuary 3, 1898
74thLot DaviesJanuary 1, 1900
75thGomer C. EvansJanuary 6, 1902
76thGomer C. EvansJanuary 4, 1904
77thJames O. Hawkins (R)January 1, 1906
78thJames O. Hawkins (R)January 4, 1909
79thGeorge B. Woodrow (D)January 2, 1911
80thFrank P. Lambert (D)January 6, 1913
81stW. S. Hoy (R)January 4, 1915
82ndW. S. Hoy (R)January 1, 1917
83rdDan Alban (R)January 6, 1919
84thDan Alban (R)January 3, 1921
85thD. Price Evans (R)January 1, 1923
86thD. Price Evans (R)January 5, 1925
87thCharles H. Jones (R)January 3, 1927
88thCharles H. Jones (R)January 7, 1929
89thCharles H. Jones (R)1931-32
90thCharles H. Jones (R)1933-34
91stPaul H. Ballard (R)1935-36
92ndPaul H. Ballard (R)1937-38
93rdPaul H. Ballard (R)1939-40
94thPaul H. Ballard (R)1941-42
95thPaul H. Ballard (R)1943-44
96thPaul H. Ballard (R)1945-46
97thPaul H. Ballard (R)1947-48
98thPaul A. Miller (D)1949-50
99thT. K. Owens (R)1951-52
100thT. K. Owens (R)1953-54
101stT. K. Owens (R)1955-56
102ndT. K. Owens (R)1957-58
103rdFred Rice (R)1959-60
104thFred Rice (R)1961-62
105thRoy J. Gilliland (R)1963-64
106thRoy J. Gilliland (R)1965-66

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