Military History of Ohio - Jackson Co. edition

Military History of Ohio - Jackson Co. edition


Was chartered March 4, 1884. Officers and members: Capt., David Oney; 1st 1ieut., C. E. McCormick; 2d Lieut., Pinckny Shepard; S. G., C. C. Ray; C. G., Allen Clark; C. S., V. J. Knighton; Sergeant, Harvy Jolly; Q. M. S., Sherman Ackly. Elton Thacker, O. B. Randal, Andrew Freeman, William Ray, Charles Murphy, W. H. Doles, Emery Oney, L. H. Wilcox.


Was organized March 5, 1885. Charter members: John Barton, C. P. Rhodes, C. M. Pugh, John H. Dauber, George Crabtree, Ora O. Evans, James L. Bruce, James B. Lynch, Robert Lynch, S. A. Sternberger, Frank Williams, Frank Pettiford, Otis Pettiford, W. E. Arthur, Wm. Hudson, John R. Jones, John W. Greschel, John E. Jones, A. C. Messenger, Edwin Jones, 'I'homas A. Jones, W. W. Glenn, Wm. F. Owens, W. A. Lynch.

Officers since organization- Captain, C. A. Atkinson, 1885-6; T. A. Jones, 1886-8; 1st Lieut., T. A. Jones, 1885-6; S. A. Sternberger, 1886-8, 2d Lieut., S. A. Sternberger, 1885-6; S. C. Longbon, 1886-8; lst Sergt., John E. Jones, Ora O. Evans; Q. M. S., John H. Dauber, W. E. Arthur; Chaplain, O. O. Evans, John W. Greschel, T. S. Vaughn; Sergt. of Guard, C. P. Rhodes, C. M. Pugh; Color Sergt., John R. Jones; R. S. Lynch; Corp. of Guard, John W. Greschel, Otis Pettiford, Peter H. Bunn; Council, C. M. Pugh, W. E. Arthur, James B. Lynch, Major Rogers, S. C. Longbon.

Added members- A. B. Monahan, S. C. Longbon, Newton Davis, W. H. Smith, John O. Davis, A. J. Sumpter, A. Duivitte, C. A. Evans, Wm. Wallace, C. W. Kronk, C. C. Watson, Frank Baldridge, S. D. Mackley, Geo. C. Mitchell, Tom Lewis, S. S. Shumate, J. R. Palmer, John McLaughlin, Wm. Laird, Alvin Cherrington, Thos. McLaughlin, G. W. Harbarger, Bruce Graha, Geo. J. Reiniger, W. F. Swanson, V. C. Nash, Peter H. Bunn, J. E. Eliott, M. J. Rogers, Jno. Magoon, Ed. Lowenstein, R. L. Channell, Wm. Channell, Wm. Davis, Oscar Rice, Jno. W. Ross, Charles Graham, Andrew Rowland, James Von schriltz, Wm. Fullarton, J. C. Call, Homer Hoskins, George Hughes, D. H. Martin.

J. E. Eliott died January, 1887.

Lost by transfer 4. Present membership, 64.


Henry Clay Messenger, for whom this Camp was named, was born in Utica, Licking county, Ohio, November 7, 1829. His parents were David and Martha Messenger. He began to clerk in a store when fourteen years old, but not liking indoor life, learned civil engineering when sixteen years old. He was on a number of the leading railroads of Ohio. He enlisted in the summer of 1861, in the Fifty-Third Ohio Volunteer Infantry. His commission as captain of Company D is dated November 14, 1861. Captain Messenger was a brave and gallant soldier, was never known to shirk or shrink from duty in any form. In personal appearance he was tall, fine looking and commanding. He was ever the courteous Christian gentleman. He died at Moscow, Tennessee, April 27, 1863, of typhoid pneumonia, contracted by exposure in the line of duty.

The Camp was organized March 29, 1886, with thirty-one charter members:

A. C. Messenger, H. V. Speelman, A. M. Hodsden, D. J. Titus, R. D. Elkins, E. T. Evans, Andrew Kisor, Hiram Turvey, J. W. Elkins, Abe James, Elmer Edwards, H. W. Heath, Thos. C. Bennett, George Sharp, John Montgomery, Wm. Thacker, A. I. Maddox, J. W. Maddox, John Barnhart, John Dasher, J. R. McBrayer, L. P. McBrayer, W. R. Pope, James Locke, C. W. Courtney, Thos. J. Lyons, J. C. Exline, Wm. Locke, Henry Locke, W. H. Chatfield, R. H. Exline.

Officers, 1886- Captain, A. C. Messenger; 1st Lieut., A. M. Hodsden; 2d Lieut., R. H. Exline; Orderly Sergt.. E. T. Evans; Q. M. S., H. V. Speelman; Chaplain, R. D. Elkins; Sergt. of Guard, D. S. Green; Corp. of Guard, T. C. Bennett; Camp Guard, J. W. Elkins; Picket Guard, George Sharp; Color Bearer, Andrew Kisor; Prin. Musician, H. W. Heath; Camp Council, Enoch Wood, Hiram Turvey, R. D. Elkins.

1887- Capt., A. M. Hodsden, first half, A. C. Messenger, second; 1st Lieut., D. J. Titus; 2d Lieut., W. H. Chatfield; 1st Sergt., H. V. Speelman; Q. M. S., E. T. Evans; Chaplain, R. D. Elkins; Sergt. of Guard, L. H. Wilcox; Corp. of Guard, J. W. Maddox; Camp Guard, J. W. Elkins; Picket Guard, J. C. Exline; Color Bearer, Andrew Kisor; Prin. Musician, H. W. Heath; Camp Council, H. V. Speelman, A. M. Hodsden, Enoch Wood.


Benson, B. H., September 17, 1886.
Bolen, Joon, May 21, 1886.
Boyd, John P., January 2l, 1887.
Cade, J. H., July 6, 1886.
Chatfield, H. B., September 2, 1887.
Cooper, F. B., December 17, 1886.
Cornwell, James F., September 16, '87.
Curry, C. W., August 6, 1886.
Dixon, A. R., September 2, 1887.
Dixon, W. A., February 18, 1887.
Dow, William, September 16, 1887.
Duncan, J. C., August 5, 1887.
Elkins, J. M., March 18, 1887.
Green, D. S., April 30, 1886.
Higgins, L. T., June 18, 1886.
Howell, Chas. F., September l6, 1887.
Lane, Wm. E., July 6, 1886.
Lawson, Wm., February 18, 1887.
Lyons, Chas. L., August 5, 1887.
Marsh, W. R., July 23, 1886.
McNellis, Thomas, September 3, 1886.
Morris, P. S., August 20, 1886.
O'Conner, James, July 6, 1886.
Prater, Peter, September 16, 1887.
Randall, O. B., September 17, 1886.
Rees, Evan, October 15, 1886.
Roy, D. S., October l5, l886.
Scurlock, Albert, August 20, 1886.
Scurlock, John, July 6, 1886.
Scurlock, Levi, July 6, 1886.
Smith, W. H., June 18, 1886.
Titus, C. A., May 14, 1886.
Wilcox, H. F., August 26, 1887.
Wilcox, L. H., September 3, 1886.
Wood, Enoch, May 14, 1886.

Charles W. Courtney died September 6, 1886.

Present membership, 60.


Was organized July 6, 1886. Meets first and third Saturdays in each month. Henry Whitfield Higgins, for whom the Camp was named, was born in Jackson county, September 9, 1837. He enlisted in Company H, Twenty-Seventh Ohio Volunteer Infantry, in August, 1862, and veteraned with his regiment. He was promoted to orderly sergeant soon after he entered the service, and acted successively as first lieutenant and captain. His record in the war is one that any soldier can point to with pride. Early in life he identified himself with the Methodist Episcopal Church, and until the time of his death was an active and consistent member; a steward in the church, and superintendent of its Sunday-school at Keystone. He was a charter member of Post No. 231, and an officer in that Post in 1885. Died May 23,1886, leaving a wife and several children. His memory is fondly cherished by all who knew him.

Charter members- T. C. Higgins, Charles Higgins, Sherman Roach, Wm. Erwin, C. M. Scurlock, J. J. Hoover, Henry Hoover, Elmer McClain, A. Scurlock, Elmer Scurlock, B. F. Kysor, D. B. Dillinger, George L. Steele, James Adams.

Officers, 1886- Capt., T. C. Higgins; 1st Lieut., B. F. Kysor; 2d Lieut., E. E. McClain; Chaplain, C. N. Scurlock; O. S., George L. Steele, Robert Thomas, F. D. Kelly; Q. M. S., Charles Higgins; Col. Sergt., David Dillinger; Sergt. Guard, W. S. Roach; Corp. Guard, Jeff. Hoover; Prin. Mus., Joseph Higgins; Camp Guard, A. Scurlock; Picket Guard, Dave Dillinger.

1887- Capt., F. D. Kelly; 1st Lieut., Charles Higgins; 2d Lieut., Wm. Erwin; Chaplain, Ross Massie; O. S., E. W. Scurlock; Q. M. S., C. N. Scurlock; Col. Sergt., Dave Dillinger; Sergt. Guard, Geo. Steele; Corp. Guard, Jeff. Hoover; Prin. Mus., Jos. Higgins; Camp Guard, Almond Scurlock; Picket Guard, Jeff. Hoover.

Added members- Robert Thomas, F. D. Kelly, Charles Dickerson, William Malone, George Malone, William Ring, Ross Massie, William Peden, Miles Dillinger, Elmer Willams, John Fry, Marion Hill.


Was organized January 27, 1887. Meets every Tuesday evening. Charter members were R. J. Williams, Harry Williams, E. W. Smith, J. R. Smith, J. S. Blything, E. E. Shumate, Theodore Shumate, Daniel Shadrach, Thomas E. Morris, L. Souder, J. E. Faulkner, Edward Betts.

Officers- Capt., R. J. Williams; 1st Lieut., T. E. Morris; 2d Lieut., J. R. Smith, succeeded by D. E. Jones; Chaplain, E. W. Smith; 1st Sergt., E. E. Shumate, succeeded by W. E. Howells; Q. M. S., Daniel Shadrach, succeeded by D. E. Jones; Col. Sergt., Edward Betts; Sergt. Guard, B. F. Rule; Prin. Musician, J. S. Blything; Corp. Guard, J. E. Faulkner; Camp Guard, Harry Williams; Picket Guard, Theodore Shumate; Camp Council, B. F. Rule, E. W. Smith, L. Souder.


Betts, George, June 7, 1887.
Betts, William, June 28, 1887.
Burnside, William H., July 26, 1887.
Dowler, Charles F., June 21, 1887.
Goody, Charles, June 21, 1887.
Howells, William E., March 8, 1887.
Hunt, Elmer C., March 29, 1887.
Jaynes, George E., March 8, 1887.
Jones, D. E., June 14, 1887.
Marsh Joseph, February 22, 1887.
Marsh, Con., June 14, 1887.
Morgan, George E., March 29, 1887.
Raynor, Charles C., June 21, 1887.
Rule, B. F., February 15, 1887.
Seel, William, July 2, 1887.
Selliards, William, May 31, 1887.
Shumate, Herbert, June 14, 1887.
Smith, L. O., September 6, 1887.

Our thanks are due Captain R. J. Williams, of this Camp, for its roster.


Meets first and third Tuesdays of each month. This camp was mustered September 10, 1887, with the following charter members: W. E. Layne, L. D. Layne, B. F. Jenkins, Jeff. Canter, Wm. Wolfe, Joseph Crabtree, W. J. Mossbarger, John Dixon, John Parks, Marion Van Duzen, J. W. Dougherty, William Woods, Neal Canter, R. S. Wolfe, Charles S. Wolfe, David Woods, John Flack, M. M. Dixon, William Parks.
The following members were also mustered September 10, 1887:
Eli Kearns, Mack Riegel, M. M. Kayser, J. L. Canter, Isaac Kincaid, Samson Jaycox.

Officers- Capt., W. E. Layne; 1st Lieut., R. S. Wolfe; 2d Lieut., John Dixon; Council, Jeff. Mossbarger, William Wolfe, Jeff. Canter; 1st Sergt., Charles S. Wolfe; Q. M. S., John Dougherty; Chaplain, M. M. Dixon; Sergt. Guard, Eli Kearns; Corp. Guard, B. F. Jenkins; Camp Guard, M. M. Kayser; Picket Guard, L. D. Layne; Prin. Musician, Joe. Crabtree; Col. Sergt., Neal Canter.


Was organized May 8, 1886, and named for Sanford, only son of Hon. H. S. Bundy.

Charter members- W. E. Bundy, G. M. Powell, Charles McKeever, D. H. Phillips, G. A. Colley, H. McMillen, Hugh Barnhill, W. Pierce, J. H. Scurlock, J. K. Johnson, John L. Jacobs, W. H. Jacobs, W. F. Williams, David Phillips, H. S. Maxwell, M. Y. Maxwell, Thomas Dolan, Eli Brooks, Albert Brooks and W. C. Montgomery.

Officers, 1886- Capt., W. E. Bundy; 1st Lieut., G. M. Powell; 2d Lieut., W. F. Williams; 1st Sergt., S. H. Maxwell; Sergt. Guard, A. Brooks.

1887- Capt., A. Brooks, resigned - W. B. McCloud elected in his place; 1st Lieut., M. Y. Maxwell; 2d Lieut., Charles W. Whitman; 1st Sergt., Fred. H. Stearns; Sergt. Guard, J. L. Jacobs.

Added members:

T. Roy Pilcher, May 8, 1886.
John Irvin, May 8, 1886.
E. I. Fuller, May 8, 1886.
Charles Braumer, May 8, 1886.
W. B. McCloud, July 24, 1886.
Perly Keenen, July 30, 1886.
Ed. Stephenson, July 31, 1886.
Charles Dempsey, July 31, 1886.
Charles Whitman, August 7, 1886.
H. S. Wamsley, August 7, 1886.
F. H. Stearns, December 23, 1886.
J. H. Burgess, December 23, 1886.
L. Howe, December 23, 1886.
O. J. Smith, December 23, 1886.
W. Allen, December 23, 1886.
C. C. DeLay, January 6, 1887.
P. McMillen, January 20, 1887.
W. H. McQuaid, January 27, 1887.
E. Dempsey, March 31, 1887.
E. H. Cobb, April 21, 1887.
Charles E. Prose, April 21, 1887.
M. E. Pleasant, May 19, 1887.
T. N. Wilson, May 19, 1887.
D. S. Roy, May 26, 1887.
N. G. Miller, May 26, 1887.

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