Military History of Ohio - Jackson Co. edition

Military History of Ohio - Jackson Co. edition



At Jackson- Francis Smith, L. D. Carr, A. B. Monahan, James West, R. K. Gilbert, C. J. Bryan, John Swanson, Chas. Martin, D. D. Morgan, G. W. Miller, E. B. Cavett, J. M. Steele, Wm. K. Hastings, John Hildenbrand, Thos. Radcliff, Robt. Smith, David Moyer, David Dove, A. A. Carr, Wm. S. Martin, W. T. Rice, W. W. Gilbert, Michael Wolf, J. M. Mault, Isaac Roberts, O. C. Miller, G. P. Mathews, Z. F. Steele, Thurman Frazee, J. A. Shockey, Edward Mitchell, Anson Hanna, Abraham Kelley, Wm. R. McDaniel, Wm. H. Tolley, Elisha F. Swift. James Monahan, 1812.

In Jamestown Graveyard- Orlando Osborn, G. W. Johnson, S. M. Hanna, ___ Aumiller, R. B. Wartenbe, Wm. M. Cisna, Wm. H. Palmer, James Marshal, H. P. Noel, L. A. Atkinson, H. C. Messenger, Henry Jones, A. W. Swanson, T. R. Hatten, Isaac Stevison, jr., Joseph Jeffries, Wm. Andrews. David Mitchell, 1812.

In Old Graveyard- Wm. Downing, Julius McColgan, Wm. Brooks, H. M. Kimbrough, Frank Cole. Gideon Harvey, 1812; Emanuel Brooks, 1812; John Bennett, 1812.

Harrison Graveyard- Wilson Hogbin, 1812; Daniel Polley, 1812; W. W. Kessinger, A. H. Miller, David Miller, C. B. Steinhart, John Hard, Augustus Rieniger, Hiram Scurlock, Samuel Stephenson, Jas. Weston.


Wellston Cemetery and Graveyard- John Scott, Michael O'Rourk, James M. Stewart, John Watt, J. P. Phillips, Barnard O'Conner, Sanford B. Bundy, co. G, 7th O. V. C.; two who were left by John Morgan, and who died, but whose names are unknown. F. M. Brown.


C. D. McKinnis, co. K, 36th O. V. I.; died Feb. 11, 1883.
J. D. Evans, co. C, 96th Pa. V. I.; died June 9, 1882.
Adam Gotchal, co. K, 91st O. V. I.; died Oct. 27, 1863.
Wm. G. Elkins, co. G, 1st Va. V. C.; died Apr. 27, 1884.
Samuel Elkins, co. A, 39th Ky. V. I.; died 1884.
A. J. Culp, co. F, 50th O. V. I.; died Nov. 11, 1864.
Riley Branham.


56th O. V. I.-
Richard T. Davis, killed at Champion Hill, May 16, 1863.
Henry Richards, killed at Champion Hill, May 16, 1863.
Evan D. Evans, died at Crumps Landing, Mar. 25, 1862.
Isaac J. Jones, died at St. Louis, Apr. 5, 1862.
Thos. J. Morris, killed on Red River, May 4, 1864.
Evan Morgan, died at Cincinnati, O., Nov. 15, 1863.
Daniel Phillips, died at Helena, Ark., Aug. 25, 1862.
John H. Williams, killed at Champion Hill, May 16, 1863.

73d O. V. I.-
Wm. Burns, killed at Kenesaw Mt.
Isaac Willis, killed at Gettysburg.
Benj. Fitzgerald, died of wounds.
Mason Brown, killed at 2d Bull Run.
E. M. Detty, died of wounds at Gettysburg.
Elisha Leake, killed at Gettysburg.
James Ray, killed at Gettysburg.
Wm. Radcliff, died June, 1863.
Alexander Speakman, died in Fairfax Hospital, in 1862.
Jacob Sigler, died in hospital near Atlanta.
J. P. Wellham, died of wounds, in 1862.

91st O. V I.-
Barnibas Canter, died Aug. 29, 1863.
Henry Downey, died Nov. 1, 1864.
A. Gotchall, died Oct. 27, 1863.
H. Holcomb, died Mar. 24, 1863.
Chris. Murry, drowned July 15, 1863.
Wm. Rook, died July 27, 1863.
J. H. Rickabaugh, died Oct. 7, 1864.
Henry Rider, died Apr. 1, 1863.
John Lucas, killed at Winchester, July 20, 1864.
Peter Pyles, killed at Winchester, July 20, 1864.
James L. Roads, died of wounds, Oct. 11, 1864.

Co. C, 173d O. V. I.-
James McCulgan, drowned July 1, 1865.
G. P. Price, died at Nashville, Tenn., Jan. 17, 1865.
W. W. Kessinger, died at Nashville, Tenn., Mar. 12, 1865.

1st O. V. H. A.-
James Winters, co. H, died at Carthage, Ky., Sept. 1, 1863.
David Crabtree, co. H, died at Ashland, Ky., Dec. 2, 1862.
John S. Jones, co. H, died at Covington, Ky., Aug. 26, 1863.
Parkson Shumate, co. H, died at Camp Nelson, Ky., Mar. 9, 1864.
W. McCune, co. A, died at Covington, Ky., Mar. 10, 1863.
Wm. Brooks, co. A, died at Covington, Ky., Feb. 24, 1864.
John W. Donahey (117th), co. A, died at Portsmouth, O., Oct. 29, 1862.
Amos Garrett, co. A, died at home, Mar 22, 1865.
Moses Hawkins, co. A, died at Covington, Ky., Apr. 15, 1863.
Harrison Toland, co. A, died at Cleveland, Tenn., Nov. 1, 1864.
Geo. W. Ross, co. H, died at Camp Nelson, Ky., Dec. 2, 1863.
Wm. W. Tanner, co. H, died at Knoxville. Tenn., 1864.
E. H. Tutten, co. H, died at Knoxville, Tenn., 1864.

2d W. Va. V. C.-
Killed- Geo. W. Hale, Scott Gard, Wm. A. Garvin, W. B. Hutchinson, Marion McMillen, Jas. H. Smith, Benj. Prim, Geo. A. Simpson, Griffy Zin, Josiah Harding.
Died- Jacob Millhuff, Wm. Brooks, Andrew Weed, Samuel Claar, John Hooley Ripley James, H. Burnside, Jonas Smith, John Collard, Wm. Dawson, David Smith, N. J. Morland.

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