Military History of Ohio - Jackson Co. edition

Military History of Ohio - Jackson Co. edition

THE 117TH O. V. I. AND 1ST O. V. H. A.

September 15, 1862, the One Hundred and Seventeenth Ohio Infantry regiment was organized at Camp Portsmouth, Scioto county, eight companies, 796 men. October 2d it moved into Eastern Kentucky. Camped at Ashland till January, 1863, then one month at Buffalo Shoals, near Paintville, and late in February moved, via Peach Orchard, Louisa and Catlettsburg, to Covington. The spring of 1863 was passed in raiding service, Cynthiana, Paris, Lexington, Mt. Sterling and other interior places the objective points. May 2, 1863, the War Department issued an order that the regiment should be changed to the First Ohio Heavy Artillery, and the change was consummated August 12th. Recruiting had filled the ranks, and the regiment aggregated 1,839 officers and men, divided in twelve companies or batteries of five officers and 147 men each. It rendezvoused at Newport, Kentucky, in the summer of 1863, and was employed during the fall of that year in constructing fortifications around Covington and Newport, Kentucky, for the defense of Cincinnati. In January, 1864, it was ordered to Knoxville, Tennessee, and moved out from Camp Nelson, in the memorably cold January of 1864 to make the long and weary march through the wilderness across the Cumberland mountains to Tennessee, via Halls Gap, Pt. Burnside, Chitwood and Jacksboro. From Pt. Burnside forward the way was so rough and uncivilized that all transportation was by pack mules, wagon trains being an impossibility. Arrived at Knoxville, March 7, 1864. In June four batteries were stationed at Loudon, a detachment at Strawberry Plains. In August helped repel Wheeler's cavalry raid. In September five batteries took part in Ammen's and Burbridge's expedition for the salt works; later joined in Stoneman's cavalry raid to Saltville. Stationed in Tennessee fall and winter of 1864, fighting guerrillas and foraging into Eastern Tennessee and North Carolina. In the spring of 1865 the regiment was brigaded with the Fourth Tennessee Infantry, First United States (Colored) Heavy Artillery, First and Second North Carolina Infantry, Fortieth United States Colored Troops and Wilder's Independent Battery as the First Brigade, Fourth Division, Army of the Cumberland, Colonel C. G. Hawley commanding brigade. This brigade, 7,000 strong, remained in East Tennessee lighting guerrillas and occupying mountain passes to prevent escape of retreating rebels from Virginia. Major T. S. Mathews commanded the regiment most of its service. Mustered out at Knoxville, Tenn., July 25, 1865.


[Raised in Jackson County.]

Wm. J. Evans, captain.
James C. Cadot, 1st lieutenant, transferred to co. F.
Wm. S. Martin, 2d lieutenant; pro. 1st lieut. and adjutant.
Clinton D. Evans, 2d lieutenant.
Joseph Rule, 2d lieutenant; pro. 1st lieut. and transferred to co. K.
Lot. Davies, 2d lieutenant.
Augustus W. Ridgway, 2d lieutenant.
Henry Cunningham, 1st sergt.; dis.
John N. Foster, 1st sergt.; pro. 2d lieut. and transferred to co. L.
Geo. W. Johnson, q. m. sergt.


[note: names rearranged in alphabetical order]

Jonas Busler. Richard B. Comer. Stephen J. Long. Wm. W. Roberts. Caleb H. Shires. Elijah R. Snowdin.


[note: names rearranged in alphabetical order]

James M. Arthur. James Crawford. Robert G. Hunter. John Jenkins. Miles Jones. Andrew J. Leonard. Samuel G. Martin. Wm. R. Melvin. James K. Tope. John T. Wade. Henry R. Waller. Evan E. Williams.


[note: names rearranged in alphabetical order]

Baker, Wm. B.
Bess, John H.
Bess, W. A.
Betts, Isaac J.
Bingham, Lyman H.
Bishop, Cyrus.
Black, James W.
Boggs, David S.
Boggs, Harrison.
Browning, Elijah.
Browning, Reuben.
Busler, Henry.
Carver, Wilson.
Clawson, Jacob.
Crabtree, Jeremiah.
Daniels, Henry H.
Daniels, Wm.
Davis, David H.
Davis, Evan D.
Davis, John.
Douglass, Henry.
Douglass, James.
Edwards, Richard.
Evans, Daniel D.
Evans, Ebenezer.
Evans, John W.
Fennel, Andrew J.
Hammond, John.
Hardy, Geo.
Harmon, Henderson.
Higgins, Wm. D.
Horton, James S.
Horton, John W.
Horton, Jordan.
Horton, Pleasant.
Hughes, Hugh.
James, Daniel J.
Jenkins, Daniel.
Johnson, John.
Jones, Evan C.
Jones, Henry.
Jones, James L.
Jones, Jenkin G.
Jones, John D.
Jones, Thomas G.
Keith, Uriah; pro. 2d lieut.
Lackey, Anderson.
Leach, Robt. S.
Lewis, David.
Lloyd, Richard.
Manring, Shanon.
Markham, David O.
Mates, Isaac.
Mathew, Richard D.
McNeal, Thos.
Messer, Wm. B.
Nail, John H.
O'Neal, Samuel.
Patten, Joseph R.
Payne, Edmond J.
Ransom, James.
Rees, David E.
Reynor, Wilson. [note: Harold Robson ( says his discharge papers spell his name as Raynor]
Reynor, Wm.
Richards, John.
Richey, Geo. H.; pro. 2d lieut.
Rollins, John.
Rose, William.
Ross, Robt.
Sanders, Herod.
Shaw, Samuel.
Shephard, Eli.
Shiflet, Levi.
Shiflet, Solomon.
Shoemaker, Joseph.
Shoup, Chas. W.
Sims, John.
Sprouse, Lewis A.
Spurrier, Geo. A.
Sry, Alfred.
Stephenson, Geo. W.
Stephenson, Wm. A.
Stifler, Wm.
Stinson, James H.
Sumpter, Jeremiah.
Taylor, Thos.
Thomas, Jabes.
Topping, Alanson.
Topping, John R.
Troth, Isaac.
Turner, Robert.
Varney, James.
Venters, Geo.
Walton, Wesley A.
Williams, Evan.
Williams, Thos. W.
Wood, Harrison.
Woodruff, Albert.
Yeager, Geo. M.
Yeager, Joel M.
Yeager, Wm. V.


Benjamin M. Yeager, principal musician.
Wm. A. Steele, drum major.
Benjamin Duberry, musician.
Joseph W. Coffin, artificer.
David J. Davis, artificer.
Moody Patterson, artificer.
Evan G. Evans, wagoner.


Arntz, Jacob.
Arthur, Stephen.
Balderson, Wm.
Baldwin, Thomas.
Betts, Reuben W.
Black, Samuel C.
Blackwell, Mathew.
Cooley, Robert S.
Covert, Robt. B.
Craig, Chas.
Gooden, Hugh.
Gregory, Nehemiah.
Haskins, Frank, sentenced to 15 years in State Prison, Nashville, Tenn.
Jameson, Joseph J.
Jones, Geo. W.
Lewis, James C.
Patterson, Thos. W.
Payne, Geo. W.
Tousley, Edmond W.
Viets, Bushnell.
Wilson, Charles E.


Bradford, Casper G.
Crabtree, Milton.
Houlsworth, Smith.
McGinnis, Geo.
McManaway, Geo.
Moles, Wilson.
Patten, E., corporal.
Reynolds, Isaiah.
Slaughter, Wm. R.
Stephenson, R. D., corporal.
Wade, George.


Arnold, Geo. W.
Arthur, Andrew, to V. R. C.
Birchfield, Alex. to V. R. C.
Campbell, Chas.
Campbell, Joseph.
Culumes, Wm.
Davis, Thos. T., to V. R. C.
Hughes, James W., to V. R. C.
Miller, Henry.
Spurrier, John B., to V. R. C.
Wilks, David.


Alexander, Richard.
Arthur, Azeri.
Ashby, Clair.
Brown, James.
Evans, John.
Harris, Henry.
Jones, John E.
Leach, Jesse.
Reed, Thos.
Whit, John.
Wyant, Hiram.


Crabtree, David.
Jones, John S.
Ross, Geo. W.
Shumate, Parkinson.
Tanner, Wm. W.
Tottin, Edwin H.
Winters, James, corporal.


Was organized at Parkersburg, fall of 1861; was composed wholly of Ohio men, John J. Hoffman, Colonel. Company H was composed wholly of Jackson county men; later, Company G was recruited from the county for this regiment, making a total of 175 from Jackson county. The regiment did effective service in West Virginia. It fought at Prestonburg, Kentucky, January 10, 1862, and after that entered on a series of battles in the Virginias, as follows: Lewisburg, May 23, 1862; Sinking Creek, November 26, 1862; Lewisburg, May 2, 1863; Charleston, December 20, 1862; Wytheville, July 18, 1863; Buchanan, June 14, 1864; Lexington. June 10, 1864; Buford Gap, June 21, 1864; Lynchburg, June 17, 1864; Liberty, June 20, 1864; Bunker Hill, July 17, 1864; Kernstown, July 23, 1864; Stevenson Depot, July 20, 1864; Moorfield, August 7, 1864; Winchester, July 20 and 24, August 17 and September 19, 1864; Darksville, July 19 and September 3, 1864; Fishers Hill, August 15, September 27 and October 9, 1864; Cedar Creek, October 19, 1864; Browns Gap, September 26, 1864; Waynesboro, September 28, October 2, 1864; Five Forks, April 1, 1865; Sailors Creek, April 6, 1865; Deep Creek, April 8, 1865; Appomattox, April 9, 1865; making, in all, more than thirty times that this regiment was under fire; mustered out at Wheeling in the summer of 1865.

Roster of Captain Dove's company, H, Second West Virginia Volunteer Cavalry. [Recruited in Jackson county.]

Captain, David Dove.
1st Lieutenant, John Walden.
2d Lieutenant, Jas. A. Umpleby.
1st Sergeant, Jas. A. Smith.
Sergeant, Wm. H. H. Burnsides.
Sergeant, Samuel S. Hawk.
Sergeant, Martin Kramer.
Sergeant, Geo. Pugh.
Sergeant, Jas. W. Ricker.
Corporal, Rob. T. Hammons.
Corporal, Jefferson Howe.
Corporal, David E. F. Jones.
Corporal, Andrew Louderback.
Corporal, H. H. Marshman.
Corporal, Emerson McMillen.
Corporal, H. L. Nickell.
Corporal. Alonzo Tarr.
Bugler, David W. Cherington.
Bugler, Nat. T. Hoover.
Farrier, Paul M. Lovejoy.
Sadler, Chas. W. Bronson.
Wagoner, D. W. Cherington.

Alton, John, private.
Bartoe, David.
Brooks, Wm.
Brunton, Wm.
Claar, Samuel.
Ellis, P. V.
Farrar, D. S.
Farrees, C. B.
Flowers, A. J.
Fullerton, G. W.
Gard, Scott.
Gardner, J. I.
Garrett, A. B.
Garvin, Wm.
Glenn, W. W.
Goddard, Peter.
Grossman, Alex.
Hale, G. W.
Harding, J. J.
Heinicker, Gustave.
Helphenstine, J. F.
Hooley, John.
Hull, R. E.
James, J. R.
Lackey, J.
McArran, W. J.
McCarty, M. D.
McKeever, Thos.
McMillen, Andrew, private.
McMillen, Murray.
Miller, Thos.
Millhuff, Jacob.
Milliken, James.
Myers, Joseph.
Patten, John.
Philley, A. T.
Poor, G. F.
Poor, J. W. T.
Prim, Benj.
Radcliff, John M.
Rickabaugh, J. H.
Simpson, G. W.
Smith, David.
Smith, J. H.
Smith, Jonah.
Spurrier, Wm.
Stewart, G. A.
Sutherland, M. O.
Tucker, W. E.
Warman, Cornelius.
Warman, Thos.
Weed, A. J.
Weed, C. M.
Weed, Columbus.
Weed, W. H.
Wills, C. H.

This company drew largely from the men who had served with Captain Dove in the three-months service under Captain Hoffman, who was major of the Second Virginia.

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