Jackson County Birth, Death and Marriage Records

Jackson County Birth, Death, and Marriage Records

PLEASE READ THIS: What you will find here is not the complete information that is in the county birth, death, and marriage records. These pages will contain enough information to allow you to identify persons. In general, they will have the person's name, birth or death or marriage date, parent's names (where recorded), city or township of residence and the volume and page number where the record is found. Some pages will have additional information.

To see ALL of the ORIGINAL data for an individual, you will need to:

Alternatively, you can order the appropriate township book from the Jackson County Chapter of the OGS or go to the lookups page and see if someone has volunteered to do lookups in their book or microfilm copy. BE AWARE HOWEVER THAT THESE LAST TWO ARE NOT ORIGINAL SOURCES. They can, will, and do have the possibility of giving you incorrect or incomplete information because you are getting the information second-hand.


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