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Evolution of Huron County Townships

The list below shows towns as they were, and are now named. Some of these towns are no longer in existence. 

1. Bronson Township

Olena, formerly Angell's Corners (still on the map)
Bronson Center
Five points (north line at SR 250 and Old State Rd)
West Hartland (east line at Zenobia Rd)

2. Clarksfield Township

Clarksfield Hollow (still on the map)
West Clarksfield or Stilesburg (Wenz and Fitchville River Rd)
Geneva and Hayesville (east of Hollow on Zenobia Rd)
White Fox (SR 18 at Butler Rd)
Barretts Chapel (SR 60 at Cook Rd)

3. Fairfield Township

North Fairfield, formerly Steam Corners, Everett, or Branchville (still on the map)
Standish Corners or West Point (north line at Old State Rd)
No God (Edwards Rd in east part of township)

4. Fitchville Township

Fitchville, aka Clinton (still on the map)
Union Corners (Prospect and Exchange Rd)

5. Greenfield Township

Steuben (still on the map)
Curtiss Mills (Olive Rd east of SR 61)

6. Greenwich Township

Greenwich (still on the map)
Greenwich Center
Nineveh (southeast quadrant on Nineveh Rd)
East Greenwich (SR 224 east of Center)

7. Hartland Township

Hartland Center
Hartland Ridge (DeRussey Rd)
West Hartland (Zenobia Rd at the west line)
Hartland Station or Woodford (Hartland Center Rd at railroad)
Jericho (road in section 2 and 3)

8. Lyme Township

Bellevue (still on the map)
Strongs Ridge (SR 113 at SR 4)
Hunts Corners (SR 547 at Sand Hill Rd)
Fitch's Corners (SR 20 at Sand Hill Rd)
Chestnut Ridge (SR 20 at Young Rd)
Woodward Settlement (Section 4)

9. New Haven Township

New Haven (still on map)
Plymouth (on Richland County line still on map)
Guinea Corners (SR 61 at SR 103)

10. New London Township

New London, formerly Kings Corners, Merrifield Settlement, Kinsley Settlement (still on map)
Fiddlers Green (SR 60 on south line)
East Creek (Butler Rd near Fayette Rd)
Barretts Chapel (SR 60 at north line)
Goldings Corners (SR 60 at west line)

11. Norwalk Township

Norwalk (still on the map)
East Norwalk or Puckerbrush (still on the map)
Allings Corners (East Main and Old State)
Axe Factory or Bakers Mill Pond (Ridge Road at South Norwalk)
Jacobsburg or Shaws Mills (Whittlesey Ave. near north line)
Five Points (Rt 250 and Old State at south line)
Blue Fly (Rt 18 and Rt 601)

12. Norwich

Centerton (still on the map)
Havana (still on the map)
Barbados (Section Line 30 near Old Military Rd)
Podunk (Section line 30 and Egypt Rd)
Five Points (Rt 162 and Thomas Rd)

13. Peru

Peru Hollow or Macksville (still on the map)
Peru Center (Peru Center Road and West Section Line Rd)
Troy Mills (Fern Rd and Troy Mills Rd)
Pontiac (Rt 99 and Sand Hill Rd)

14. Richmond

Willard or Chicago Junction (still on the map)
Celeryville (still on the map)
New Pittsburgh (Rt 103 at south line)
Pigeon Roost (marsh in southwest quadrant)
Bethel Rt 224 at west line)

15. Ridgefield

Monroeville, formerly Monroe (still on the map)
North Monroeville (still on the map)
Standartsburg (Hettle and Standartsburg Rd)
Webb Settlement (Huber Rd)
Souwalt (Halfway Rd south of Rt 20)

16. Ripley

Delphi, formerly Pin Hook (still on the map)
Edwards Grove (south of Rt 224 near east line)
Boughtonville (still on the map)
Ripley Center

17. Sherman Township

Bismark (still on the map)
Tolford (SR 4 near east line)
Weavers Corners (still on the map)

18. Townsend Township

Townsend Center or East Townsend (still on the map)
Collins (still on the map)
Blue Fly (SR 18 and SR 601)
Jerusalem (DeRussey and Collins Rd)
Barber Settlement (SR 20 and Medusa Rd)
Woodford (Hartland Center Rd at south line)

19. Wakeman Township

Wakeman Village (still on the map)
Clarks Corners (Ogan and Fitchville River Rd)
Todds Corners (SR 303 and Butler Rd)

Remember, it is almost imperative to study a county road map or plat map book when determining a location...Henry Timman, Huron County Historian

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