Initial Genealogy Group

Initial Genealogy Group

Meeting - Fall 1986


Meigs Adams

Connie Ferguson

Stu & Mary Averill

Lyle Gunning

Jean Allread

Neil Henderson

Joe & Anne Babyak

Jerry Jaeger

Franklin & Mary Barlow

Susan Malarik

Louise Boyd

Martha Marsh

Judy Boyle

George Maurath

Jim & Briana Caccamo

Janet Moran

Mimm Catt

Emma Motz

Beulah Clewell

Robert Norton

Susan Cook

Ruth & Patricia Sprague

William Danforth

Helen Stokes

Juanita Dirnoff

Elsie Thomas

Chris Driver

Willis & Anne Vermilion


Recognized by IRS April 1, 1987
and became a Chapter of OGS with
Stu & Mary Averill co-presidents.

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