St. Xavier Interments
St. Xavier Church
Record of Interments for
Contributed by Ann Bergelt
August 09, 2000


The order of columns is Date of Death & Burial, Name of Person Interred, Place of Birth, Age, Disease, Priest, Cemetery, Remarks -- and the handwriting and contrast are not particularly good. So, if you see one that might be close -- e-mail me and I'll send you the rest of the entry.

April 22/25 to May 26/28 1892
page 13
Annie Hille age 40
John J. Meaney age 41
Michael O'Brien age 61
Annie Hille age 40 (this is apparently the same as the first)
James Berigan age 25
John Mularkey (no age)
John Collins age 91
Julia Swift age 60
John King age 28
Charles Palmer age 30
Catherine Mahoney age 41
Patrick Doolan age 60
George Ray age 26
Allen Griffin age 35
Rosie (maybe Parrish?) age 20
Matthew Mulvaney age 50
Laura Bella Garnham age 27
Minnie Bradley age 19
Angel (maybe Younghan, Jernigan?) age 15
Bridget Reilly age 73
Dominick Mader age 62
Stephen Jackson age 43
Michael Keys age 60
Matthew Cosgrove age 26

Sept. 11, 1896 to November 4, 1896
(no page number visible).
Ann O'Leary age 63
Sarah Keys age 59 (my great-great-grandmother)
Ann Healy age 51
Bridget Larkin age 42
Thos. Hughes age 70
Julia Fox and 38
Alice Dean age 24
Bridget McGoven (or McGowen?) age 56
Mary Mariner age 64
Margt Lehman age 54
Maria Johnson age 47
Cora Mary Sanger (Sawyer?) age 23
Anna Kearns age 53
Thos. Carney age 21
Anna Lamphlin Hickey age 73
Charles Dursling (Dowling?) age 20
Mary Ann Purcell age 71
Frederick Wm. Sauders (Sanders?) age 56
John Glenn age 23
James J. McCabe age 28
Francesca Rosin age 69
Kate Fitzgerald age 34
Elizabeth O'Leary age 30
(first name very light, might be Alfred?) Dorsey or Dower age 27

Please note that this one is much more difficult to read than the other two.  Not only is the copy light, but the writers (presumably priests) tried to cram entries in between others, apparently to keep them in chronological order:
December 4, 1897 to February 5/8, 1898
pg 60
Elizabeth Cronin age 26
Mrs. Catherine Ryan age 36
Jane Sarah Shea age 32
John Sullivan age 65
James Mare age 55
John L. McMurrer age 33
Dennis Whalen (no age)
Mary Dean age 27
Julia Ross (no age)
Jno Manning (no age)
Patrick F. Burke (no age)
Jeremiah Moroney age 24
Margaret Jennings age 75
Catherine Geiren (Geirow?) age 68
Cornelius Reardon age 76 (my great-great grandfather)
Richard Reedy age 78
John Mooney (no age)
Julia Reynolds  (age written over, possibly 37)
James Gilligan age 31
Margaret McLaughlin age 78
Wm Darmody age 76
Philip Davis (no age)
Joseph O'rourke age 27
Anne Hickey age 73
John Quinn age 36
Mary (May?) O'Brien age 45
(next one is written over, but appears to be
Hanna Watch age 60)
Joseph Breen age 28
Patrick Rohl age 44
Susanna Renner (no age)
James O'Toole (no age)

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