Deaths in St. Paul's U.C.C. 1864
Deaths in St. Paul's U.C.C. 1864
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Laverne Kidd

 Deaths in St. Paul's U.C.C. 1864
St. Paul's German Evangelical Church on (Old) Blue Rock Road in
Barnesberg, Colerain Township. Compiled by R.W. Ridig
Date Microfiched
May 8, 1991
Project and Fiche
2UB77OS (or 2UB7705)  #6087954
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Anna Mary Heid nee Meyer d. 14/05/1864 age 44y
Konrad Friedrich Bauer d. 25/06/1864 age 1y, 3m, 15d
Mary Heyn d. 20/07/1864 age 6m 27d
Jacob Kress d. 09/09/1864 age 1y, 7m, 13d
Mary Margaretha Ochs d. 15/09/1864 age 1y, 2m, 5d
Anna Kunigunda Schamber d. 25/10/1864 age 67y
Katharina Becker d. 11/12/1864 age 2y, 3m


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