Bethel Baptist Church
Bethel Baptist Church
1821, Green Township

Organization & Founding Members of Bethel  Baptist Church.

Proceedings and Organization of the Bethel Baptist Society of Green Township
May 19, 1821.

We, the undersigned, members of the Baptist Society of the regular order,
meeting in Green Township, Hamilton County, Ohio, wishing to be incorporated
as a body according to the laws of the State of Ohio, do hereby order a
publication to be made at our place of worship on Lords day May 27the A. D.
1821, and also notice at the same time to be posted, that ten days from the
s'd 27th day of May 1821, the society will meet to choose three Trustees and
a Clerk according to the provision of s'd act.
~Members Names~
Alfred, Harrison
Alfred, James
Bray, Peter
Bray, Sarah
Cox, Deborah
Gaines, Mary H.
Gaines, Richard
Hildreth, Rev. George
Hildreth, Asenath
Hutchinson, John
Kinnan, Elizabeth
Markland, Elizabeth
Markland, George
Markland, Sarah
Markland, Susannah
Scudder, Henry
Sexton, Joseph
Shepherd, David
Smith, Anna
Stathem, David E.
Twigg, Phebe
Green Township, Hamilton Co., Ohio
                                June 5, A. D. 1821
The Baptist members in this Township met agreeable to the notice given ten
days previous to this date, and after prayer by Rev. Geo. Hildreth, the s'd
Hildreth was appointed Moderator and David E. Stathem, Clerk for this
election.  Proceeded (by ballot) to elect three trustees and one Clerk
according to the Law incorporating Religious Societies. The following
officers were duly elected.
Richard Gaines}
Joseph Sexton}   Trustees and David E. Stathem, Clerk
Peter Bray}

Transcribed from the original Minute Book of Bethel Baptist Church, Cheviot
now Westwood Baptist Church - submitted by Patti Graman Feb. 2000.

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