Roman Cotholic 1851
Churches Located in Hamilton County in 1851

From the personal collection of Patti Graman.

From: Cincinnati 1851; Charles Cist; pub. 1851

Chapter IV. Social Statistics; Churches and Religious Societies. 1851; pgs. 77-82

Roman Catholic
1.  St. Peter’s Cathedral, south-west corner of Plum and Eighth Streets.
Most Rev. J.B. Purcell, D.D.; Very Rev. E. T. Collins and Edward Purcell; Revs. James F. Wood and David Whelan, officate in the services of the Cathedral.

2. St. Francis Xavier, Sycamore, west side, between Sixth and Seventh Streets.
Revs. Charles Driscoll, D. Kenny and Florian Sautois, priests.

3. St. Patrick’s, north-east corner Third and Mill Streets.
Revs. R. G. Lawrence and James Cahill, priests.

4. St. Michael’s, Millcreek, west side.
Rev. Michael Deselaers, priest.

5. Christ Church, Fulton.
Rev. Timothy Farrell, priest.

6. St. Paul’s, Lebanon Road, east of Broadway.
Very Rev. Jos. Ferneding, and Rev. Peter Kroeger, priests.

7. Holy Trinity, south side Fifth, between Smith and Park Sts.
Revs.  William Schonat and J. H. Ridder, priests.

8. St. Philomena’s, north side Congress, between Pike and Butler Streets.
Revs. B. Hengehold and F. X. Weiniger, priests.

9.   St. Mary’s. south-east corner Jackson and Thirteenth Streets.
 Revs. Clement Hammer and J. B. Eckmann, priests.

10. St. Joseph’s, south-east corner Linn and Laurel Streets.
Revs. J. H. Luers and Andrew Stephan, priests.

11. St. John Baptist, corner of New and Green Streets.
Revs. William Unterhiener, Edwward Etschmann and Sigismond Koch, priests.

The last six are German Congregations.

12. Chapel Soeurs Notre Dame, Sixth, between Broadway and Sycamore.
Rev. J. B. Smedt, chaplain.

13. Chapel Sisters of Charity, Third, between Plum and Western Row.
Officiating priests, from the Cathedral and St. Xavier’s.

Cincinnati has been for several years an Episcopate of the Roman Catholic Church.  It has recently become an Arch Diocese, the late Bishop, Dr. Purcell, having been invested with the office of Archbishop.  His suffragan sees, are Detroit, Cleveland, Louisville and Vincennes.

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