Smiley Cemetery
Smiley Cemetery
Contributed by Beth Graves, March 2000

 Located on Winton Road near Hamilton-Butler Co line. Springfield Twp

EDWARDS, Sarah Maria  d. 20 sep 1833 25y consort of David B.
                        Uzal   d. 15 Jan 1838   50y 5m 11d
FARMER, David P    d. 10 Jul 1855  60y
                    George  d. 27 Feb 1855  82y 10m 11d
                    Jonathan W.P.  d. 24 Mar 1841   28y 3m 20d
FITTCHET, Thomas B.  d. 26 Jun 1840  25y
FLOYD, William d. 29 Aug 183- (illegible)
HALL, Catherine,    d. 9 Feb 1844  38y 2m 29d consort of Thomas
MACK, Sarah  d. 18 Jun 1838    15y 5m 28d  dau of Erastus and Martha
NEWELL, Riddle (?)  d. 1840  formerly of New Jersey dau of Samuel and Martha
                    Samuel  16 Oct 1776 - 15 Sep 1836
SHIPLEY, Charlotte   d. 20 Mar 1852   dau of T.J. and R.A. Shipley
TRIM, Elizabeth   native of NJ    d. 6 Aug 1827   75y
            John   d. 15 Nov 1848   76y 6m 23d
WALDEN, Benjamin d. 5 Apr 1842   81y 3m 5d

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