Olive Branch Church
Olive Branch Church Burial Ground
Blue Rock Road
Colerain Township
Groesbeck, Hamilton County, Ohio

submitted by Shirlene L  Jensen

Henry Lear gave four acres for this site and the earliest grave is 1813. This cemetery is part of the Marie Dickore Research Collection and can also be found on LDS Film #1544170.

  • Bevis, Mary-died 14 Apr 1852/58y 1m 13d/"Our Mother’s Grave"
  • Bevis, Mary Ann-died 26 Sep 1849/2y 10m 10d/Dau of James & Mary
  • Bevis, Son-died 28 Dec 1853/Infant son of James & Mary
  • Collier, Elizabeth-died 5 Sep 1859/29y 5m 10d/Wife of William B
  • Conger, Andrew-Oct 1828-21 Jul 1852/Son of Daniel
  • Conger, Daniel-1789-15 Nov 1851
  • Conger, Eleanore-died 11 Jul 1840/44y 7m 3d/Wife of William
  • Conger, Elizabeth-Apr 1822-Jul 1832/Dau of Daniel & Mary
  • Conger, Henry-16 May 1824-1843/Son of Daniel
  • Conger, Mary-1 Apr 1790-11 Oct 1845/Wife of David
  • Conger, Sarah-5 Mar 1810-12 Aug 1850/Dau of David & Mary
  • Conger, William-died 9 Jul 1849/55y 5d
  • Coud, {?Goudy}Della-died 1820/6y
  • Gaiser, John-b.1829 Germany-____
  • Gaiser, Wilhelmina-1835-May 1871/Wife of John
  • Hatt, Caatherine-died 14 Jul 1849/45y 3m 10d/Wife of Lewis
  • Hubbard, Elizabeth-died 27 Jun 1868/Wife of Thomas
  • Hubbard, Thomas {Sr}-1780 NC-25 May 1852/71y 9m/Came to Colerain 1807
  • Loar, Hester-dates unreadable/Wife of Henry
  • Pouder, ________-died 22 Oct 1813/80y/name broken off
  • Pouder, Catherine-died 19 Jul 1850/39y 4m 3d/Wife of J
  • Pouder, Catherine-_______Brookfield_______/stone unreadable
  • Pouder, Charlotte-died 11 Aug 1847/6m 8d/Dau of J&C
  • Pouder, Elizabeth-died 17 Sep 1834/49y 5m 9d/Wife of John
  • Pouder, George-17 Oct 1804 in Baltimore-23 Dec 1870/Husband of Hannah
  • Pouder, Hannah-1805-1871
  • Pouder, Infant-died 4 Jul 1832/2d/Dau of J&C
  • Pouder, John-1764 Baltimore-14 Mar 1837/71y 7m 26d/Husband of Elizabeth
  • Pouder, John Richard-died 31 Jul 1834?/13y 6m 11d
  • Pouder, Margaret-died 22 Mar 1848/70y/W|Dau of J&H Pouder
  • Pouder, Mary-died 10 Nov 1844/5y 6m/Dau of SJ & H
  • Pouder, Samuel-died 1 Aug 1834/8m 10d/Son of Samuel John & Hannah
  • Pouder, Washington Asbury-died 15 Feb 1831/Son of John & Elizabeth

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