Congress Green, Northbend OH
North Bend Cemetery
North Bend Ohio ~ Miami Township
Contributed by Beth Graves, March 2000

An old Pioneer burying ground known as "Congress Green" near a great shaft erected to mark the grave of William Henry Harrison, now part of an Ohio State Park.  Was set aside by John Cleves Symmes as a cemetery and he stated that he would like to be buried there in his will.  Tall elms shade the cemetery.  Symmes' grave is covered by a huge slab of free stone, elevated from the ground and reads:
Here rest the remains of John Cleves Symmes,
who at the foot of these hills
made the first settlement between the Miami Rivers.
Born on Long Island State of New York July 21 1742 A.D.
Died in Cincinnati, February 26 1814 A.D.

John Cleves' grandchildren and great grandchildren are buried there too.  Which is surrounded by a low iron fence.  There is a tall monument in the center of the plots which is the grave of his granddaughter Betsey Bassett, daughter of William Henry Harrison, and married to Judge John Cleves Short.

    Symmes H., son of T.M and Clara H. d. 8 Aug 1847  20m
    George C. M.D. 1820-1866
      Mary  1851-1877
      Little Nannie, dau of George and Bessie H. d. 8 Nov 1857 14 mo
    Scott Harrison  1848-1878
    Anna, inf dau of Wm H. and Anna H. Taylor Harrison, d. 7 Nov 1840 7m
    Anna Symmes, dau of J.S. and elizabeth Harrison  d.26 Aug 1838 1y 3d
    Anna Tuthill, dau of Gen'l Harrison and wife of W.H.H.Taylor d. 5 July 1865  50y
    Dr Benjamin, son of W. Henry and Anna Harrison, b. 8 Sept 1806  at Vincennes,  Ind.  d. 17 Jun 1840 at North Bend in 34th yr
    Carter Bassett, son of Wm. H. and Anne, b. Vincennes Ind  26 Oct 1811    d.Hamilton, Butler Co, Ohio 12 Aug 1839, 28y
    Elizabeth Irwin, dau of A.Irwin of Franklin Co, Pa wife of J. Scott Harrison, b. 18     July 1810  d. 15 Aug 1850
    J. Fendlay Harrison, son of J.S.& Elizabeth Harrison, b.21 Jun 1818;d.6 Apr1819
    James Findlay, son of J.S. and Elizabeth d. 3 Jan 1848  11m 20d
    James, inf son, of J.Scott and Elizabeth Harrison, b. 7 Oct 1849  d. 25 Aug 1850
    John Irwin, son of J.s. and Elizabeth Harrison, 25 Oct 1839   4m
    Lucretia, wife of J. Scott Harrison, b. Peterborough NH 16 Sep 1804d.6 Feb 1830
     "Little Mary" no dates
    Nellie, dau of W. H. H. and Anna T Taylor, d. 6 Jan 1864 11y
    William Henry Jr., son of W. Henry and Anna Harrison, b. 3 Sep 1802 Vincennes   Ind, d. 6 Feb 1838
    WIlliam Henry, son of Dr Benjamin and Mary R. b. Mar 1839  d. 7 Aug 1850
    William Henry, son of John Scott and Lucretia   b. 9 Mar 1827 North Bend d. 15   Sep 1839 2y8m5d
    "Betsey Bassett", wife of John Cleves Short, dau of Ge. Wm. H.Harrison and     Anna, b. 29 Sep 1796 md. 29 Jun 1814  buried 29 Sep 1846
    Dr. Charles, b. 28 July 1832 North Bend, d. 28 Jul 1862
    J.H.E., b. Culpepper Court House, VA on 8 Jun 1798, d. 6 Dec 1871Newstead    OH
    Joseph, son of J.H.E. and Elizabeth d. 24 Oct 1846 10m 15d
    Lucy H. , dau of J.H.F. and Mary S. d. 16 Dec 1840  10m 10d

The monument of William Henry Harrison bears various tablets with inscriptions He was born on 9 Feb 1773 the son of Benjamin and Elizabeth Bassett Harrison of Berkley Co, Va He died in the White House 4 Apr 1841

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