Mt Carmel Cemetery

Mt. Carmel Baptist-Sycamore Township Pioneer Memorial Churchyard

WS Kenwood 200’ N of Kugler Mill Road

Sycamore Township, Hamilton County, Ohio

submitted by Shirlene L  Jensen

This record is from the Marie Dickore Research Collection and is available on LDS Film #1544170. Land for this cemetery was given by Adam Lee who had been a member of the Carpenter’s Run Baptist Church on Plainfield Road. He found it better to establish another Baptist Church nearer to himself and other pioneers. Lee had been ordained a minister of the Baptist Church.


Agnew, Minnie Mary-died 3 Aug 1894/37y 5m 10d/Wife of A F/Dau of Adam Lee Crosby

Attaway, William Fred-16 Dec 1912-2 May 1925

Bacon, Harriet-died 29 May 1831/28y 1m/Consort of Jacob

Bean, Mary Amanda-1844-1928

Bean, May-1885-1896/Adopted daughter of William L & Amanda

Bean, William L-died 1907

Binkley, Bess-1883-1889

Binkley, Thomas-1853-1922

Bowman, Lydia Elvi-died 14 Aug 1867/28y 6d/Wife of John S

Bowman, Phebe-died 28 Mar 1860/63y 6m 13d/Wife of GW Bowman Sr

Bowman, W {Sr}-6 Oct 1793 Somerset Co NJ-8 Oct 1873

Boyd, Columbus M-died 1 Nov 1927/Kentucky Private 1st US Infantry

Brennemann, Lillian-14 Mar 1906-2 Jun 1923

Burchell, J Harry-1864-1936

Burchell, Lily May-1910-1915/Dau of J Harry

Buxton, Amos D-died 16 Sep 1870/29y 8m/Son of David J

Buxton, David-28 Feb 1795-16 Apr 1880

Buxton, Emeline-3 Dec 1833-16 Jun 1921

Buxton, Freelove-9 Jan 1837-16 Sep 1873

Buxton, Hannah-1827-1908

Buxton, James-22 Nov 1798-27 Mar 1875

Buxton, Joseph M-1826-1855

Buxton, Mary-died 26 Apr 1843/28y 9m 16d

Buxton, Mary Olive-1851-1871

Buxton, Oliver-1854-1855

Buxton, Susan-20 Mar 1831-17 Jan 1906

Buxton, Webster-1852-1853

Carpenter, Oliver L-died 23 Jul 1854/6m16d/Son of Charles & Catherine J

Corbin, Anna May-1888-1926

Cosby, Abram W-died 8 Aug 1857/38y 11m 9d

Cosby, Adam Lee-8 Jan 1816-30 Dec 1899

Cosby, Charles A-12 Aug 1855-27 Jan 1896/Son of Adam Lee & Mary

Cosby, Elenor-died 27 May 1877/81y 2m 11d/Wife of Samuel

Cosby, Elizabeth-died 22 May 1864/42y 6m/Wife of SM

Cosby, Ellen-died 10 May 1861/9m 20d/Dau of Adam Lee & Mary

Cosby, Isaac F-died 1 Dec 1862/19y 4m 8d/Son of Adam Lee & Mary/"Died at Memphis Tenn

In the service of his country"

Cosby, Jesse-b&d 1871/Son of DL & BA

Cosby, Mary J-died 25 Feb 1871/50y 4m 13d/Wife of Adam Lee

Cosby, Samuel-died 8 Jun 1867/76y 6m

Cosby, Samuel Milo-23 Nov 1819-3 Jun 1893

Cosby, Wesley W-died 7 Jul 1864/17y 11m/Sonof SM & EA

Dearwester, Louis E-17 Mar 1890-3 Nov 1949/Private First Class Ohio 21st Engineers WWI

Dearwester, Sarah-Jun 1861-Jan 1953

Dunlap, Elizabeth-died 26 Mar 1884/95y/"Grandma"

Emans, Joanna-died 19 Feb 1835/80y Wife of John

Emans, John-died 10 Feb 1835/30y 9m 1d

Felter, Barbary-died 15 Apr 1855/60y 3m 20d/Wife of Mathias

Felter, Rebecca-died 7 Aug 1830/39y Wife of Mathias

Ferris, Angelina-1834-1898/Mother

Ferris, Clarence-1884-1886

Ferris, Charlie-died 7 Nov 1878/3y 5m/Son of JC & AF

Ferris, Clarinda-22 Apr 1831-25 Jun 1919/Dau of Ebenezer & Eliza Ferris

Ferris, Ebenezer-21 Sep 1799-12 Nov 1887

Ferris, Elcy-died 19 Sep 1855/Wife of IF

Ferris, Eliza-died 1879/69y 10m 15d/Wife of Ebenezer

Ferris, Eliza J-11 Aug 1814-18 Aug 1903/on same stone as Ezra

Ferris, Eliza S-died 1875/2y 8m/Dau of JC & Angelina

Ferris, Elizabeth-died 1822/1y 1m 13d/Dau of Solomon & Mary

Ferris, Elizabeth-died 5 Oct 1876/Wife of John

Ferris, Elizabeth-died 2 Mar 1814/56y/Wife of John

Ferris, Enoch-died 9 Apr 1842/38y

Ferris, Essie-26 Feb 1866-19 Aug 1893/Wife of AJ

Ferris, Ezra-6 May 1809-6 Mar 1871

Ferris, George E-1868-1939

Ferris, Henry-5 Dec 1836-8 Mar 1920/Son of Ebenezer & Eliza

Ferris, Infant-Son of S&SJ/no dates

Ferris, Isaac-died 20 Nov 1843

Ferris, John-died 30 Sep 1855/73y 3m 25d

Ferris, John {Sr}-died 23 Sep 1800/43y

Ferris, John C-1832-1908/Father

Ferris, John S-17 Mar 1846-22 Dec 1862/Son of Ezra & Eliza J

Ferris, Johnnie-died 9 Aug 1875/11y 6d/Son of JC & Angelina

Ferris, Lydia-died 20 May 1847/36y

Ferris, Martha-died 10 Feb 1875/8y 9m 7d/Dau of S & SJ

Ferris, Mary-died 15 Nov 1877/79y 7m 20d/Wife of Solomon

Ferris, Sarah-died 20 Nov 1843

Ferris, Sarah Jane-1841-1918

Ferris, Solomon-1843-1819

Ferris, Solomon-died 18 Dec 1867/79y 9m 20d

Gerdes, Roy M-20 Mar 1898-23 Jun 1921

Hall, Clarence Ellsworth-29 Mar 1896-4 May 1896

Higbee, Eleanor-died 29 Sep 1829/39y 7m 21d/Wife of Nehemiah

Hubbell, Rachel-12 Nov 1767-3 Sep 1825

Imlay, Elizabeth-died 1856

Imlay, Peter-died 17 Aug 1859/90y

Imlay, Susan-died 1812

Imlay, Susan-died 1842

Jones, John-died 24 Apr 1855

Kennedy, George-30 Sep 1853-19 May 1887

Kennedy, Harry-no dates

Kennedy, Jennie-no dates

Kinney, Charles E-31 Oct 1855-27 Nov 1874/Son of P & Mary Ann

Klein, John P-died 20 Feb 1867/48y 4m 11d

Kratzer, John F-31 May 1903-25 Apr 1911

Lee, Adam-died 27 May 1836/89y

Lee, Catherine-died 7 Jul 1847/91y/Consort of Adam

Leonard, Eva E-nee Ferris 25 Feb 1862-18 May 1919

Leonard, Joseph-17 Mar 1862-23 Apr 1934

Malsbary, Eliza-died 4 Jul 1880/81y 3m 21d

Malsbary, William-18 Mar 1794/11 Jan 1863

Mefford, Catherine-nee Ferris 1807-1884/"His Wife"

Mefford, Thompson-1802-1845

Miller, Rhoda-died 1 Jul 1871/25y 8m/Wife of VG/Dau of S&P Alger

Moore, Hugh-died 28 Jun 1831/22y

Moore, Susan-4 Mar 1831-5 Aug 1850/Dau of Hugh & Lovisa Moore

Neves, Mary-died 9 Mar 1844/78y/Wife of William

Neves, Mary-died 11 Jul 1841/34y 8d

Neves, William-died 24 Dec 1838/82y

Patrick, Ester-1894-1896

Patrick, Marilda-17 May 1857-9 Jan 1911/Wife of HJ

Patrick, WB-1857-1897

Perryman, Edward-22 Apr 1831-13 Aug 1836/Son of Edmund & Meturan

Rasor, Elizabeth-nee Agnew died 3 Mar 1902/50y

Rice, James J-1839-1907

Rice, Margaret J-1873-1940/"Mother"

Rice, Sarah C-1839-1916

Rice, William J-1868-1928/"Father"

Riker, John-died 7 Apr 1831/24y 5m 2d/Son of Sam & Sarah

Riker, Samuel-died 29 Mar 1835/5y 3m 26d/Son of John & Phebe

Robinson, Lovisa-19 Feb 1806-16 Nov 1828

Sampson, John M-13 Nov 1792-5 Jul 1849

Sampson, Martha-14 Oct 1790-21 Jul 1849/Wife of John M

Schickedong, Louie-died 14 May 1861/11y 11m 3d/Son of Christopher & Mary A

Service, Margaret-1828-1899

Service, Mollie Birrel-1879-1916

Service, Myrtle-1910-1916

Service, Peter-1817-1881

Service, Ralph-1912-1913

Service, Robert Franklin-1906-1936

Skillman, Rachel-nee Ferris 1831-1915/Wife of Alger

Smith, Phebe-1 Jan 1807-3 Oct 1872

Stanley, Anna Ruth-23 Jan 1924-13 Jan 1929

Stevens, John-died 26 Sep 1875/79y 23d

Stevens, Mary-died 9 May 1851/56y 9m 27d/Wife of John

Stevens, William M-died 15 Aug 1857/11m 3d/Sonof TA & SA

Terwilleger, Charles-died 4 Aug 1863/2y/Sonof CF & SJ

Terwilleger, Sarah J-25 Jan 1812-11 Nov 1873/Wife of James

Tharp, Harold B-3 Aug 1823-25 Feb 1925/Son of JW & LL

Thompson, Ellen-1840-19__

Thompson, Walter-1873-1890/Son of Ellen

Wade, Alfred-1 Jan 1839-27 Sep 1839/Son of Moses & Rachal

Wade, Elijah-20 Jun 1840-25 Aug 1840/Son of Moses & Rachal

Wade, John L-12 Jan 1842-4 Sep 1942/Son of Moses & Rachal

Wade, Rachal-8 May 1805-4 Aug 1858/Wife of Moses

Wightman, John-died 28 Apr 1871/24y

Williams, John W-1808-1887

Williams, Sarah C-1814-1890/Wife of John W

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