Mill Creek Presbyterian Cemetery
Mill Creek Presbyterian Cemetery
Oak & Chester Roads
Sycamore [Springdale?] Township, Hamilton County, Ohio

submitted by Shirlene L  Jensen

In 1789 a scouting party of five men were attacked and left for dead. When the main Army found the bodies they buried four of them. One, James Burns was still alive. Several years later, Burns and members of the Presbyterian Church in Pennsylvania brought red bricks down the Ohio by raft and then by oxcart to the spot where the soldiers were killed. Here the Mill Creek Presbyterian Church was built. He believed that white men and Indians could live in peace. In 1840 the church was torn down and there were about 50 graves in it with field stones. James Burns and his family later lived in Wyoming and gave Burns Avenue its name. At this time there are no known records of the cemetery or of the church.

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