Indian Hill Old Baptist Churchyard

Indian Hill Old Baptist Churchyard AKA
Little Miami Baptist Churchyard

Old Indian Hill Road

Near Wooster Pike

Village of Terrace Park

Columbia Township, Hamilton County, Ohio


By an act of Congress on March 3, 1834 one and three eighths acres of land were granted to the Baptist Church for a cemetery. When the cemetery was abandoned the graves were moved to the Greenlawn Cemetery in Milford in Clermont County. It is not known when the graves were moved, but the Greenlawn Cemetery has the records.

Baker, Catherine-7 Feb 1849-1 Mar 1849/Dau of W&O

Baker, Mary Ann-died 4 Oct 1850/20d/Dau of M&C

Boyer, Esther W-died 3 Aug 1840/60y 6m 17d/Wife of Thomas

Boyer, Isaac G-died 26 Dec 1835/21y 7m 28d

Boyer, Sophia V-died 24 Nov 1825/13y 4d/Dau of Thomas & Esther W

Boyer, Thomas-died 28 Oct 1843/73y 9m 11d

Carp, Elizabeth-1 Apr 1807-1 Apr 1839/Dau of William & Elizabeth Kerr

Clark, Ichobod-13 Jul 1775-24 Aug 1845

Cook, Levin R-died 13 Sep 1836/7y 8m 1d/Son of Rees & Nancy

Cook, Nancy D-30 Mar 1805-20 Oct 1835

Cook, Rees G-4 Jun 1805-8 Jun 1849

Cook, William J-died 7 Sep 1836/4y 7m 17d/Son of Rees & Nancy

Highlands, Elizabeth-died 3 Feb 1834/67y/Wife of Abram

Highlands, William {Sr}-died 10 Jun 1841/76y

James, Elizabeth-died 11 Aug 1834/11m 6d/Dau of David & Louisa Ann

Jones, Mary Ann-died 17 Oct 1820/26y 11m 17d/Consort of John

Kerr, Elizabeth-4 Dec 1770-10 Oct 1846

Kerr, William-died 27 Dec 1820/20y 10m 1d/Son of William & Elizabeth

Kerr, William-died 1 Apr 1830/65y 10m 5d

Landrey, Child-10 Apr 1830-21 Aug 1831

Landrey, Rachel-20 Apr 1830-28 Jan 1832/Dau of Daniel & Hannah

Moore, Catherine W-died 8 May 1831/2y 6m 12d/Dau of Solomon & Rebecca

Moore, Margaret-died 21 Jan 1846/83y 10m 8d/Wife of Anthony

Moore, Mary Amanda-died 25 May 1846/Dau of Solomon & Rebecca

Moore, Rebecca-5 Aug 1783-4 Apr 1835

Moore, Solomon-died 30 Jun 1855-58y 9m 8d

Murphy, Lucena D-24 Oct 1825-26 May 1846/Wife of Jacob

Ready, Jesse B-died 22 May 1846/43y 2m 25d

Ready, Mary-died 1 Jul 1851/66y 11m 21d/Wife of William

Ringsby, Christopher-died 1 Jul 1814/68y

Ringsby, Ufemay-died 26 Jul 1831/71y 6m 26d

Sater, Martha-died 5 Aug 1812/26y/Consort of Henry

Shaw, Daniel-died 2 Jul 1848/54y 10m 10d/ "Farewell dear husband-your wife & children

Shaw, Sarah Elizabeth-died 29 Jun 1849/48y 6m 5d/Wife of Daniel

Swindler, Mary Elizabeth-died 13 Dec 1843/6y 6m 8d/Dau of AT & MA

Terwillegar, Ranklin P-died 20 Jul 1854/1y 6m 10d/Son of M & EA

Thorndike, William-27 Mar 1783-25 Sep 1818/Native of Massachusetts

Turner, Isaac-1 Jan 1779-19 Jul 1833

Turner, Sarah-9 Oct 1779-30 May 1849/Wife of Isaac

Turner, William O-died 13 Jul 1841/1y 11m 10d/Son of M&N

Wolsey, John-died 28 Jul/48y

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