Duck Creek Baptist Churchyard Cemetery

Duck Creek Baptist Churchyard Cemetery

Duck Creek & Edwards Roads

Columbia Township

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The Duck Creek Baptist Church and cemetery was established in 1827. William Marsh sold the land to John Ferris, Thomas Cooper, Richard A Morten, Benjamin Bridge and James Lyon Jr. In 1900 it was abandoned. Records of the cemetery are at the Cincinnati Historical Society and the area was cleared for the I-71 Highway in the 1960ís. These stones were copied before the destruction began.

Allen, Jane-died 30 Sep 1848/32y/native of Clark County Oh

Ball, Danforth M-died 1 Sep 1838 in Madisonville Oh/10m 15d/Son of Danforth E & Maria A Ball

Grandson of Joseph & Ann Morton

Bower, Sarah-died 25 May 1862-Wife of David

Brelsford, Sally J-8 Jun 1856-30 Jan 1884

Cadman, George John-died __ Sep 1854/13y 5m/ "who was killed by the upsetting of the

East Walnut Omnibus"

Carder, Mary-died 6 Mar 1843/80y/Consort of John of Kentucky & mother of Maria Lyon

Clark, Jeremiah-died 23 Jun 1883/42y 1m

Conover, Tabitha Jane-died 9 Aug 1849/19y 7m 9d/Wife of J

Dickinson, Samuel-died 3 Nov 1834/19y 11m 21d/Sonof Samuel K & Anna

Drake, Catherine B-died 17 Aug 1862/42y 1m 6d/Dau of John & Anna Ferris/Wife of Francis K

Drake, Edward F-died 12 Jul 1837/1y 7m 18d/Sonof Francis & Catherine

Dunn, Elizabeth-died 2 Jan 1843/73y 8m 11d/Wife of Samuel

Dunn, Samuel-died 18 Apr 1817/48y 4m 8d

Dunn, Samuel W-died 12 Aug 1821/20y/Son of Samuel & Elizabeth

Edwards, Ann-25 Jan 1770 in New York City-24 Aug 1838 in Cincinnati

Ferris, Abram-died 17 Mar 1843/20y

Ferris, Anne-died 1 Jan 1843/57y

Ferris, Elizabeth-died 1809/24y

Ferris, Hannah Mariah-18 Sep 1834-1 Jan 1844/Dau of I&P

Ferris, Harriet S-31 Dec 1816-5 Sep 1849

Ferris, Henriette Frances-26 Aug ___/Wife of Ezra H

Ferris, Herman Cope-25 Mar 1853-5 Feb 1863 or 68

Ferris, Hezekiah Smith-5 Nov 1805-10 Nov 1824/Son of John & Elizabeth

Ferris, Isaac-died __ Jul 1819 in CT/84y/ "rendered material aid to colonies in Revolutionary War"

Ferris, Isaac {Rev}-12 Apr 1796-22 Dec 1860

Ferris, John-died 24 Dec 1840/62y

Ferris, John-28 Sep 1847-1 Feb 1848

Ferris, Mary Sherwood-1742-1825

Ferris, Phebe-22 Sep 1798-25 Feb 1882/Wife of Rev Isaac

Ferris, Reuben-died 20 Nov 1840/21y

Ferris, Sherwood-9 Oct 1841-28 Jan 1842

Ferris, Willis Dunham-17 Jan 1843-7 Sep 1871

Ford, ____-6 May 1782-19 Jan 1831

Ford, Jerusha-8 Aug 1793-26 Feb 1843/Wife of Elijah

Forman, Ann-5 Nov 1841-19 Jan 1845/Dau of John & Phebe

Forman, Ho____-__ Sep 1819-25 Sep 1832/Son of Jonathan

Forman, Infant-child of John & Phebe

Forman, James M- __ Dec 1845-1 Oct 1848/Son of JM & Susan

Forman, Jonathan-died 1 Jan 1842/66y 8m 6d

Forman, Margaret-died 7 Oct 1851/9m

Forman, Mary-died 23 Mar 183_/58y 2m 16d/Consort of Jonthan

Forman, Mary J-ssa James M/no dates

Forman, Phebe-died 27 Feb 1876/Wife of J/Dau of E&J Ford

Forman, Susan-19 Feb 1826-16 Dec 1845/Wifeof JM

Fowler, Thomas-dates unreadable

Giffin, Albert-died 12 Apr 1865/18y 2m/Son of John & Elizabeth

Giffin, Mary-died 18 Jun 1864/14y 9m/Dau of John & Elizabeth

Gwinnup, George-1754 in NJ-1840/Revolutionary War Veteran

Hammel, Ebenezer F-died 13 Nov 1824/10y 27d

Harding, Susan-died 11 Apr 1854/10y 2m/Dau of Lodnor & Mary Harding

Holget, Hannah M-died 12 Aug 1820/1y/Dau of Abraham L & Elizabeth

Hopkins, Benjamin F-20 Dec 1859-8 Aug 1860

Jones, James T-died 16 Jan 1834/6m 5d/Son of Philip & Harriet

Knisley, Jonas-died 3 Oct 1827/11y __m 23d/Sson of J&S

Knisley, Samuel-died 7 Mar 1841/39y 4m 13d

Knisley, Solomon-died 16 May 1829/21y 19d

Lawrence, Jonah-dates unreadable/Son of Oliver & ___

Lawrence, Mary-died 21 Nov 1866/40y 1m 26d/Wife of Oliver/Wife 1st of Enos Marsh

Lyon, Eliza-died 25 Mar 1846/23yDdau of James & Maria

Lyon, James {Rev}-died 1 Jan 1865/80y 2m 1d

Marsh, Albert-7 Dec 1841-18 Aug 1861/Son of William & Mary

Marsh, Anna L-31 Oct 1848-7 Jan 1860/Dau of William & Mary

Marsh, Edward-2 Feb 1838-11 Oct 1860/Son of William & Mary

Marsh, Jonathan-28 Oct 1828-13 Oct 1885

Marsh, Lawrence Bell-23 Jan 1852-2 Jan 1869/Son of William & Mary

Marsh, Mary Forman-7 Jan 1808-6 Aug 1887/Wife of William

Marsh, William-1 Apr 1805-8 Oct 1872

Mills, Abner-died 24 Jul 1836/69y

Morton, Charlotte S-died 27 Jun 1830/2y 10m 6d/Dau of Joseph & Ann

Morton, George-died 11 Jul 1849/30y 7m 23d

Morton, Henry-died 8 Oct 1824/61y 7__ stone broken

Morton, Henry- __ Apr 1786-17 Mar 1837

Morton, J A-no headstone left

Morton, Joseph H-died 9 Dec 1866/75y

Morton, Mary-died 27 Aug 1850/86y/Consort of Henry

Nash, Martha-7 Oct 1778-20 Apr 1856/Consort of John

Patton, Jacob M-31 Jan 1804-31 Dec 1866

Peat, Harriet-6 Feb 1793 in Milford CT-30 Oct 1868/Wife of John/Dau of Ira & Hannah Connor

Peat, Ira C-died 15 Sep 1846/17y 3m 3d/Son of John & Harriet

Riggle, George W-died 6 Aug 1839/1y 6m 18d/Son of Jacob & Ruth

Riggle, Sarah-died 22 Dec 1853/77y 1m27d/Wife of George

Seaman, Sarah Wade Whiteley-29 Apr 1831- ____/Wife of A Seaman

Shaw, James L-died 12 Oct 1840/11y/ Son of ___ & Evaline

Smith, Abraham-died 24 Apr 1815-39y/Native of Virginia

Smith, Jesse-died 17 Aug 1833/34y 1m 24d

Smith, Monroe-died 14 Jun 1828/9m 7d/Son of JH & EC


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