Bennett Cemetery
Bennett Cemetery
West side of Markley Road North of Bennett Road
Anderson Township
Hamilton County, Ohio

submitted by Shirlene L  Jensen

This cemetery is located on the west side of the road, high on a bluff overlooking the valley to the east. Access is by a small wagon road which takes off from the main highway at a 30 degree angle, and it winds up the steep hillside toward the west. A steel rope at the top blocks traffic. A winding lane follows the ridge and finally reaches the little cemetery. The trees have taken over the area and it is very difficult to locate and work in. The names are from the Marie Dickore Research Collection and permission is given by the Norwood Family History Center Director, Alma Ryan, who has possession of the collection.

  • Adams, Sarah-died 7 Jan 1863/76y 4m 2d/Wife of Louther
  • Bennett, A D-1831-1903
  • Bennett, Angeline-1837-1910/Wife of A D
  • Bennett, Charles-Son of AD & Angeline
  • Bennett, Della-Dau of AD & Angeline
  • Bennett, Elizabeth-Dau of AD & Angeline
  • Bennett, Landon-Son of AD & Angeline
  • Bennett, William-Son of AD & Angeline
  • Dawson, Nancy-died 5 Dec 1849/65y/Wife of Joseph
  • Jones, Mary-died 9 Feb 1847/52y 4m 4d/Wife of Absalom
  • Jones, Sarah M-died 10 Sep 1837/6m 13d/Dau of Alen & Elizabeth
  • Kuhn, Angeline-died 21 Dec 1879/62y 1m 9d/Wife of George
  • Kuhn, Infant-died 2 Oct 1847/Son of George & Angelina/2m 2d
  • Robinson, Frances M-20 May 1853-8 Apr 1855/Dau of D Robinson
  • Robinson, Mary-11 Dec 1830-8 Feb 1853/22y 2m/Wife of Daniel
  • Sheldon, George-died 25 Jul 1854/5m 11d/Son of G & H
  • Sheldon, Harriet-died 23 Feb 1854/28y 5m/Wife of George
  • Synder, Walton L-died 26 Aug 1850/1y 8m 10d/Son of James

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