Bailey S. HARRELL Family Bible

Transcribed by Pat Johnson
Bible now owned by Sue Mullins & submitted by her

Bailey Harrell
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Also see: Cincinnati Times-Star April 6, 1899 "Ninety-Year Old Man Knocked Down By Train"
page which includes several Obituaries on July 10, 1899 about Bailey S. Harrell

The Holy Bible was published in Buffalo [New York] by Phinney and Co. in 1851. In 2001 it was donated by an unknown person to a used book sale at Dayton, Ohio. It is in poor condition with the binding intact but the spine loose. Mr. HARRELL apparently moved back and forth between Cairo, Illinois and Cleves, Ohio, a suburb of Cincinnati. He has notes on the first three pages and in the family record section with dates, places, and events in his life. The family record is:

Bailey S. HARRELL and Abigail WOOD [spelling?] were married on the 16th of Jany 1834.
Bailey S. HARRELL and Julia Ann KOBLITZ were married on the 15th of Oct 1848.
Chas D. ANTER [spelling?] and Eliza M. HARRELL were married on 17th March 1851.
Job H. HAYES and Clara W. HARRELL were married Dec 6th 1873.
Walter C. HARRELL and Nancy E. HERREN were married Nov. 23, 1876
Kate D. HARRELL and Edwin WILKE married Oct 7, 1884.
William HARRELL father of B. S. HARRELL was married to Martha BUSSELL on the 21st of August 1806.
Bailey S. HARRELL was born on the 17 April 1809.
Abigail WOOD was born on the 14th of May 1814.
Julia Ann BERRY was born Sept 27 1822.
William HARRELL, father of B. S. HARRELL died May 29, 1857.
Martha BUSSELL, wife of Wm HARRELL and mother of B. S. HARRELL was born in Westmoreland County, Virginia Nov. 22, 1787.


Eliza M. HARRELL was born the 28th of May? 183_? at North Bend.
Jane HARRELL was born on the 28th of Aug 1838 at Cleves.
Albert HARRELL was born on the 14 January 1841 at Cleves, Ohio.
Twins born on 8 Dec. 1843. Died same day at Cleves.
Cornelia HARRELL born on the 28 June 1845 in Cincinnati


Walter C. HARRELL was born on the 24 March 1850 at Cairo, Ill.
Edward HARRELL was born on the 30th March 1853 at Cairo.
Jane HARRELL was born on the 4 June 1853 at Cairo.
Clara W. HARRELL was born on Sunday July 29, 1855 at Cleves.
A son born Sept 21 1859 in Cairo.
Kate HARRELL was born in Cairo April 8, 1861.


Abigail HARRELL died April 11th 1848 at Cleves.
Jane HARRELL died Nov. 6th 1841 at Cleves
Cornelia HARRELL died July 16th 1845 at Cincinnati.
Edward HARRELL died July 10, 1824 at Cleves.
Jane HARRELL died Sept 19, 1854 at Cleves.
Son died 16 Mch 1859-aged 6 mo and 14 day at Cairo, Ill.
Julia A. HARRELL wife of B. S. HARRELL died May 31, 1889 in Cleves, Ohio.
James BERRY father of Julia A. HARRELL died July 10th 1849 at Cairo.
Wm S. HARRELL father of B. S. HARRELL died May 29. 1857.
Margaret HARRELL sister of Bailey, died Oct 3 1844.
Martha HARRELL mother of B. S. HARRELL. Died at North Bend, Ohio on the 19 January 1871.
Isaac L. HARRELL died Nov. 19 1882.
A. R. LIND died Nov 2. 1882.
_______HARBAUGH died Oct. 5, 1882.

Within the pages of the Bible were two funeral notices:
  -- Mrs. Matilda, wife of Dr. Matthew SMITH. Burial at the Upper Graveyard. Services by Rev. Mr.CHAMBERS. Sept. 8, 1856.
  -- Julia Bell LEDWIDGE, daughter of Mrs. and Mrs. C. LEDWIDGE. Monday, December 25, 1854.

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