Ford's Cemetery Guernsey County
FORD'S CEMETERY											

Transcribed and submitted by Louise
	Salt Fork Area										
	This cemetery is very well hidden in the wildlife area of Salt Fork. With help from the Wildlife 										
	Conservation personnel we were able to locate this cemetery. Without their help we could have										
	searched for days. They guided us to the path and from there we were on our own. When just										
	about to the cemetery Gordon Love took the lead. When he first saw the cemetery he threw										
	his arms up with excitement. Vicki Fenton and myself followed. Once at the cemetery, our										
	work began. We were pushing briars and weeds out of the way. Just when you would push a										
	briar out of the way another one would catch you in the back. With shaving cream and a sponge,										
	we were able to take pictures of the stones remaining.										
	Take the park entrance from State Route 22. Go up R-1 to the far end of R-51. Turn down R-51										
	and go .6 mile to R-52. Go up R-52 .6 mile. There will be a mowed path on the left. A sign is										
	posted on the right about no horseback riding. Go down the path about 150 yards to the pink ribbon.										
	At the ribbon turn down the path and go about 120 feet where the path splits. Take the left hand										
	path to the meadow. Go straight through the meadow and on the knob of the hill sits the cemetery.										
	It is a small area with a woven wire fence. Inside the fence the stones are covered with weeds and										
	Only a few stones are inside a fenced area on top of a knob. The stones are covered with 										
	weeds and briars which makes it very difficult to get close to the stones.										
				1	George Ford						
					July 24, 1831 - Dec 1, 1901						
					Mary E						
					Jul 22, 1855 - Oct 6, 1858						
					May 11, 1865 - Oct 31, 1870						
				2	George W Forde						
					Nov 14, 1868						
					78 y 10 mo 6 das						
				3	John W Forde						
					Died Oct 3, 1859						
					Son of G K & M Forde						
					Aged 10 mo 11 das						
					"Happy infant early blest						
					Rest in peaceful slumber"						
				4	Elizabeth						
					Wife of George Forde						
					Died Dec 25, 1856						
					Aged 59 y __ mo 14 das						
				5	Elijah W						
					Son of R C & Sarah Smith						
					Died Oct 27, 1863						
					Aged 9 yr 10 mo 16 das