Index to the Folders of Geauga County, Ohio Genealogical Society Members

(1973 2002)

The files created by a genealogical society hold a wealth of untapped family information.

The following database (6,606 names) indexes the information found in the files of 429 people who have been or are members of the Society.

Folders may include a 5 generation chart, proof for Society of Geauga Pioneers, correspondence, tidbits, etc.

Membership # Explanation

Any number with a 1 after it (i.e. 182-1), is the Society member.

To Obtain Copies

Find a match in the list. Note the membership number (last column). You MUST include this in your request since the folders are organized in numerical order. If you want to know who submitted the information also look for the membership number which includes the # 1 after it. This will help reduce the likelihood of your receiving information from a researcher with whom you have already corresponded.

When requesting a copy of the material by mail or e-mail, include your name and postal address.

Mail Requests Anderson Allyn Room For Genealogical Research, 110 E. Park St., Chardon, OH 44024.



$ .10 per page (or current fee charged by the Library). DO NOT send money. You will be billed. If the file is voluminous, you will be given a summary of the contents with and estimate of costs so that you can decide how to proceed.


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