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Greek Ancestry In Middletown, Ohio
And including Parts of Butler, Warren, Montgomery and Hamilton Counties.

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This web site was developed to help identify Greek immigrants who lived in Middletown, Ohio.  A large number of them immigrated between 1891 and 1910. The names of Greek immigrants when translated into English were spelled in various ways on official documents. Also the immigrant changed his or her English name from time to time. This file groups the names as spelled in recent years and sometimes includes the spellings as found on the original documents,which were researched as indicated in "Research Sources" (index Tab 11.)  For example, Demetrion is seen as Demetriou, etc. The same is true for the spellings of villages  cities i.e.  Modern Brusa, Turkey is spelled Brussa on many documents, Bursa on others. More potential confusion can be found in geographical names: the city of Brusa is contained in the much larger Province of Brusa; while the City of Mudanya is contained in the Region of Mudanya which is also contained within the Province of Brusa.
Submitted by: Cleo Garofalos Garvin 
Nick Demetrion: [email protected]
and George Christy: [email protected]

With heavy heart we report the September 9, 2013 passing of our dear friend and colleague, Cleo "Popi" Garvin, whose vision, effort and energy was critical to the creation of this website. May her memory be eternal.

We wish to acknowledge and give thanks to Vivian Combs Moon for her considerable efforts in the creation and development of this website Vivian is webmaster of a website dedicated to Middletown History and Genealogy which can be accessed by clicking on this link  
Anyone wishing to do further research on a family member, regarding, but not  limited to, Death Records and Cemeteries,  may find pertinent information there.

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