The Delta Atlas July 2, 1975 PART I
                                                    Column by Vashti Seaman


The TROWBRIDGE Family has been important in many areas, as they came at an early date from England to Mass. They then moved into Conn., N.J., N.Y. and into Ohio. As many of the descendants still can be found in our county, we will find it convenient to make several issues of the connecting families. I am sorry that I cannot bring the names into present generation.

1. THOMAS TROWBRIDGE, the ancestor was b ca 1605 in Eng. and married 1627 to ELIZABETH (b 1603, d 1641-42). a dau of JOHN MARSHALL of England. In 1634, THOMAS TROWBRIDGE brought his family to Mass., at Dorchester. In 1639 the family was at New Haven, Conn. THOMAS returned to England where he d in

1672-73, leaving his sons in Conn. Three known sons are listed.

2. a THOMAS TROWBRIDGE, JR., b 1631, d 1702. Came to America with his
parents, m 1657 to SARAH ROTHERFORD, b 1641, d 1682. Among their children was
a son, THOMAS, b 1663, d 1711. He was of New Haven, Conn., m 1685 to MARY WINSTON, b 1667, d 1742.

b. WILLIAM TROWBRIDGE, bapt. 1633, d 1688, m 1656 to ELIZABETH (LAMBERTON) SELLIVANT, a young widow. Her father, GEORGE LAMBERTON was a resident of New Haven, Conn. and had a wife, MARGARET. WILLIAM TROWBRIDGE & ELIZABETH also had a son, THOMAS. He was b 1659 and d 1750, m ABIGAIL BEARDSLEY.

C. JAMES TROWBRIDGE, b 1636, d 1717. He served as Lt. in King Phillip's War. He was m several times.

Many important Americans have the TROWBRIDGE Family among their ancestors. Their descendants have served in most of the wars of our nation. The D.A.R. PATRIOT INDEX lists 40 names of men who served in the Revolutionary War. Several were of N.Y. and one is of N.J. Most of the others are of Conn.


ABNER TROWBRIDGE came to our county and settled early near Fayette. He signed his will May 14, 1875. Pro. at Wauseon, July 13, 1875. He mentioned his wife, ELIZA, who was to have use of their plantation and after her decease, said property was to be equally divided between the children. He mentioned BENJAMIN, WILLIAM & JUDSON TROWBRIDGE. Also the grandchildren, "children of my dau, SAMANTHA HAVENS," namely: LEROY HAVENS, FAYETTE HAVENS, FRANK ABNER HAVENS and CHARLES HAVENS. Wife, ELIZA, and son, WILLIAM, were Exec. of his estate. Wit. by 101. BURNS & PERRY WOOLACE.

ABNER d May 19, 1875, age 75y 7m 8d. He was buried in the Fayette, 0. Cem. His son, WILLIAM, b Apr. 19, 1833, d Fayette, June 6, 1919. WILLIAM's wife, MARY ANN, b May 11, 1844, d Feb. 24, 1935. JUDSON TROWBRIDGE was b in Know Co., 0. and d Sept. 10, 1906 at Fayette, age 67h. FRANCES, his wife, d May 18, 1922, age 80y 8m 24d. Concerning their origin, Vol. 5, p 539 of the "Compendium of American Genealogy: by F. Virkus;

Gen. 10, THOMAS TROWBRIDGE, the ancestor from Eng. 1634. He and wife, ELIZABETH MARSHALL, had son; 9. WILLIAM TROWBRIDGE, bapt, 1633, d 1688, m


The Delta Atlas June 25, 1975

1656 ELIZABETH (LAMBERTON) SELLIVANT d 1716; 8. JOSEPH TROWBRIDGE, 1676-1715 m 1708, ANN SHERWOOD, dau of MATTHEW; 7. DAVID TROWBRIDGE, b 1709, d 1768, of Stratford, Conn. and moved to Morristown, N.J., m 1735 LYDIA , d 1792; 6. DANIEL TROWBRIDGE, b 1737, of N.J., m 1764 SARAH LUDLUM, 1744-1786, dau of SAMUEL LUDLUM; 5. DANIEL TROWBRIDGE, JR., b 1776, d 1807 in N.J., m 1798 SARAH EHMAN, and had 4. ABNER TROWBRIDGE, b 1799, d 1875, Fayette, O., m 1822 to ELIZA LYON, b 1804, d 1884 DAU. of SIMON LYON; 3. JUDSON TROWBRIDGE, b 1839, d 1906 at Fayette, Gorham Twp. He m 1860 FRANCES AMELIA COTTRELL, b 1841, d 1922, dau of ERASTUS COTTRELL & EMILY W. (dau of ABNER ROGERS).

The COTTRELL Family were early settlers of Gorham Twp. The COTTRELL ANcestors were GORHAM COTTRELL, father of ERASTUS; ASA, father of GORHAM and the next 3 generations were named NICHOLAS COTTRELL, making GORHAM COTTRELL the 5th generation listed.

2. PERNIA ESTELLA TROWBRIDGE, b 1871, d 1926, m 1893 CARMEN F. TRACY, who
was b. 1869. Issue: 1. (d) MILFORD EDWIN TRACY, b Fostoria, O., Jan. 16, 1896;
(b) HOWARD DEWITT TRACY, b 1897, m 1924 EDNA M. WARNER; (c) BELFORD E. TRACY, m Nov. 2, 1916 IRMA ELLEN FISH and resided in El Segundo, Calif.

Of the above family, GORHAM COTTRELL, SR. was b in Worthington, Hampshire Co., Mass. and d in Gorham Twp. 1852. He is listed as one of the first to settle in the twp. and 'the twp. was named in his honor. Many of his neighbors came from the eastern Colonial States. GORHAM COTTRELL cane in 1835.

ASA COTTRELL, b May 20, 1791, d Mar. 7, 1882, age 90 at Fayette.

The TROWBRIDGE Family of Delta, 0.

JOHN SUMNER is the ancestor of the Delta TROWBRIDGE Families. He was a Revolutionary Soldier and resided in Ashford, Conn. He was b in Conn. 1736, and d in Edenburg, N.Y., Aug. 6, 1804. He served as a Major at Ticonderoga, and as a Lt. Col. at the Battle of Germantown, Pa., and served at Stony Point in the Conn. Line. He was stationed that winter at Valley Forge. He m in Conn, 1761 to MEHITABLE PERRY. They had the following children known to me (list not complete); (a) BENJAMIN SUMNER, b 1764, d 1808, m 1789 RUTH PALMER. He served as a Rev. soldier and was captured by the British and held prisoner a year before being exchanged; (b) PERCY SUMNER, m JAMES PERRY, lived in Saratoga, N.Y., where dau, BETSY B. PERRY was born. BETSY m JOHN A SCRIBNER; (c) CLARISSA SUMNER m PETER BENSON, and had son, ALANSON P. BENSON, who m LYDIA M. PATTRICK; (d) MARY SUMNER m JONATHAN SMITH, lived Edenburg, N.Y.; (e) MEHITABLE SUMNER d before 1837. She m 1790 WM. WILLARD TROWBRIDGE. He was b in New Haven Conn. in 1769, d in N.Y. State spring 1837.


He is listed as WILLARD TROWBRIDGE of N.Y. State when he purchased land in present York Twp., Lucas Co., O., Vol. 1, 1 38; U.S. Gov. sold land in the SE 1/4 Sec. 11, T7N, R7E, being 40 acres May 24, 1834; 80 acres Nov. 10, 1834; 40 acres May 5, 1835; 40 acres Oct. 7, 1835 (now Fulton Co.). Also land in the NW!4 Sce. 11, Mar. 5, 1835.

Most of present Delta was purchased from the Gov. by W.W. TROWBRIDGE, beginning 1834-35. He evidently intended each of his children to have about 80 acres of land here, but did not live long enough to settle his property upo them, page 174, Vol. 2, Lucas Co. Transfer Bk. I found this record; see also Vol. 1, Lucas Co. Transfer Bk,, p 611, concerning a settlement of the land in York Twp. belonging to WILLARD TROWBRIDGE, deceased, of N.Y. State;



The Delta Atlas June 25, 1975

Saragoga Co., N.Y., and ADALINE & JOHN CHAMBERS, DELOTIA & JOHN KENNEDY of Canajoharie, Montgomery Co., N.Y., in consideration of $60.00 paid to us in hand by J0HN TROWBRIDGE of Lucas Co., 0 .... do bargain and sell the undivided real estate of WILLARD W. TROWBRIDGE, deceased ... being the west half of the NW34 of Sec. 13 in Twp. 7, North of Range 7 East, in lands subject to sale by the U.S. Gov. at Wapakonetta, 0. Land Office .... we do grant ... etc ... to JAMES TROWBRIDGE, this 2nd of Oct. 1837..."

Oct. 3, 1837, the same names appear on land records of Sec. 11, when purchased from the heirs of W.W. TROWBRIDGE, ded'd, by M.H. BUTLER, who had a wife, JULIA (MARTIN BUTLER.)

ELISHA TROWBRIDGE also purchased land from the U.S. Gov. in Sec. 11, being east 11, 80 acres, Nov. 10, 1838. ELISHA and wife, RUTH TROWBRIDGE, deed ed 40 acres in Sec. 14, Sept. 27, 1847 to day. EMELINE BRYANT.

ELISHA TROWBRIDGE, evidently the eldest son of W. WILLARD TROWBRIDGE & MEHITABLE SUMNER, left a will in Barber's Abstracts dated Aug. 23, 1856. Pro. May 7, 1857, (Wills, Vol. 1, p 113.) He mentioned his wife, RUTH, to have a life interest in the estate, and at her death, it should go to their children; LEONARD TROWBRIDGE, JAMES M. TROWBRIDGE, EMELINE BRYANT, ADELAINE BRAINARD (wife of ABNER P.), CATHERINE RAMSEY (wife. of William.) and LAURA TROWBRIDGE.

JOHN KENNEDY d Delta 1865, age 55.

DELOTIA TROWBRIDGE KENNEDY d Delta, Sept. 10, 1890, age 75.

These land records in the Recorder's office at Wauseon give us the names and places of residence, 1837, of the children of WILLARD TROWBRIDGE & MEHITABLE SUMNER. DELOTIA & JOHN KENNEDY, her husband, came later to Delta, and a KENNEDY Addition was surveyed in Delta, on their land. Their names can be found on various sales of lots in Delta.

1850 York Twp. Census lists JOHN KENNEDY age 40, b N.Y.; DELOTIA, age 35 b N.Y.; LEANDER, age 11, b N.Y.

As there were many descendants in Fulton Co. of JOHN SUMNER and WILLARD TROWBRIDGE, his son-in-law, I will have to list the descendants in several issues   of the Delta Atlas.


The 1790 Conn. Census lists the following on p 141. Ashford town, Windham Co.: EBENEZER SUMNER, 3 males of or over 16, 6 females.; SAMUEL SUMNER, 2 m over 16, 3 m under 16, 5 fe.; JAMES F. SUMNER, 2 m over 16, 2 m under 16, 5 fe.; BENJAMIN SUMNER, 4 m over 16, 1 m under 16, 4 fe.; JOHN SUMNER, 2 m over 16, 2 m under 16, 5 fe.;

As JOHN SUMNER and MEHITABLE PERRY named a son, BENJAMIN, it is possible that his father may have been named BENJAMIN, or that he had a brother BENJAMIN

In New Haven (city), New Haven Co., Conn., 1790 Census, p 103, WM. TROWBRIDGE had himself over 16, 2 m under 16 and 2 fe. P.105, WM TROWBRIDGE had himself over 16, and 1 fe. This may be the same TROWBRIDGE Family, but there were so many of this name in New Haven Co.!


I have been unable to learn the maiden name of ELISHA'S wife, RUTH.

They are both buried in the old west end of the Delta Greenlawn Cemetery.


The Delta Atlas June 25, 1975

They must have been buried upon their homestead farm. In 1850 York Twp. Fulton Co., 0. Census:

ELISHA TROWBRIDGE, b Conn., age 57; RUTH TROWBRIDGE, b N.Y., age 56; LEONARD TROWBRIDGE, b N.Y. age 23; JAMES TROWBRIDGE, b N.Y. age 15; ADALINE TROWBRIDGE, b N.Y., age 20; CATHERINE TROWBRIDGE, b N.Y., age 18; LAURA TROWBRIDGE b O., age 11; MELINDA (BELINDA) CLAPPER, age 16, b O., was then living with WILLARD TROWBRIDGE, next door to ELISHA.; EMELINE not home in 1850.

Years ago, a dau of LEONARD TROWBRIDGE sent me a letter concerning the family as follows: From Mrs. MAIME  KAHLE, Morenci, Mich. (She died in 1967.)

"My great grandfather was ELISHA TROWBRIDGE. He was brought by his family to N.Y. State when a lad, and married there. He came to where Delta, 0. is located about 1835. Several of the children became ill after their arrival and were the first burials on the old homestead. I believe the sons had cholera. For years, church meetings were held in his cabin. Great-grandfather also served as the minister. It was the first meetings held by the Methodists.

An early school was also built upon his land, or on the land of his brothes WILLARD.

Great-grandfather ELISHA TROWBRIDGE d Sept. 4, 1856, age 62 yrs. Great grandmother RUTH TROWBRIDGE, d Nov. 4, 1858, age 64.

My grandfather, LEONARD TROWBRIDGE, was b May 27, 1827 in Turin, Lewis Co N.Y. He m in Delta, June 29, 1851 to BELINDA CLOPPER, a dau of JOHN CLOPPER, and they had 10 children.- ALFRED H. TROWBRIDGE, b July 22, 1852, d Aug. 11, 1852; ADA (ADALAID) VANDORA, b Sept. 25, 1853, d Feb. 19, 1871; ALICE TROWBRIDGE, b Feb. 15, 1856, d Apr. 4, 1894, m KOOS and had MARVIN & FRED KOOS; ELDORA, b Dec. 15, 1858, d Dec. 22,  1880; NETTIE, b July 1, 1860, d Dec. 6, 1,926. She was my mother; had 2 children, CHARLES & MAYME MEEKER (myself); LEMOTTE, b Nov. 14, 1862, d July 9, 1892; 101. SHERMAN, b Nov. 1, 1864,  ELIDA EDITH, b Nov. 30, 1868, d Sept. 13, 1871; ADA MAE, b Aug. 17, 1871, d Sept. 3, 1933, m ______DOWNING;  HARVEY LINN, b Nov. 29, 1875, d Feb. 24, 1878, Pike Twp.

I do hope this family will be of some help to your research. Sincerely, I remain, Mrs. MAMIE KAHLE."

LEONARD TROWBRIDGE'S will is in Vol. 5, p 612, Probate Office, Wauseon. It was signed in June 1887, Pro. Dec. 2, 1887. He was then 60 years old. He willed that his wife, BELINDA, should have the use of the house and lot in Delta, as long as she remained his widow. His son, WILLIAM S. TROWBRIDGE, was to pay each of the daughters (his sisters), the sum of $300.00 at the death of the mother. But ADA was to have $700.00 more than the others. "I nominate WM. TROWBRIDGE, a son of the late WILLARD TROWBRIDGE, now deceased, as my Ex."

In the settlement of this will, these addresses were given: Widow, BELINDA, Delta; ALICE KOOS, Delta; NETTIE MEEKER, Lyons; LAMONT TROWBRIDGE, Delta; SHERMAN TROWBIRDGE, Archbold; ADA TROWBRIDGE, Delta; WM. S. TROWBRIDGE, was to buy the farm.

BELINDA d Fulton Twp., Mar. 28, 1821, age 86. Parents were JOHN & KATHERINE CLOPPER.

The Delta Atlas July 9, 1975



The Delta Atlas July 9, 1975

Because so many children of WILLARD TROWBRIDGE and MEHITABLE SUMNER came to Fulton Co., 0. and are among the earliest families who settled at present Delta I find it is necessary to give the first families in several continued issues of the Delta Atlas. Last week we listed the known children of JOHN SUMNER. Revolutionary Soldier of Conn., and of WILLARD TROWBRIDGE, husband of his daughter, MEHITABLE SUMNER. We also listed the will and children of ELISHA & RUTH TROWBRIDGE and of their son, LEONARD TROWBRIDGE & BELINDA CLOPPER.

This week we will continue with children and grandchildren of ELISHA TROWBRIDGE, as many descendants are scattered. In the summer of 1967, Miss EMMA SMITH, living at 4361-2 10th St., N.Y. City, 10009, called on me, asking for help on her TROWBRIDGE ancestors. With her records and mine, we worked out the following lineage chart:

1. JOHN SUMNER, b 1736 Conn., d N.Y. State 1804, m 1761 MEHITABLE PERRY
(PARRY): 2. MEHITABLE SUMNER d before 1837, N.Y. State, m 1790 WILLARD TROW-
BRIDGE, b 1769, d 1837.; 3.Rev. ELISHA TROWBRIDGE, b Conn, 1793-94, d York Twp., Fulton Co. at Delta, 1856. Wife, RUTH, d age 64, Delta, 1858.; 4. CAROLINE TROWBRIDGE, d 1850-51, m WM. FEWLESS, an early pioneer. He d in 1884.; 5. RUTH A FEWLESS, b Feb. 21, 1840, Delta, d Jan. 9, 1911, m 1865 VIRGIL WEEKS b Seneca Co., 0. 1841 to DAVID WEEKS & REBECCA McCARTY, d 1917; 6. CADDIE C. WEEKS, 1878-1962, bur'. Salsbury Ce., m CHAS. PRENTISS, 1867-1930 (son of ABRAHAM PRENTISS & CATHERINE FISHER, early settlers in Amboy Twp.). 7. MARY PRENTISS, m FRED DANA SMITH, son of HIRAM SMITH & EVALYN KYPER. (EVELYN KYPER was grandau of AFRICA SPAULDING, 1805-82, early settler at Swanton, and HARRIET GRAY, his wife.) AFRICA SPAULDING left a will, Fulton Co.; 8. EMMA SMITH living Christmas, 1967, in N.Y. City.

CHARLES W. PRENTISS, b 1867, is also the father of ROBERT L. PRENTISS, now living in Napoleon, 0. He m HAZEL ELEANOR McARTHUR and they have had 1 soa; DAVID L PRENTISS, a successful farmer of Fulton Co., who lives north of Delta.

The McARTHUR-THORNTON ancestors of Mrs. ROBERT PRENTISS were fiven in the Delta Atlas, Jan. 8 and Jan. 15, 1975.


CAROLINE TROWBRIDGE and WILLIAM FEWLASS were m before 1840, as her name appeared on deeds of that year. JOHN, ISAAC and WM. FEWLASS purchased various tracts of land from the U.S. Gov. and first are listed as being in Henry Co.,O. It does not state if they were brothers. WILLIAM FEWLASS was b in Eng. 1811, and as a young man came early to this part of Ohio. ELISHA TROWBRIDGE purchased land in Sec. 1, T7N, R7E, Pike Twp., in July 1835. In 1841, ELISHA & RUTH TROWBRIDGE deeded a tract of this land to WILLIAM FEWLASS. CAROLINE TROBRUDGE taught the first school in Pike Tup. before she was married. Since her father had given her a share of his estate when living, her name is not given in the will of ELISHA TROWBRIDGE.

CAROLINE d in 1851-52, and her husband then m ELISABETH MACK, b 1821, who d 1864.

From burials in the old Delta Cem. we find these dates: ELISHA FEWLASS, b 1842, d 1863; EMMA J. FEWLASS, b 1847, d 1859; CAROLINE L. FEWLASS, b 1817, d 1852; ELIZABETH FEWLASS b 1821, d 1864; MARY FEWLASS, b 1851, d 1870; WILLIAM FEWLASS, b 1811, d 1884.


The Delta Atlas July 9, 1575

WILLIAM FEWLASS signed his will and it is in Vol. 4, p 487, Fulton Co. 0. Probate Office. It was brought into court by JOHN S. TROWBRIDGE, who stated that WM. FEWLASS d Sept. 2, 1884. WILLIAM FEWLASS MENTIONED HIS WIFE, CATHERINE, of Delta, and that son, WILLIAM J. FEWLASS of Pike Twp., should have 50 acres of land on the old home farm in Pike Twp., located in the NE34 Sec. 1 and 10 acres of land off the east side of the NW,4 of Sec. 1, both being in T7N, R7E. This 10 acres being woodland. (2) to daughter, RUTH C. WEEKS, to have $500. in addition to $200. given her. (3) to dau, LYDIA WALDECK, to have $700. of which $100 is in a promisory note drawing interest. (4) to day, JANE E. WALDECK, the sum of $1,000 to be paid out of the lst payment of money of the avails of the sale of the farm. (5) to dau, HULDAH C. FEWLASS, to have $1,000 when she is 25 years of age, or is she marries, it is to be paid on her marriage. (6) to son, GEORGE FEWLASS, all the promisory notes I hold against him. (7) My Executor is to sell at private or public sale... (8) my wife, CATHERINE FEWLASS, is to have the real estate in the village of Delta, with the improvements thereon, during the time she remains my widow. (9) my wife, CATHERINE, is to have $260 per year, payable semi-annually, as long as dau HULDAH is with her or until she is 18. (10) my son, WILLIAM, is to have 1 pair of Bobbs; .1-2 horse steel plow; 1 small steel plow; 1-5 tooth cultivator; 1 double shovel plow; 1-1 horse wagon; 1-1 horse harness used with said wagon; 3 log chains; 1 square harrow; 20 bags, all of which are on the premises in Delta, and 2 corn knives....

If wife, CATHERINE should remarry, she is to have $500 and the bal. of my estate is to be paid to the children, to share and share alike. Exec. JOHN S. TROWBRIDGE.


Of the children of CAROLINE TROWBRIDGE, lst wife of WM. FEWLASS, RUTH FEWLASS was b Feb. 21, 1840. She m Oct. 31, 1865 VIRGIL WEEKS, who was b in Seneca Co., O., Dec. 2, 1841. His parents were DAVID WEEKS, b N.J., and REBECCA McCARTY, who was b in Ohio.. They had settled for a time in Seneca Co. and came to Fulton Co. about 1848. VIRGIL W. WEEKS and 2 brothers served in the Civil War. RENALDO L. WEEKS moved to New Orleans, Miss. after the War, and BRUNO WEEKS d in Andersonville Prison.

RUTH FEWLASS AND VIRGIL WEEKS had the following children: DAVID, GEORGE, WM., ADA, EMMA, wife of JUSTIN BARTLETT, and CADDIE WEEKS, who m CHARLES PRENTISS, who was a teacher some 26 years in Fulton Co. public schools.


WILLIAM J. FEWLASS, d Delta, Jan. 19, 1946, age 85y llm lld, making his birth 1860. Father, WILLIAM FEWLASS: JENNIE (JANE) E. WALDECK, d Delta, Apr. 19, 1943, age 87y 2m 29d. Parents WILLIAM FEWLASS & ELIZABETH MACK (birth 1856) HENRIETTA FEWLASS, age 55, d Delta, May 5, 1921, b Ohio. Parents MARY & J. BUZZELL. HERMAN WALDECK m JENNIE E. FEWLASS, Mar. 6, 1879. Application for license made by his father, ARNOLD WALDECK.: LYDIA S. (FEWLASS) WALDECK, d Delta on Feb. 19, 1939, age 81y 4m lld.


CATHERINE TROWBRIDGE, dau of ELISHA & RUTH, was b in N.Y. State, June 27, 1832. She was a very small child when her parents settled on the banks of Bad


The Delta Atlas July 9, 1975

Creek, Delta, 0. She m June 1, 1854 to Dr. WM. RAMSEY. He was a pioneer doctor at Delta, and his name can be found on many early court records, especially as a witness to wills. He came as a lad to America with his mother, 3 brothers JAMES, CHRISTOPHER and JOHN RAMSEY and a sister MARGARET.

Dr. RAMSEY was b at Omagh, Northern Ireland, Sept. 1, 1827. The family came first to N.Y. City, then to Philadelphia, Pa. Then to Pittsburgh and settled in 842 at Bolivar, Tuscarawas Co., 0. By hard work, WILLIAM graduated from the Reserve Medical College at Cleveland, 0. in 1849. In 1852, he arrived at Delta, and was then possessed of $7.00 and one old horse hitched to a 2-wheel "gig", having lost his clothes and medicine bags when fording a stream near Napoleon, 0.

In the beginning his practice was slow, and he ofter rode horseback or walked miles to help his patients. He never failed to be kind and considerate to others. He served 25 years on the examining board to help disabled soldiers of the war to apply for their pensions.

CATHERINE TROWBRIDGE and Dr. WILLIAM RAMSEY had 4 children, and she is mentioned in the will of her father, 1856. The children were: (a) LOVEY L. RAMSEY, b April 7, 1856, d Aug. 1860; (b) Dr. WILLIAM RAMSEY, JR., b June 29, 1860, m Miss Z. MAUDE SHARP, b Gallipolis, O., May 27, 1864 (dau WM. & LAURA WOOD SHARP), 2 children: JUNE A., b Apr. 29, 1884; PAUL, b Oct. 17, 1886; (c) JOHN H. RAMSEY, b Sept. 22, 1862, d Aug. 1864; (d) Dr. FRANK RAMSEY, b Dec. 6, 1872, moved to Central Lake, Mich. and practiced medicine. Dr. WILLIAM PAMSEY, SR., d 1909. CATHERINE d 1915, buried at Delta.

ADALAINE TROWGRIDGE, dau of ELISHA & RUTH TROWBRIDGE, was b Lewis CO.N.Y Oct. 3, 1829. She m ABNER P. BRAINARD, a son of NORMAN & ABIGAIL BRAINARD. ABNER was b Genesee Co. N.Y. Dec. 20, 1828. The family settled early at Delta. 6 children were born; (a) ARTHUR S.; (b) LILLIE R.; (c) LOUIS N.; (d) LAURA L.

(e) CURTIS P.; (f) NELLIE J. b Apr. 23, 1872.

ABNER P. BRAINARD settled on Sec. 35 about 3 miles south of Delta and was a brick manufacturer. He moved to Dakota's by 1885.


July 16, 1975

Part III

The TROWBRIDGE & Allied Families:

1. JOHN SUMNER, Rev. Soldier, b Conn., 1736, d Edenburg, N.Y. 1804, m 1761 MEHITABLE PERRY.

2. MEHITABLE SUMNER, d before spring 1837, m 1790 W. WILLARD TROWBRIDGE, and moved to N.Y. State. WILLARD d 1837.

3. WILLARD TROWBRIDGE, b Conn. 1796, d near Delta, O., Dec. 19, 1885. Was evidently married 3 times: m lst MAY SPRAGUE, who d in N.Y. 1831, (b in R.I. 1795), mi 2nd LYDIA (name on deeds 1837-40), m 3rd MARY HEISER or HESSER, d 1883.

4. WILLIAM H. TROWBRIDGE, son of MARY HEISER, was b York Twp., Delta, 1848, d Aug. 13, 1924. He m Sept. 29, 1870 by Rev. C.N. COGAN to Miss MARY ANN KIMMERER, b in Wayne Co., 0. Feb. 16, 1841 to CHAS. KIMMERER & CHRISTINA BIDDLE ' dau of SAMUEL BIDDLE and ELIZABETH KNIGHT. CHAS. KIMMERER left a will and mentioned his grandson:

5. KINSEY H. TROWBRIDGE, b Nov. 21, 1873, d Dec. 27, 1956. He resided on a farm in York Twp. during his life time. He m LOUISE RUPP, b Nov. 6, 1874, d Feb. 21, 1962 (dau of MICHAEL RUPP). 4. children were born: 6. a. ROBERT TROWBRIDGE, b Sept. 10, 1895, living 1970. b. WILLARD TROWBRIDGE, b rural Delta, May 12, 1898, d rural Delta, Nov. 1971, survived by children, KENNETH of Archbold, JOHN of Delta, PAULINE LICHTENWALD of Morenci, MI., VIRGINIA JOHNSON of Delta, and his wife, EVA. c. LOUISE TROWBRIDGE, b 1908, marries 1971, Toledo. d. FLORENCE BARBER, b 1909, living 1971 in Toledo.


I have had trouble finding all the children of WILLARD TROWBRIDGE, as he left no will. And most of the children were born before our records began in Fulton Co. WILLARD TROWBRIDGE purchased land in York Twp. from the U.S. Gov. at an early date, and evidently came with his brother, ELISHA, about 1835. His home was located on the banks of Bad Creek, just west of present Delta. In the 1850 Census is given, stop 705, York Twp: WILLARD TROWBRIDGE, age 53, b Conn. MARY (HEISER) TROWBRIDGE, age 44, b Pa.; ALLEN TROWBRIDGE, age 23, b N.Y.; LUTHER TROWBRIDGE, age 17, b N.Y.; HESTER TROWBRIDGE, age 13, b O.; WILLIAM TROWBRIDGE, age 2, b O.; BELINDA CLOPPER, age 16, b O.; CALEB SCOTT, age 13, b 0.

A son, JOHN S. TROWBRIDGE, was a merchant in Delta, and m Mar. 24, 1840 to HANNAH HAMPTON. Their family will be given under the HAMPTON record.

Another son, CORNELIUS TROWBRIDGE, son of AMY S. SPRAGUE and WILLARD TROWBRIDGE was b 1818 and m CELINA MINERVA BRADLEY. In 1850, CORNELIUS and CELINA had children, ORLANDO, b 1841, and ALFRED, b 1843.. Next door lived SOLOMON, TROWBRIDGE, age 30, wife EMILY, age 24, and SYLVESTER TROWBRIDGE, age 28.

CORNELIUS TROWBRIDGE was b in Lewis Co., N.Y. Feb. 20, 1828. He was about 6 years old when his father came to York Twp., then Lucas Co., 0. CORNELIUS m in Fulton Co., Dec. 30, 1849 to CELINA M. BRADLEY, b in Oswego Co. NY Aug. 21, 1830. Had 2 sons and 1 dau. a. ORLANDO J., b Dec. 26, 1850, b. ALFRED E., b Jan. 16, 1854; c. MARTHA A., b May 6, 1867, d 1868.

CELINA was a dau of ALANSON and MARY (HUBBELL) BRADLEY. CORNELIUS was a farmer and stock buyer and lived near Delta. His son, ORLANDO J. TROWBRIDGE, was b York Twp. Dec. 26, 1850. He m Feb. 4, 1874 to MARTHA A. PEASE, b Oct. 7, 1851. One son, LAWRENCE TROWBRIDGE, was born June 27, 1875 (maybe others later). MARTHA'S parents were ANCIL and ENFIELD (HANCOCK) PEASE, who early settled in Fulton Co. Their children were: CHAS. J. PEASE, JAMES A. PEASE, JULIA A.



ALLEN S. TROWBRIDGE left a will dated Mar. 8, 1910 (was 86 yrs. old). He possibly was the son of WILLARD & AMY. ALLEN d on Nov. 16, 1911. He was then a widower and named the following children (he was of Delta): my son, NEWTON EDGAR TROWBRIDGE, living in Boon, Mich. is to have 1/5 of the remaining estate, he having been given $1,000, which was to be applied to his share.

my dau, ADELTA EUPHEMIA CARSON of Holland, 0. having received $500. towards her share ' she to have 1/5 of total; my dau, FIDELIA DELOTIA MARSHALL, of Cadillac, Mich.; my dau, MARY EVA SKINNER, widow of CHARLES N. SKINNER (is listed in estate as MARY E. HUBBELL of N.Y. City, N.Y.; my son, CARL DAVID TROWBRIDGE of Toledo, has received $600 towards his 1/5 share of my estate. CARL DAVID TROWBRIDGE is to be the Ex. of the estate.

EMILY TROWBRIDGE, b 1820, dau of WILLARD & AMY, m PETER HAUBEIL, b 1817 in Germany, d 1896. EMILY d'1896. Their dau, AMY HAUBEIL, was b 1849 and m WM. GEYSER, whose day DOROTHY TROWBRIDGE GEYSER was b in Swancreek Twp. DOROTHY m FRANK LONGNECKER. DOROTHY joined the D.A.R. from Delta on the service of JOHN SUMNER of Ashford, Conn.

HESTER ANN TROWBRIDGE, b ca 1837 in Fulton Co., O., dau of WILLARD TROW-
BRIDGE & LYDIA_____. She m BENJAMIN BIDDLE, b Apr. 28, 1840, d 1913. HESTER
d 1916 and both buried in Wauseon Cem. BENJAMIN BIDDLE was a son of GEORGE D.
BIDDLE & NANCY LAWRENCE, who settled 1852 in York Twp.

WILLARD TROWBRIDGE, 2nd son of WILLARD & MEHITABLE (PERRY) TROWBRIDGE, served in the War of 1812. His name is on the Soldier's monument of our County Court House.


ALANSON TROWBRIDGE, brother of WILLARD, ELISHA, JAMES, JOHN and of DELOTIA (TROWBRIDGE) KENNEDY, all children of WILLARD TROWBRIDGE and MEHITABLE PERRY, came early to Fulton Co. when it was still Lucas Co. His wife was named POLLY. in the settlement of the estate of WILLARD TROWBRIDGE of N.Y. State 1837. In Oct. 1837, ALANSON, ELISHA and WILLARD, JR. were listed as living then in Lucas Co., 0. The children were listed as follows: WILLIAM C. TROWBRIDGE of Delta .(1885) ? date may be 1875; SOLOMON D. TROWBRIDGE, living Vermont Village, Eaton Co., Mich. 1885; GEORGE M. of Centerville, St. Joseph Co., Mich.; SYLVESTER E. TROWBRIDGE; FANNIE D. DECEASED BY 1872, m SMITH; WILLIS J.. deceased; CHARLES W. TROWBRIDGE of Delta; BETSEY TROWBRIDGE FOOTE, had moved to Nebraska City, Neb.; ALANSON, b Conn, in 1798, living York Two. 1860.

1850 Census,, York Twp: ALANSON TROWBRIDGE, age 52, b Conn; POLLY, age 52, b
N.Y.;.  SYLVESTER, age 19, b N.Y. (at home); GEORGE, age 17, b N.Y.; FANNY, age
15, b N.Y.; JOHN, age 12, b O.; CHARLES, age 9, b O.; BETSEY, age 7, b O.;
SOLOMON, age 22, b N.Y.;

JAMES TROWBRIDGE, brother of ELISHA, WILLARD, ALANSON and JOHN, left N.Y. in early summer of 1837 and came to Maumee City, where he was guided by ELIJAH HERRICK thru the wilds of Lucas Co. to present Delta, where JAMES settled on


land deeded to him by his brothers and sisters as his share of their father's estate. JAMES was b 1803 and m LAURA BUTLER, b 1801 in Conn. They had 2 children: W. WALLACE TROWBRIDGE, b 1829, N.Y., and CHESTER TROWBRIDGE, b 1825.

JAMES' farm joined the farm of his brother, ELISHA.

In Aug. 1842, JAMES TROWBRIDGE and DANIEL HOBERT witnessed the land sale of MATTHEW McCASKEY and wife LUCINDA of Lucas Co., 0. to THOMAS FRAKER of the same place.

JAMES and LAURA TROWBRIDGE were witnesses to the land sale or transfer from ELISHA & RUTH TROWBRIDGE for $50. to son-in-law, 101. FEWLASS, located in Sec. 1, T7N, R7E, 1841.

I could not find the dates of the death of JAMES and LAURA in our Court Records.. A dau, ELIZA E. M. TROWBRIDGE, m DANIEL PETTIS of Delta, and a son is said to have died young.

WALLACE W. TROWBRIDGE, son of JAMES and LAURA (BUTLER) TROWBRIDGE, was b 1830 and-m Dec. 1856 to LYDIA HOAG, b Montgomery Co. N.Y. and she d at their home i Delta, 1885. She was a dau of STEPHEN HOAG of Delta. 3 children were born to WALLACE & LYDIA: ETTA TROWBRIDGE, m DORR C ? BELL; CHARLES FRANCES TROWBRIDGE (see will); ORLANDO F.C. TROWBRIDGE d infancy.


CHARLES FRANCIS TROWBRIDGE was b Apr. 30, 1858 and was a dairy farmer in York Twp. He m Nov. 2, 1882 JULIA SHAFFNER, b in Haverstraw, N.Y. (Rockford Co.) o July 27, 1963. Her parents were JOHN & ANNA (STEINBACH) SHAFFNER, from German but net and married in N.Y. state and had moved about 1865 to Delta. Children listed were: CLIFFORD WELLINGTON, b 1883, d Nov. 17, 1918; MAUDE SHAFFNER, m CLYDE ARNOLD of Delta; ANNA LAURA, m FRED ZIMMERMAN; MARION WALLACE, d Dec. 26, i895; RAY MAURICE, m FANNIE PEARL BUNDY of Delta; HAZEL KIRK, m C.J. BASE of Delta.; FRANK HOAG, m PAULINE LEMAY BECHTEL of Delta; JOSEPHINE FLORENCE, m H. H. HADLAND of Delta and TED HARRIS; METRA ELDORA, m RICHARD HAINAN: MARJORIE MAY, m KARL MILLER; MILDRED LOUISE, m GLEN LEU; EMMALANE (EMMA), m ARCHIE KODER.

WALLACE TROWBRIDGE, son of JAMES and LAURA (BUTLER) TROWBRIDGE, d in Delta at the home of his son, CHARLES F. TROWBRIDGE, in 1923, age 93. LYDIA HOAG, wife of WALLACE, d 1885, ate 47. JULIA SHAFFER, wife of CHARLES F. TROWBRIDGE, d 1941, age 78. CHARLES F. TROWBRIDGE d 1933, age 75. Burials in Delta Greenlawn Cemetery.

JAMES TROWBRIDGE, father of WALLACE, d at Delta, Feb. 4, 1887, age 83. He was b N.Y. State. Evidently the SUMNER and TROWBRIDGE families left Conn. for N.Y. State after 1800, as births of WILLARD and ELISHA were listed in Conn., also ALANSON. and JAMES is listed a b in N.Y. State 1803.

It would be interesting to read a History of New Haven, Conn, and hunt further for the ancestors of WILLARD TROWBRIDGE-and his wife, MEHITABLE PERRY. I was unable to find any further record on JOHN TROWBRIDGE,, living in Oct. 1837, Lucas Co., mentioned in the estate of WILLARD TROWBRIDGE, deceased, of N.Y. State 1837. In various land records, MEHITABLE, wife of WILLARD, is not mentioned, so she must have died before he purchased land and deeded it to the


children in present Fulton Co. by 1835.

As mentioned before, the family of JOHN S TROWBRIDGE, son of WILLARD and AMY (SPRAGUE), will be given with the HAMPTON family, Part 4. Much too long to be placed with his TROWBRIDGE family records. Please see the family of JONATHAN HAMPTON and ABIGAIL HARRISON, his wife, who settled in Delta, and who has an interesting history.


July 23, 1975



I have been interested in the persons who are buried along Rt. 109, about a mile south of Delta., The little cemetery may hold a missing descendant of the famous LINCOLN-BOONE families, who followed the migration from Berks Co., Pa. to the Shennandoah Valley of Virginia before the Revolutionary War. And I have become intrigued with their ancestry. Most os us at some time or other have asked the question, "Who are they - or who am I?" Most of us come to the place where we need help from descendants who may be able to supply a missing link. Records can not always be found in court houses or in cemeteries, or even in Bibles!

This little cemetery has been well kept, and a few weeks ago I stopped there to read the stone inscriptions. A man and his wife were also there and asked about the persons who were buried there, as few small family burial plot have survived the removal of the stones and the farmer's plow. After I left the cemetery I kept thinking how nice it would be if some sort of plaque of sign could be erected along the road that persons passing would know about the se earl settlers south of Delta, and maybe some special memorial service could be held at their graves.


JONATHAN HAMPTON was listed as being in Henry Co., 0. when he first purchased a tract of land from the U.S. Gov. located in the NW 1/4 Sec. 19, T7N, R8E containing 158.48 acres Oct. 7, 1835. This land lies along the east side of Rt. 108, south of Delta, now Swancreek Twp. Bad Creek flows along this section of farm land, and the small private cemetery may be located at the extreme west and north corner, with the banks of Bad Creek, along the southeast side of the cemetery. Land was also sold in the joining Sec. 18 to WILLIAM BRUCE, Jul 8, 1843, for $400. of 80 acres by JOHN and LYDIA CARUTHERS of Lucas Co. The BRUCE Family has several burials in this lIttle cemetery, as also the KING Family.

JONATHAN was b in Berks Co., Pa., Mar. 4, 1793, and d south of Delta, 0 July 16, 1857, age 64y 4m 10d. Me m in Fairfield Co., O., 1820 to ABIGAIL HARRISON, who was b in Rockingham Co., Va., Aug. 12, 1800, and she d south of Delta, Mar. 17, 1869, age 68y 7m 5d.

JONATHAN left a will signed June 2, 1857. It was pro. Sept. 11, 1857. devised to his wife, ABIGAIL, the home farm of about 150 acres in Swancreek Twp. during her natural life then at her decease it is desired to go to his son, RICHARD H. HAMPTON, provided that within 3 years of his coming into possession of the farm, he shall pay $110 ot each of the following: HANNAH A. TROWBRIDGE, ELEANOR E. HUBBERD, JULIA WELCH, MARY JANE RITCHIE, MINERVA BIDDLE, and MILTON G. HAMPTON, and sum of $25 to ALICE HAMPTON


This will was among those destroyed by the fire at Ottokee, July 14-15, 1864, and found in Barber's Abstracts. From the Recorder's Office, Land Index of Swancreek Twp., I located the names of the husbands and wives, and their places of residence. And with the help of the 1850 Ohio, Fulton Co. U.S. Census and burials in the small cemetery, we find the following children:

a. HANNAH A. HAMPTON, b Nov. 18, 1821, d 1885, m Mar. 24, 1840 at Delta, JOHN
S. TROWBRIDGE ' b Nov. 18, 1816, son of WILLARD TROWBRIDGE and AMY SPRAGUE: JOHN S. d 1905 and both buried in Delta Greenlawn Cem. b. ELEANOR E. HAMPTON, m . ANDREW J. HOBERT (land record). c. JULIA HAMPTON, m EDWIN WELCH, (land record) d. TALLMAN L. HAMPTON, b 1831, d Apr. 3, 1856, age 25, buried with parents, UNMD. 1850. e. RICHARD H. HAMPTON, b 1834, d Nov. 10 1858, age 24y 2m 5d, buried with parents. f. MINERVA HAMPTON, b 1838, m STILLMAN BIDDLE, son of SAMUEL BIDDLE & ELIZABETH KNIGHT. They were divorced, and he m 2nd MARY MACK. g. MILTON G. HAMPTON, b 1842-3, living 1885. h. ALICE HAMPTON, b 1836, unmd in 1857. i. MARGARET A HAMPTON, d Feb. 2, 1840, age 1 y, buried with parents and brothers, TALLMAN and RICHARD. j. MARY JANE, m RITCHIE by 1857.

JOHN S. TROWBIRDGE of Delta bought out the other heirs of the HAMPTON estate from the widow, ABIGAIL HAMPTON, as follows: Vol. 18, p 461, Recorder's Office, "Be it known that ABIGAIL HAMPTON, of Fulton Co., O., State of Ohio, in consideration of $500 to me paid by JOHN S. TROWBRIDGE, of the same place, do bargain, sell and give quit claim to JOHN S TROWBRIDGE and his heirs, the following   real estate, being the NW-4 of Sec. 19, T7N, R8E, April 25, 1866 ... Wit. by L. H. UPHAM & A. J. ALLMAN." (Said land being the same as purchased Oct. 8, 18, 1835 by JONATHAN HAMPTON. According to the Act of Congress, Apr. 24, 1820, making sale of public lands . . . in State of Ohio.)

Children of HANNAH A. HAMPTON and JOHN S. TROWBIRDGE: 1. MARTIN HENRY TROWBRIDGE, b on July 1841, living 1875 at Bates Co., Mo. 2. EMMA JANE TROWBRIDGE, b Dec. 24, 1842, m BYRON HOWE and living in Cloud Co., KANSAS, 1885. 3. OSCAR WILLARD TROWBRIDGE, b on Oct. 16, 1846, resided in Nevada. 4. MARY 0. TROWBRIDGE, b Jan. 1845, d Oct. 1845. 5. IRVING HINTON TROWBRIDGE, b on Mar 16, 1849 m ELLA J. STALL on Oct. 9, 1873. 6. ADALINE A TROWBRIDGE, b May 30, 1851. 7. ELEANOR E. TROWBRIDGE, b on Nov. 15, 1853. 8. CHARLES SUMNER TROWBRIDGE, b on Nov. 15, 1857. 9. JULIA MYRTLE TROWBRIDGE, m D. B. RABER, Mar 18, 1884. 10. CLARA E. TROWBRIDGE, m RICHARD.

JOHN S. TROWBRIDGE was m after the death of HANNAH HAMPTON to JENNETTE who is mentioned in his will, dated Dec. 9, 1898, pro. 1905. He was b in N.Y. State and d Feb. 10, 1905. Vol. 9, p 485, Wills, JOHN TROWBRIDGE willed the us of the home to his wife during her lifetime, and use of all personal estate. And the children's names were : Grand dau, ELLEN. TROWBRIDGE, $100; grandchildren, ETHEL RABER, HOWARD RABER, GLADYS RABER, LILLIE RABER and RALPH RABER of Delta, children of my dau JULIA MYRTLE RABER. . . $100 each.; dau, ELLENOR E. CROSBY of Toledo (1898-1900). dau CLARA E. RICHARDS of Mt. Victory, Ohio, son, OSCAR W. TROWBRIDGE, of Toledo, "The Family Bible"; son, MARTIN H. TROWBRIDGE, son, IRVING TROWBRIDGE, of Delta, son, CHARLES S. TROWBRIDGE, my gold watch and chain, day EMMA JANE HOWE of Cloud Co.,Dans., granddau, CLARA E. COLEMAN, Exec., wife, JENETTE and W.F. FOWLER of Delta. Wit. by GEO. W. SHAFFER & A.S. TROWGRIDGE. A codicil was added Mar. 27, 1900.


When I re-read the story written by ALICE SMITH more than 60 years ago, I thought it was so interesting that we wished to share it with the present readers of this column in the Delta Atlas. (I wonder where she might be today?)


History is a statement of fact, clearly and concisely written without references or personal opinions. One of the satisfactory features of such a work is accuracy of statements and dates of events for which the writer always depends upon the official records of the county. However, the early records of Delta were lost a number of years ago when the courthouse at Ottokee burned (June 1864). thus making it difficult to gather facts pertaining to the founding and early growth of Delta. By the kind and ever ready help of men and women whose word and memory are equal to any record, this material was gathered and a reasonably accurate story of our village was procured.

Delta was not planted by some shrewd speculator, it was of spontaneous growth   and grew with the development of the country. This site was trod by the white man as early as 1834, and up to 1838 the land hunter did not seem to have an idea that there would be a village where Delta now stands.

In 1834, ELISHA & WILLARD TROWBRIDGE, JOHN SUMNER TROWBRIDGE (known as SUMNER), CORNELIUS and ALANSON TROWBRIDGE and PETER SCHLAPPI were in this region. They took up land from the government; ELISHA on the farm west of town now known as the MUNGER farm. WILLARD a little further west on that is now known as the SCHNUR farm. PETER SCHLAPPI's title was granted to his land just east of John St. (now S. Madison) and south of Main St. and included the present railroad grounds.

The first road through this section was laid out by Capt. WILLIAMS with chainmen and axmen, and Judge AMBROSE RICE of Perrysburg was surveyor. The road extended from Maumee via Delta to West Unity and was completed about 1834, and known as the State or Plank Road.

In 1837, JAMES TROWBRIDGE came here from Saratoga, N.Y. with his wife and 2 children. When they reached the Maumee they found a band of about 200 Indians under the command of D.W.H. HOWARD, preparing to move westward. The next morning they started for their home in the Six Mile Woods. There were no road and the way lay through wet prairies and sand openings. After a few days they reached their destination - recently the -TROWBRIDGE farm just west of town. At that time it was 20 miles to a post office, 20 miles to a doctor, and the same distance to a saw mill or a grist mill. Wolves, Indian horse bells and owls furnished the night with music, and the Indian war-whoops and the crack o the rifle that of the day. It has been said that no bloodshed by the Indians was caused within the limits of Fulton County. Mr. TROWBRIDGE kept the first store within the corporation of Delta. This building was later moved to the rear of the dwelling and used as a wood shed. One old chief with his 15 child red came to the store to trade, riding in true Indian fashion with the chief i the lead. Mr. TROWBRIDGE was also the first Justice of the Peace.