Maps of German & Franklin County
The historical formation of German Township

It was originally formed as part of Lucas County and when Fulton County was formed
in 1850 the boundries were changed by adding parts of Henry County to the southern
sections and parts of Williams Co to the western sections. German Township also
lost part of it original northern sections when Franklin Township was formed in 1850

The next 2 maps graphically show the German Township's boundry history.
The top map shows sections lost when Franklin Township was formed in 1850
and the bottom map show the sections that were added to Geramn Township
from Williams and Henry Counties in 1850 with a color coded with key provided.

Below  are larger views of maps of German and Franklin Townships as of 1858

German Township 1858 Platt



1858 Franklin Township platt showing the area that was previously part of  German Township