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Welcome to my site.

This page and the others linked to it are a labor of love on my part.

My family was one of the first families of Fayette County, more specifically in Good Hope, Jeffersonville and Washington Court House, and my direct line lived in the county since it's inception and continue to do so.

I do not live in Ohio any longer and am not available for research but I can help with the Surnames I AM researching:


There are other sites on Roostweb that are also devoted to Fayette County but everything they have on their site comes from my siteand  was simply cut and paste other sites.  My site is the original and most comprehensive one you will find on the Internet and will remain so.

Now, let's get onto the business of genealogy and Fayette County

This my main page will be links to my other pages, broken down by type of research.  Feel free to enjoy my pages but nothing on any of my pages is available to take without my knowledge or consent.  You are always welcome to link back to my site.

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