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Kelley's Island

One of the Lake Erie Islands. Take a ferryboat a few miles offshore the Ohio mainland and you'll discover another world -- a world where relaxation and good times rule. Kelleys Island is A 2,800-acre natural paradise, where white-tailed deer outnumber year-round residents, and hiking trails are as common as paved roads. With just over 100 year round residents, the island has been relatively untouched by modern-day developments, thus preserving the natural beauty that has made it a popular vacation spot since the 1800s.

The Village of Kelleys Island, incorporated in 1887, remains at the heart of island activity with its quaint shops, eateries and pubs. lt's also home to a few unique surprises. Visit The Lake Erie Toy Museum, the largest same-collector exhibit of toys in the country. Nearby, The Butterfly Box is a walk-thru garden featuring hundreds of butterflies.

Kelley's Island Map

Country gardens and vineyards surround visitors sampling wines at the Kelley's Island Wine Co. and Gourmet Bistro. To reach this winery and other must-see sights, consider renting a golf cart or bike.

Kelleys Island was named a Top 10 Undiscovered Family Escape by "Vacations" magazine and is a haven for sports enthusiasts and history buffs alike. The island is listed as a National Historic District for its preservation of graceful limestone architecture and traces of prehistoric life. The lce Age left its mark on the island. The Glacial Grooves State Park is the largest example of glacial scoring in the world Inscription Rock depicts faint etchings of native Indian life on the island amd walks along the wooded North Shore Loop or East Quarry trails often turn up a fossil or two.

In the midst of the "Walleye Capital of the World," Kelleys Island has year-round fishing for walleye, perch, small mouth bass, and other species. If you're bringing your own boat, launch it at the Kelleys Island State Park. This 659-acre park also has a sandy beach and campground.

Vinyards on Kelley's Island

Sailboat near Kelley's Island

Glacial Grooves, Kelley's Island

Kelleys Island, One of The Ohio Islands

The biggest island was given the number six on the first American maps.

Two brothers paid for this island in 1836. Their name was Kelley. The Kelley families lived in Rocky River, Ohio. The two families went to live on Island Number 6. They gave the island their name. They named it Kelleys Island.

The island had fine limestone rock. The Kelleys started a limestone quarry. They cut the stone from the quarry to sell.

The quarry's limestone was the best limestone on the market.

Some of the limestone went to Cleveland, Ohio, to build fine buildings. Some of the limestone was put along shorelines to save the beaches in bad weather. And some helped build the first large boat dock on the Great Lakes. The limestone business grew to be a big business.

KelLeys Island had another business. One of the Kelley brothers wanted to grow grapes. He tried grape growing in 1842. He was the first to grow grapes on any of the islands. The grapes grew well. Grape growing became a big business on Kelleys Island.

Great Flock!

(North America's largest concentration of ring-billed gulls visits Lake Erie's western basin each fall. Other visitors include Bonaparte's, great black-backed, little, glaucous, and laughing.)


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