Infantry: Kaber - Lamkin
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Infantry: Kaber to Lamkin

NameRankRegimentCompanyPage Ref
Kaber, Gottlieb Private 193rd I 719
Kaestle, Joseph Private 37th H 650
Kaestle, Samuel Private 7th K 636
Kahl, Magnus Private 37th A 649
Kaighin, Charles E. Private 150th B 701
Kaighin, George P. Corp. 150th B 700
Kalb, Joshua Private 67th G 668
Kalbruner, John Private 23rd A 642
Kallaker, Jacob Private 194th F 720
Kamerer, Paul Private 67th G 668
Kamp, Samuel Private 124th H 691
Kane, Michael Private 41st E 653
Kanel, Christian Private 37th H 650
Karker, Jacob H. Private 124th H 691
Karney, John Private 129th E 699
Karr, Eliab Private 177th A 711
Kasper, Jacob Private 107th E 684
Kayler, Christoph. Private 24th H 646
Kearns, William Private 124th K 692
Keary, Christopher 1st Lieut. 87th G 672
Keary, Peter Serg. 87th G 672
Keaver, John Private 58th C 660
Keck, David Private 125th D 693
Keck, Simon Private 1st G 629
Keck, William Private 41st F 654
Keegan, Richard Private 177th A 711
Keeler, Charles D. Private 150th A 700
Keeler, George W. Private 128th I 697
Keeler, Jacob Private 65th E 665
Keeley, Peter Private 8th B 639
Keesler, Franklin Private 128th F 696
Keesler, Hiram Private 41st A 651
Kehl, William Private 7th A 631
Kehoe, Thomas J. Private 150th H 708
Kehres, Jacob 41st Reg. Band 651
Keille, William Private 67th G 668
Keiser, George Serg. 194th F 720
Keith, Calvin V. Private 128th F 696
Keith,. Myron R. Private 128th F 696
Keliher, Jeremiah Private 8th B 639
Keller, Charles A. Private 7th A 631
Keller, Frederick Private 7th A 631
Keller, Martin L. Private 198th D 723
Keller, William Private 24th H 646
Keller, William C. Private 150th F 706
Keller, WilliamD. Private 150th D 704
Kelley, Charles W. Private 42nd E 656
Kelley, Edward C. Private 103rd E 679
Kelley, Francis Private 8th B 639
Kelley, George M. Private 42nd G 657
Kelley, James Private 125th G 693
Kelley, James Serg. 8th B 638
Kelley, John T. Private 41st K 656
Kelley, Nathan I. Serg. 23rd A 641
Kelley, Patrick Private 103rd C 676
Kelley, Philip Private 7th A 631
Kelley, Thomas Private 198th B 722
Kelley, Thomas Private 65th E 665
Kelley, William Corp. 65th I 665
Kelley, William H. Private 67th K 669
Kellogg, Augustus Private 103rd D 678
Kellogg, Benoah Private 41st D 652
Kellogg, Chrles E. Private 150th F 706
Kellogg, Edward M. Private 86th K 672
Kellogg, Leslie H. Private 177th A 711
Kellogg, Myron Private 150th L 709
Kelly, Edward T. Corp. 7th A 630
Kelly, Edward W. Private 41st D 652
Kelly, Reuben B. Private 1st D 627
Kelly, Thomas B. Private 150th D 704
Kelly, William H. Private 150th C 702
Kelsey, George W. Mus. 128th F 696
Kelty, Samuel D. Private 128th K 698
Kempf, George Private 23rd A 642
Kenaly, Thomas Private 87th G 672
Kendall, George Private 7th B 633
Keneley, Daniel Private 193rd I 719
Kenfield, Henry Private 124th A 686
Kennard, Henry Private 103rd B 675
Kennedy, Earl Private 103rd D 678
Kennedy, Edward J. Private 7th E 635
Kennedy, George W. Private 150th L 709
Kennedy, Herbert O. Corp. 150th L 709
Kennedy, John Private 41st I 655
Kennedy, John F. Capt. 188th G 718
Kennedy, Patrick Private 177th G 714
Kenney, John Private 54th E 659
Kenney, William Capt. 8th B 637
Kens, George Private 58th B 660
Kent, Edwin A. Private 124th A 686
Kent, Silas H. 2nd Lieut. 177th I 715
Kenwood, Samuel S. Private 128th F 696
Kepler, John Private 41st E 653
Kerner, Theodore Serg. 103rd G 679
Kerr, August Private 177th F 713
Kershner, Andrew R. Serg. 60th G 662
Kershner, George W. Serg. 60th G 662
Kestler,Joseph G. Corp. 177th B 711
Ketchum, David C. Private 84th D 670
Ketchum, George C. Adj. 177th Field/Staff 710
Ketchum, George W. Private 197th F 722
Ketchum, Mason Corp. 124th F 689
Kick, Andrew Serg. 188th G 718
Kick, Andrew Serg. 7th K 636
Kickland, Martin Private 41st G 655
Kickland, Theodore Private 41st G 655
Kidd, William Private 150th A 700
Kidney, Adrian Private 150th B 701
Kidney, Nathan Private 124th C 687
Kidney, Truman Private 67th G 668
Kidwell, Lovy Private 41st F 654
Kieley, James Private 103rd E 679
Kiennan, William Private 8th B 639
Kies, Raynor Private 23rd C 643
Kilby, Jason Private 103rd D 678
Kilby, Martin Private 42nd E 656
Kilgore, Iram Serg. 41st E 654
Killam, Benjamin 1st Lieut. 23rd A 641
Killimer, Conrad Private 65th E 665
Killmer, Michael Corp. 67th G 667
Kilmer, Orlando P. Serg. 41st E 654
Kimball, Dudley A. 2nd Lieut. 7th A 629
Kimball, William Private 67th G 668
Kimball, William W. Private 84th E 671
Kimberley, David H. Private 23rd A 642
Kimberly, Robert L. Col. 191st 718
Kincaide, James H. Private 198th D 723
Kind, Peter Mus. 7th K 636
Kindler, John Private 194th F 720
Kinesel, Jacob Private 24th H 646
King, Abner C. 1st Serg. 103rd D 677
King, Charles Private 103rd D 678
King, Christopher Serg. 23rd I 644
King, George 1st Serg. 188th G 718
King, Henry C. Private 84th E 671
King, Hiram Private 177th B 712
King, Jacob Private 125th H 694
King, Jacob Private 150th G 707
King, John Private 124th D 688
King, John Private 125th D 693
King, John W. Private 125th B 693
King, Joseph Private 103rd G 680
King, Lucius C. Serg. 128th K 698
Kingman, John A. Corp. 124th H 691
Kingsbury, Alonzo Private 23rd F 644
Kingsbury, Smith Private 197th F 722
Kink, Michael Private 41st E 653
Kinkaid, James Private 54th E 659
Kinsman, Fred., Jr. Private 84th D 670
Kintz, Frederick Private 150th G 707
Kirby, Joseph W. Private 188th E 717
Kirchner, Thomas Private 197th F 722
Kirk, Franklin J. Private 195th K 721
Kirk, John Private 150th L 709
Kirkpatrick, H. M. Serg. 60th G 662
Kirschner, Michael Private 107th B 682
Kirschner, William Private 103rd A 674
Kissell, Valentine Private 107th B 682
Kittredge, James R. Private 177th A 711
Klein, Jacob Private 58th C 660
Kleinschmidt, Adam Private 107th E 684
Kleinschmidt, J. A. Corp. 37th A 648
Kline, George Private 125th F 693
Kling, Benoit Private 24th H 646
Klingman, Andrew R. Private 103rd E 679
Kloch, Ephraim Corp. 150th H 707
Knapp, Abel Drummer 65th I 665
Knapp, Albert D. Private 103rd B 675
Knapp, Charles Private 125th G 693
Knapp, Charles Private 37th A 649
Knapp, Charles D. Private 103rd G 680
Knapp, Charles D. Corp. 150th L 709
Knapp, Charles H. Private 103rd B 675
Knapp, Harvey Private 150th L 709
Knapp, Horace Private 54th E 659
Knapp, Lorenzo Private 128th I 697
Knecht, Jacob Private 37th H 650
Knecht, William Private 37th H 650
Knight, James F. Private 177th F 714
Knoble, Leonard Private 7th A 631
Knott, John Private 13th I 640
Knowles, Goerge Private 67th G 668
Knowles, Henry Corp. 103rd C 676
Knowles, Martin V. B. Private 65th E 665
Knowlton, William A. Private 84th E 671
Koch, Jacob Private 84th E 671
Koch, Joseph Private 177th B 712
Koch, Moses Private 150th F 706
Koch, Peter Private 107th B 682
Koch, William Capt. 107th F 684
Koehl, Jacob Private 194th F 720
Koener, Jean Pierre Private 37th A 648
Koerner, Casper Private 150th D 704
Koerner, Casper Private 188th B 716
Kohl, Joseph Private 107th B 682
Kohl, Lewis Private 188th B 716
Kohlmann, Adolphus Serg. 7th K 636
Kohner, George J. Private 58th D 660
Kolaetzkowski, Andrew Private 37th H 650
Koneman, Henry Private 198th D 723
Konzen, George Private 124th G 690
Kramer, Christian Private 24th H 646
Kramer, Frederick Private 58th G 661
Kramer, Peter Serg. 107th B 681
Krause, George Private 37th B 649
Krauss, Christian F. Private 7th K 636
Krauss, George Private 107th E 684
Kreckle, Anthony Private 41st F 654
Kreher, Joseph Private 150th D 704
Kreher, Joseph Private 188th B 716
Kreitz, Albert P. Private 7th A 631
Kretchdorn, Lawrence Private 1st E 628
Krieger, Andrew Private 67th C 666
Krieger, Ernest J. Maj. 177th Field/Staff 710
Krieger, Peter Private 67th C 666
Kroll, Frederick Private 107th B 682
Krug, William F. Private 107th B 682
Krum, Myron L. Private 177th B 712
Krumm, Francis S. Private 125th H 694
Krumm, Henry Private 150th D 703
Kubler, Christopher Private 41st B 651
Kubler, Joseph Private 7th B 633
Kukn, Frank Private 150th H 708
Kullmer, Michael Private 7th K 636
Kunsman, Henry W. Private 23rd I 645
Kuntz, Philip Private 194th F 720
Kunz, George 1st Serg. 107th E 683
Kunz, Peter Private 84th D 670
Kurbacher, Frank Private 7th K 636
Kurz, Jacob Serg. 7th K 636
Kuss, John F. Corp. 65th E 664
Kyser, Edwin J. Private 84th E 671
Kyser, Peter Private 124th A 686
La Fayette, Felix Private 124th H 691
La Fountain, Mrshall Private 41st F 654
Lacey, Alonzo Private 150th D 703
Lacy, Elmer G. Private 60th G 662
Lacy, William H. Private 60th G 662
Ladley, James E. Private 27th G 647
Laetch, William F. Private 7th B 633
Lahr, William Henry Private 7th K 636
Laing, George H. Private 150th C 702
Laing, James Private 150th C 702
Laing, Robert Private 150th C 702
Lamb, Allen C. Private 7th B 633
Lamb, Andrew J. Corp. 177th H 714
Lamb, James E. Private 103rd G 680
Lamb, John P. 1st Serg. 124th A 685
Lamb, John P. 2nd Lieut. 124th C 687
Lamb, Orris P. Private 177th H 715
Lamb, Robert Private 41st E 653
Lambecker, George Private 61st D 664
Lambert, Frederick Private 150th D 704
Lambert, Gustav Private 37th F 649
Lambert, Louis E. Capt. 37th G 649
Lambert, ThomasC, Private 150th B 701
Lambier, James Private 41st E 653
Lamkin, Alfred A. 2nd Lieut. 25th F 646

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