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Index to Cuyahoga County Roll of Honor
Soldiers' & Sailors' Monument
Cleveland, Ohio

On July 4, 1894 The Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument was dedicated on Public Square. It was created as a monument to the memory of the Union Soldiers and Sailors who served in the war of the rebellion [civil war] from the Cuyahoga County area. That same year William J. Gleason published a book entitled "Cuyahoga County Soldiers' and Sailors Monument" which contains the history of the building of the monument and a Roll of Honor. This publication can be viewed at the Western Reserve Historical Society and local Public Libraries.

This Roll of Honor is not indexing and I had a great deal of difficulty in finding my great grandfather. As an aid to help other researchers, the following is an alpha index of those included in the Roll of Honor, separated by their branch of service, i.e, Infantry, Sharpshooters, Regular Army, United States Colored Infantry, Miscellaneous, Artillery, Cavalry and Navy. The page reference in this index refers back to Mr. Gleason's publication.

Mary Lou Bregitzer
July 2002

Infantry      Sharpshooters
Regular Army      Colored Infantry
Miscellaneous      Artillery
Cavalry      Navy

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