Lutheran Cemetery
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lutheran cemetery Below is an index to the pages that I have gotten coded so far. As I get more names coded, they will be added to the site.

Abend to Alpers
Alschewsky to Austin
Babel to Bartholme
Bartling to Bhrendt
Behrens to Berns
Berg to Blankenship
Blaschke to Boettcher
Boettner to Bors
Borth to Brater
Brathour to Bruce
Bruchno to Busdiecker
Bush to Byer
Cabel to Conrad
Cook to Degunke
Disbro to Drehs
Dreibach to Dushane
Dussi to Dzurik
Earley ti Eresmann
Erickson to Eyler
Fabry to Ferguson
Ferkau to Flick
Flory to Frey
Frick to Futhaner
Gaal to Genther
Genzen to Glawe
Gleske to Grasser
Gratzer to Grund
Grunschalski to Gybel
Haag to Hamilster
Hammer to Hastings
Hatton to Heintz
Heintzelman to Herder
Herfer to Hix
Hlavac to Hord
Horn to Hyde
Iacianci to Isvonar
Jablinski to Jencik
Jenkins to Justin
Kaase to Katt
Kaucie to Kieselbach
Kieseler to Kleis
Kleist to Koch
Kocha to Kopp
Kopper to Kratky
Kraus to Krudy
Krueger to Kugler
Kuhfeld to Kwirans
Laabs to Larsin
Larson to Leonhardt
Leopold to Loach
Lochwitz to Luetjohn
Luetke to Lyons
Maag to Mantci
Mantei to Maskey
Masky to Mensch
Merando to Mikitta
Mikler to Moelleking
Moeller to Mueller
Muench to Mytro
Naderer to Neuman
Neumann to Noelker
Nohlfeil to Nyfenger
Oberacker to Owen
Pace to Peake
Pearson to Peterson
Petery to Podojil
Podwils to Pringle
Prinz to Pyle
Quadder to Quinn
Raabe to Reckling
Reddish to Reinker
Reinking to Riebau
Riechert to Rogal
Rogers to Ruprecht
Rusch to Rzepka
Saarinen to Schalkner
Schalla to Schiele
Schieman to Schmelzer
Schmidt to Schocky
Schoelel to Schulke
Schuller to Schuster
Schutt to Scott
Seaber to Siebert
Siech to Sonnenberg
Sonntag to Steck
Steckel to Stockhaus
Stockman to Stuller
Strump to Szytek
Taber to Thies
Thoma to Toeher
Tolke to Tvada
Udrow to Uyhozy
Vais to Vuelker
Wachhaus to Ware
Warner to Wellner
Wells to Wilker
Will to Wochele
Wodien to Wyvill
Yaeger to Yursky
Zabawski to Zwingelberg

Lorraine "Sunny" Newsome, my co-coordinator, passed away recently. Shortly afterwards this site was attacked by a MALWARE. When it was discovered, the site was appropriately shut down by Rootsweb. Non-infected files have been uploaded but in the process some files were lost as they were ones Sunny had worked on and I did not have copies at all or have outdated copies. Please let me know about any missing or broken links.
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